Policies and Procedures Manual - Research Office

Policies and Procedures Manual - Research Office

Research Office Faculty Orientation Staci Simonich Associate Vice President for Research Professor, Environmental & Molecular Toxicology and Department of Chemistry Irem Tumer Vice President for Research, Interim Professor, School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Research Office Faculty Orientation Welcome and Overview

Office for Sponsored Research and Award Administration Office of Commercialization and Corporate Development (Advantage) Office of Research Integrity Office for Research Development Panel: From the Trenches How to create more competitive proposals Meet and Greet Caf

Grant Proposals & Management Research Development OSU Advantage Research Compliance OSU Foundation Other Research Support Services on Campus Centers & Institutes and Core Research Facilities Fair (3-6 pm today!)

Significance of OSUs Research Mission Carnegie Highest Research Activity (R1) standing: 1 of 115 R1 out of 4600 colleges and universities in US 1 of 32 R1 and land-grant designation 1 of 8 R1 and land-grant and no medical school 1 of 2 R1 and land, sea, space, and sun-grant

Our role and responsibilities as an R1 and land-grant university: Blending large scale discovery and education Connecting work in our labs and classrooms directly to the people Developing solutions and technologies through both basic and applied research Supporting entrepreneurship and innovation Research Office Mission, Vision and Values Mission: Partner with faculty, students, and staff in Colleges and Centers & Institutes to ensure that our research investments are sound, our researchers are equipped to advance their field of study, and that our research has impacts in Oregon and beyond.

Vision: Research that is integrated in the communities we serve, driven by quest for knowledge, inspire creativity and innovation, renowned for research outcomes that matter. Values: Welcome opposing opinions, invite a diversity of perspectives, advocate for transparency, and create a culture of care and respect. Research Funding 2014-2018 FY 18 Funding by Sector FY 18 Funding by Sponsor

FY 18 Funding by College Focus on Research Mission in SP 4.0 Further building world-class faculty Expanding and strengthening our research infrastructure Producing the next generation of scholars Growing our signature areas of distinction: Revolutionary Earth Systems Science Leading in Health and Wellness Advancing Economic Prosperity and Social Progress Creating opportunities for undergraduates to participate in our research and discovery mission

Drop by any time! Office for Sponsored Research and Award Administration Pat Hawk Assistant Vice President November 16, 2018 OSRAA Mission, Vision and Values Mission: OSRAA builds on the Research Offices workplan, and achieved through the full lifecycle support. This mission is demonstrated through excellence in customer

service and fiduciary stewardship. Vision: OSRAA aligns with OSUs Strategic Plans by providing seamless support to OSU and faculty engaged in world class research. Values: Respect, Integrity, Openness/Transparency, Courtesy, Grace/forgiveness, Communication, Teamwork, Responsibility OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY 12 Areas of OSRAA Responsibility Proposal Submissions

Award Negotiation, Acceptance Award Set-up Outgoing subaward drafting, negotiation and acceptance Award Management (e.g., no-cost extensions) Effort Reporting Cash and Financial Management Sponsored Project Audit Support and Data Submissions OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY 13 OSRAA Contact Information

Important E-mail addresses: Cayuse and proposal-related questions: [email protected] Questions for all units: [email protected] Financial reports & invoice correspondence: [email protected] Subaward invoices: [email protected] Telephone Number: 541-737-4933 OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY 14

Brian Wall Assistant Vice President Research, Commercialization & Industry Partnerships November 16, 2018 Office for Commercializat ion and Corporate Development Connecting faculty expertise, student talent and worldclass facilities with business to research solutions, bring

ideas to market and launch companies. http://advantage.oregonstate.edu/ Advantage Accelerator Transforming innovations into successful startups Advantage Impact Licensing research results & executing research agreements with industry

Advantage Corporate Partnerships Creating broad and deep relationships with industry University Venture Development Fund Providing strategic gap investment into research and startups to increase commercialization and societal impact http://advantage.oregonstate.edu/ KEY CONTACTS [email protected]

Co-Director OSU Advantage Accelerator 541-368-5203 [email protected] Co-Director OSU Advantage Accelerator 503-880-7002 [email protected] Director Intellectual Property, Licensing and Industry Sponsored Research

541-737-8100 [email protected] Assistant Vice President Research, Commercialization & Industry Partnerships 541-737-9058 http://advantage.oregonstate.edu/ Office of Research Integrity Anita Eisenstadt

AVP, Office of Research Integrity November 16, 2018 ORI Mission, Vision and Values Mission: ORI partners with the OSU community to ensure research and educational activities are conducted in compliance with legal requirements and ethical principles that preserve the public trust. Vision: ORI seeks to foster a culture of research integrity, promote best practices and facilitate research and teaching activities. Values: Integrity, Respect for People and Animals, Safety, and Accountability

OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY 20 Areas of ORI Responsibility Conflict of Interest Human Research Protection Program and Institutional Review Board Export Controls and International Compliance Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Research Misconduct Scientific Boating Scientific Diving

Unmanned Systems Initiative OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY 21 Office of Research Integrity Org Chart Interim VP for Research Anita Eisenstadt Asst VP for Research

Office of Research Integrity HRPP & IRB Lisa Leventhal Administrator Cathleen Gal Ramee Kelly Jillian Coleman Saritha Suram Tiffany Andrews Diving-Boating Safety

Kevin Buch Officer Taylor Eaton APO & IACUC Robert Gaebel Interim Admin Vince Politino Coordinator Vacancy Conflict of Interest

Rebecca Henry Administrator Export Controls, UAVs, and Classified Research Mark Peters Officer Coordinator Vacancy OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY 22

ORI Contact Information [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY 23 Office for Research

Development Susan Emerson Research Development Associate November 16, 2018 ORD ACTIVTIES MANAGE THE LIMITED SUBMISSION PROCESS MANAGE INCENTIVE PROGRAMS PROVIDES PREAWARD SUPPORT TO CENTERS AND INSTITUTES Contact: [email protected] Centers & Institutes and Core Research Facilities Fair (3-6 pm today!)


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