Parent Bill of Rights -

Parent Bill of Rights -

Strengthening Student Success by Implementing an Online Tutoring Program PRESENTED BY MELISSA R. BERTA, Ed.D, OCC JOHN HUBER, SMARTHINKING ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Faculty at OCC Resources provided by Title III grant Sheri Sterner, Elliot Ikuta, Fernando Gonzalez Intended Session Outcomes 1. Understand the implementation process of

online tutoring 2. Know and understand the student perspective of an online tutoring session at OCC 3. Discuss ideas and comments about online tutoring The Problems 1. Falling rates of retention and student success 2. Revenue loss due to attrition and course repetition 3. Inability to fund needed systemic changes to improve student success efforts

The Discussion We needed to take action Faculty involvement was essential in identifying strategies Increase the academic support programs that the Student Success Center has to offer students Implementing online tutoring helped us achieve this objective Goals and Objectives Increase student utilization of tutoring services

Increase in Retention Increase in Student Success Requirements for Successful Online Tutoring Easy to Access Easy to Use Maximized Access and Availability Highly Trained Tutors Ability to Monitor and Manage Quality Smarthinking Online Tutoring Specifications Access: Integrates with existing school portal, platform or other resources.

Usability: Chat-style interaction with expression and graphics tools (virtual whiteboard). Availability: Tutors available around the clock from any Internet connection. Tutors: College/university faculty, graduate students, recent graduates from graduate programs, and retired educators. 90% have graduate degrees in their subject and average 9 years of teaching experience. Quality: Reporting tools, ongoing professional development, student evaluations of tutoring sessions, all sessions are archived for student, faculty, and administrative review. The Online Tutoring Interaction

Implementation of Online Tutoring Integration Blackboard (initially) OCC Website Student Success Center link (year 2) Faculty and Staff Orientation Marketing/Awareness Campaigns

Inclusion in admissions materials Web bulletins Email blasts Classroom visits Division and Department presentations Flyers and posters throughout campus Ongoing Assessment and Data Analysis Results Increased student utilization of tutoring services Increased retention Increased student success

Increases in Student Utilization Fall Totals Students Sessions Hours Fall 2007 663 3337

3157:09:00 Fall 2008 1331 6607 6801:33:00 100.80% 0.98 115.40%

Spring 2008 681 4396 4261:17:00 Spring 2009 1640 7081 8387:00:00

140.90% 61.10% 96.90% Percent Change Spring Totals Percent Change Student unduplicated headcount Tutoring Sessions by Hour of Day

Hour of day 40% of sessions occur between the hours of 8 pm and 1 am Student Experience Survey QUESTION 1 2 3 4 5

No Yes Grand Total Favorable Rating 88.1% Rate your tutor (5 is the best): 59

19 63 91 422 654 88.2% Rate the technology (5 is the best): Would you recommend

SMARTHINKING to a friend? 40 37 114 128 335 654 93.3% 44 610

654 Student Comments Quite remarkable and useful. I would use it again anyday I wish i would have know about his site a long time ago. [Blank] college in California has never said anything about his site and now that i am at a different school the teacher encouraged us to use this site for help it is so perfect and the people r so nice and helpful. THANK YOU Was of great help and explain in great deal when i didn't understand i never know math could be so easy

Increase Student Success and Retention Targeted Mathematics Courses Minimum increase of 20% for retention At least 15% increase in success (completion with a C or better) Targeted Writing Courses Minimum increase of 15% for retention At least 16% increase in success (completion with a C or better) This Years Adjustments Increase participation and awareness Improve ease of access Expand data plan to include GPA and

persistence ?

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