Parts of Speech - Ms. Cook

Parts of Speech - Ms. Cook

Parts of Speech Nouns/Pronouns A noun names a person, place, thing or idea. People cousin Hank Aaron coach lawyer

Beyonce` poet Places school Phoenix Church Lincoln Memorial Statue of Liberty Nashville Paris

Things calculator speech table microwave pencil tissue book Ideas joy sorrow legality

Types of Nouns Abstract Concrete Common Proper Collective Compound Abstract Ideas are considered abstract. fear

cleverness misery honor Concrete Names an object that occupies space or can be recognized by any of the senses. trumpet street car

scent Common nouns General nouns. city turnpike attorney war nouns are common Proper nouns

When you name particular people, places, or things, they are considered proper nouns. Sioux City New Jersey Turnpike The Civil War Supreme Court Justice Roberts Collective nouns

Names a group of people or things squad class club association Compound nouns Consists of two or more words.

They can be hyphenated, written as one word, and sometimes written as two words. great-aunt one-fourth horseradish postal worker Practice Identify

each italicized word as a common noun, proper noun, or collective noun. 1.The international sports festival known as the Olympic Games began in ancient Greece. 2. The original governing board consisted of fourteen members. 3. They included competition in music, oratory, and theater as well as sport. 4. The Air Force squadron flew over the Olympic field. 1. festival-

COMMON Olympic GamesPROPER GreecePROPER 2. boardCOLLECTIVE membersCOMMON 3. competitionCOMMON oratoryCOMMON sportCOMMON 4. Air ForcePROPER fieldCOMMON Practice (Turn in) Write if the italicized word is an abstract or concrete

noun. 1. Hate is a dangerous emotion. 2. The sound of singing birds makes ones spirits rise. 3. Muriels two cats brought her much enjoyment. 4. The music was way too loud. Identify each italicized word as a common noun, proper noun, or collective noun. 5. Thirteen countries competed in that first revival. 6. Nine sports made up the entire agenda. 7. Hitler tried to use the 1936 games in Berlin to propagandize the Nazi racist cause.

8. The international committee currently has more than seventy members. 9. Several instances of boycotts have shocked the global audience and lessened universal participation. Pronouns A pronoun takes place of a noun or another pronoun. Most pronouns refer to something previously mentioned. The word or group of words to which the pronoun refers is called

its antecedent. Hermione Granger threw her wand to the floor. (Her refers to Types of Pronouns Personal Possessive Relative Indefinite Demonstrative Interrogative Reflexive

Intensive Personal Refers to a specific person or thing by indicating the person speaking (first person), the person being addressed (second person), or any other person or thing being discussed (third person)

SINGULAR PLURAL First person I, me we, us Second person you

you Third person He ,him, she, her, it they, them Possessive Shows possession or control. It takes the

place of a possessive noun. SINGULAR PLURAL First person my, mine our, ours Second person

your, yours your, yours Third person his,her, hers, its their, theirs Relative Use

a relative pronoun to begin a special subject-verb word group called a subordinate clause. The lady who came late was my sister. Who Whoever

Whom Whomever What Whatever Which Whichever That

Whose Indefinite Expresses an amount or refers to an unspecified person or thing. Do

you think everyone is going? All Another Any Anybod y Anyone Anythin g

Both Each Either Enough Everybo dy Everyon e

Everythi ng Few Many Most Neither Nobody

None Nothing One Other Others Several Some

Somebo dy Someon e Somethi ng Demonstrative A demonstrative pronoun points out

specific people, places, things, or ideas. These are the types of problems that make me want to scream. SINGULAR PLURAL This

These That Those Interrogative Use interrogative to form questions.

Who Whom Whose What Which Reflexive A reflexive pronoun refers to a noun or another pronoun and indicates that the same person or thing

is involved. Intensive Adds emphasis to a noun or another pronoun. Reflexive and intensive verbs look alike. Their usage reveals the difference.

Pedro presented himself the award. (reflexive) Pedro himself presented the award.(intensive)

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