Poetry Analysis Using TPCASTT

Poetry Analysis Using TPCASTT

POETRY ANALYSIS TPCASTT T IS FOR TITLE Before you even think about reading a poem or trying to analyze it, speculate on what you think the poem might be about based upon the title. Authors conceal meaning and give clues in the title. Analyze the title first. What do you predict this poem will be about? Write down your predictions. We will reflect on the title again after we have read the poem.

P IS FOR PARAPHRASE Before you begin thinking about meaning or trying to analyze the poem, don't overlook the literal meaning of the poem. One of the biggest problems that students often make in poetry analysis is jumping to conclusions before understanding what is taking place in the poem. When you paraphrase a poem, write in your own words exactly what happens in the poem. Look at the number of sentences in the poem your paraphrase should

have exactly the same number.. C IS FOR CONNOTATION RHYME meter personification alliteration Word choice onomatopoeia simile

Extended metaphor ASSONANCE metaphor HYPERBOLE Although this term usually refers solely to the emotional overtones of word choice, for this approach the term refers to any and all poetic devices, and how they contribute to the meaning of a poem.

This includes imagery, figures of speech (simile, metaphor, personification, symbolism, etc), diction, point of view, and sound devices (alliteration, onomatopoeia, rhythm, and rhyme). It is not necessary that you identify all the poetic devices within the poem. The ones you do identify should be seen as a way of supporting the conclusions you are going to draw about the poem .

A IS FOR ATTITUDE Having examined the poem's devices and clues closely, you are now ready to explore the multiple attitudes that may be present in the poem. Examination of diction, images, and details suggests the speaker's attitude. TONE V MOOD

S IS FOR SHIFT Rarely does a poem begin and end the poetic experience in the same place. Watch for the following keys to spot shifts: key words, (but, yet, however, although) punctuation (dashes, periods, colons, ellipsis) stanza divisions

irony changes in sound that may indicate changes in meaning or emotion. changes in diction (word choice) changes in imagery (what the reader T IS FOR TITLE (AGAIN) Now look at the title again, but this time on an interpretive level. What new insight does the title provide in understanding the poem? ???

T IS FOR THEME What is the poem saying about the human experience? What subject does the poem address? What do you learn about this subject? Remember that the theme of any work of literature is stated in a complete sentence. Example: Dont do drugs is not a theme. It merely states something that is true to life and the human condition. HOW DO I FIND THE THEME?

Look at the other parts of TP-CASTT. What insight do you gain from the poem? What is the poet saying about life or what it means to be

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