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Phylum Echinodermata Phylum Echinodermata -

(Gr. echinos, spiny + derma, skin + ata, to bear) - - 7,000

- (sea star, starfish) (Asteroidea) - (brittle star serpent star) (Ophiuroidea)

(deuterostome) (blastopore) (enterocoel) radial

indeterminate cleavage

1. (water vascular system) 2. (endoskeleton) 3. (hemal system) 4. (bilateral symmetry) (radial symmetry)

5. (pedicellaria) (dermal branchiae) 1. 5 (radial pentamerous symmetry)

(ambulacra) (interambulacral area) (ambulacral groove) 2.

3. (nerve ring) (radial nerve)

4. (endoskeleton ) (dermal calcareous ossicle)

(spine or spicule) (dermis)

5. (water-vascular system) (coelomic origin) (tube feet podia) (madriporite hydropore)

6. (ambulacral groove) 7. () () (ophiuroids)

8. (perivisceral cavity) (enterocoelous type) (amebocyte) 9.

(hemal system) 10. (dermal branchiae) (respiratory tree) ) (bursa, )

11. 12.

13. (regeneration) (autotomy) 5

(Asteroidea) (Asteroidea, Gr. aster, star + oides, in the form of) (sea star) 1,500

(central disc) 5 (oral side) peristomial membrane

(ambulacral groove)

2-4 (aboral side) (spine) (pedicellaria) (papulae dermal branchia)

(dermal branchiae) (skin gill) (peritoneum) (ossicle)

(anus) (madreporite) (endoskeleton)


(water vascular system) (stone canal)

(ring canal) (radial canal) (lateral canal) (ampulla) (sucker)

Asterias (Polian vesicle)

Madrepolite ( ) Stone canal

Ring canal () & Tube feet () Radial canal &

() Ampula ( ) Lateral canal

2 (snail) (polychete)

2 (cardiac stomach) (pyloric stomach) 2

(pyloric caecum) (rectal caecum) (anus) 2


(Circulatory System) (Hemal System):

(coelomic fluid) (oral hemal ring) (aboral hemal ring) (radial vessel)

(coelomocyte) (amoebocyte)

(nerve ring)

(radial nerve) (nerve net)

(photoreceptor) (eyespot)

(ocellus) (gonad) 1

(Bipinnaria larva) (Brachiolaria larva)

(Regeneration) 1

(autotomy) (Ophiuroidea) (Ophiuroidea, Gr. ophis, snake + oura, tail + oeides, in the form of) (brittle star) (basket star)

2,000 5

serpent star (brittle star) (basket star)

(vertebra) (plate) Ophiur oidea Anato my

5 (bursa) 5

(bursal slit) (gonad) (genital slit)

( ) & (Fissiparity) ()

(Ophiopluteus larva) (Echinoidea)

(Echinoidea, Gr. echinos, spiny + oeides, in the form of) (sea urchin) (sand dollar) (heart urchin) 1,000

(test shell) 10 5 (ambulacral plate) 5

(interambulacral plate) 5 (tubercle) (spine)

(jaw) 2 3

(bryozoan) Aristotles lantern

5 (periproct)

: (dioecious)

(echinopluteus) Echinoid ea

(Holothuroidea) (Holothuroidea, Gr. holothourion, sea cucumber + oeides, in the form of) 1,500 (sea cucumber)

- (oral-aboral axis)

(tentacle) 10-30 (dorsal) 2 3 10-30

(ring canal) 5 (cloaca)

(rectum) (respiratory tree) 2 2

(cuvierian organ) 1

(gonopore) 1 (auricularia)

Class Holothuroidea (Crinoidea) (Crinoidea, Gr. krinon, lily + oeides, in the form of) (sea lilies) (feather star)

630 -

(calyx) 5 (pinnule) (stalk)

(cirri) (Antedon) stalk


(nerve ring) (radial nerve)


(regeneration) (Concentricycloidea)

(Concentricycloidea, ME consentrik, having a common center + Gr. kykloeides, like a circle) 1 sea daisy (Xyloplax medusiformis) 1,000 1

2 (ring canal) (Polian vesicle) (radial canal)

(velum) 5 The End

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