Peithō on Trial: Aeschylus' Oresteia

Peithō on Trial: Aeschylus' Oresteia

The Sophists Logos the Mighty Potentate Protagoras fragment 6b . . . to make the weaker argument (logos) the stronger . . . The Lawsuit in NYS Court Plaintiff (BU instructor) Defendant (student) The University hearing went against the student the student must pay. But what if she/he had won? Then, obviously, I did my job so well

that he/she can beat me at my own game. The students case falls apart. The student must pay. But if I had originally failed to make a convincing case (which I did), then clearly, Scholtz didnt do his job. The plaintiffs case falls apart and I dont have to pay. But if I had made a convincing case, then Ill have won already at the outset. Either way, I owe them nothing. 2-Mar 2017

Sophists 3 Questions You as juror find for Why? But do their arguments differ? Plaintiff?

Defendant? How does each expect to win? 2-Mar 2017 Sophists 4 Agenda Recap and Update

Doxa in the Air Journal Entries Discussion Democracy in Crisis, Sophistic Protagoras, Gorgias The Sophists and You 2-Mar 2017 Sophists 6 Recap and Update

Democracy in Crisis, Sophistic Democracy and its Discontents Themes Theory Michels Sophists New Politicians Stasis

Recovery Iron Law of Oligarchy Weber Charismatic authority Finley Critique 2-Mar 2017 Sophists 8 Finleys Critique (of Weber, Michels)

1. Athens atypical. Weberian typology inadequate. 2. Demagogues rare. 3. Position of demagogue unstable. 4. Webers-Michels oligarchic democracy requires mass apathy. What counts is that the people expected results and at times, sometimes for long periods, felt satisfied with them (Ancient History p. 98). 2-Mar 2017

Sophists 9 Sophist, Word Notes Word Notes Characteristics Sophia Professional teacher Sophist (sophists) Curriculum. . . household Sophistic (sophistik management tekhn)

political virtue Sophistry (sophisma) critical thinking effective speaking 2-Mar 2017 Sophists 10 Sophistic Themes EPISTEMOLOGY relativism RHETORIC logos limitations, powers

Protagoras Gorgias doxa (appearances) Gorgias Protagoras Antiphon ETHICS epideixis POLITICS, EDUCATION All of above

Nature (phusis) v. convention (nomos) Antiphon Archelaus of Athens 2-Mar 2017 Sophists 11 Doxa in the Air Protagoras, Gorgias Protagorean Relativism 1 (ontology) REALITY =

(epistemology) KNOWLEDGE = doxa appearances doxa opinion Human beings are the measure of all things: of the things that are, that they are, of the things that are not, that they are not. 2-Mar 2017 Sophists 13 Protagorean Relativism 2

For every ... debate there are two positions (logoi) (fr. 6a) . . . to make the weaker argument (logos) the stronger . . . (fr. 6b) Good speakers make the good instead of the evil seem just (Plato Theaetetus 167b) 2-Mar 2017 Sophists 14

Gorgias: On Being Nothing exists But if it did, unknowable But if knowable, incommunicable So what do we communicate? 2-Mar 2017 Sophists 15 Logos in the Helen Manipulating. . . Through. . .

Word pictures (eidla) Word magic (mageia) Appearances (doxa) Opinions (doxa) Emotions (path) Actions (praxeis) Sophistic as pharmakon (drug/poison), sophistic as antidote

2-Mar 2017 Sophists 16 Journal Entries Discussion The Sophists and You Journal Prompt Record your personal reactions/responses to a sophist or sophists of your choice. What do you think about his/their ideas? What do you want to say to him/them? What do you think theyd say back to you?

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