Physical Media WG Report - NASA

Physical Media WG Report - NASA

PDS Atmospheres Node Plans for PDS4 User Roll-out Aug. 28, 2012 8/28/12 PDS4 Roll-outStatus 1 Topics Testing to date with the PDS4 data standard First mission the node will support with

PDS4 Data migration plans User tool developments plans for PDS4 roll-out 8/28/12 PDS4 Roll-outStatus 2 Testing to date with the PDS4 data standard Migration testing has been done with several mission datasets

Mars Phoenix (5 Bundles) PDS3 Detached Labels (ASCII Tables) MET package LIDAR Atmospheric Science Experiment (ASE) Atmospheric Opacity (AO) Telltale Anemometer (TT) Accelerometer Data PDS3 Attached Labels PDS4 Detached Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Accelerometer (1 Bundle) Mars Odyssey Accelerometer (1 Bundle) Mars Global Surveyor Accelerometer (1 Bundle) Prototype products for Galileo UVS/EUV Binary tables Prototype products for Maui Observations of Jupiter and Saturn (FITS) Prototyping preparation for upcoming missions LADEE Instrument Label templates (UVS, NMS)

MAVEN Instrument Label templates (NGIMS, IUVS [FITS]) 8/28/12 PDS4 Roll-outStatus 3 Testing to date with the PDS4 data standard Process 1.Migration is being done with a modular approach to allow efficient construction of labels from PDS3 information. 2.Each dataset presents unique issues but the core Python code for migration is the same in each case. 3.Data product label migration is automated with this code (i.e., translating PDS3PDS4 labels).

4.Documents are unpredictable and represent considerable effort in migration and usually require by-hand construction of the PDS4 label. 5.Ingestion of new data products from LADEE and MAVEN hopes to use the core migration code for populating their PDS4 labels (i.e., values gleaned from incoming data will be used to populate a label template much like taking it from a PDS3 label). 8/28/12 PDS4 Roll-outStatus 4 First Mission Node Will Support With PDS 8/28/12

PDS4 Roll-outStatus 5 First Mission Node Will Support With PDS 8/28/12 PDS4 Roll-outStatus 6 Data Migration Plans MAVEN will act as a driver of our plan MAVEN is an atmospheric loss mission, there are no other Lunar atmospheric missions. The Mars atmospheric community will use PDS4 to

access this data. For convenience all Mars data should be available in the same format. Thus, our plan is: 1. Migrate Mars data first Prepare access pages for conversion to PDS4 Migrate the ATMOS Mars archive 2. Assuming we migrate Juno data on arrival at the PDS, other Jupiter data should be in a compatible format. 3. Migration of Cassini and other data should follow. In Addition: We are designing help pages that also can be defined as products in PDS4 8/28/12

PDS4 Roll-outStatus 7 Data Migration Plans 8/28/12 PDS4 Roll-outStatus 8 User tool needs for PDS4 roll-out PDS-wide, and Nodespecific User Tools Tools for Internal Use Weve installed a registry and configured it to register products.

We need a tool and training to build an index to register the products and a search engine that spans the PDS. 8/28/12 PDS4 Roll-outStatus 9 Estimates of Time Scales and Resources Time Scales Development is still in flux leading to revision and updating of migration efforts. Currently, we find that the documentation presents the greatest challenge. At this stage it is impossible to develop efficiency estimates to scope the migration and user access efforts. Resources

Lyle Huber and Lynn Neakrase are currently spending a total of 0.5 to 1.0 FTE. The undergraduate commitment (Shannon Rees and Dylan White) are time during school sessions and full time in summer resulting in about 1.5 FTEs Irma Trejo is developing help pages in PDS3 that will be converted to PDS4 as we migrate the data 8/28/12 PDS4 Roll-outStatus 10

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