Out of the Dust

Out of the Dust

Steve Jobs This unit was created by the Louisiana Department of Education in partnership with LearnZillion. It includes approximately 36 days of instructional materials including classroom-ready materials, assessments, graphic organizers, and texts. Jaguar Jumpstart Think of some good advice that you have been given by a trusted

adult. Write about the advice using at least five complete sentences. Include this information: .. Who gave you the advice? What was the advice? Yesterday, we .. .

read and analyzed a poem entitled To Failure, by Philip Larkin learned several new words related to poetry Review of New Vocabulary .. to say it in Paraphrase =

own words your Connotation = secondary meaning; what it makes you think about Review of New Vocabulary .. Tone =the attitude of the author

.. Shifts = major changes in how the poem makes you feel Theme =the main social issue being addressed

Review of New Vocabulary .. exa cau min res ses e ults Analyze = _____________ carefully; identify __________,

factors (related things), and ___________ . Today, we will Read a poem entitled Mother to Son, by Langston Hughes Determine the meaning of various phrases in the poem Analyze events and ideas in the poem .

. . A little bit about the MOTHER TO SON

Well, son, I'll tell you: Life for me ain't been no crystal stair. It's had tacks in it, And splinters, And boards torn up, And places with no carpet on the floor Bare. But all the time I'se been a-climbin' on, And reachin' landin's,

And turnin' corners, And sometimes goin' in the dark Where there ain't been no light. So, boy, don't you turn back. Don't you set down on the steps. 'Cause you finds it's kinder hard. Don't you fall now For I'se still goin', honey,

I'se still climbin', And life for me ain't been no crystal stair. - By Langston Hugh Now Lets Listen to another Review of Concepts: ..

The goal of reading a poem is understan its usually to __________________ meaning or ___________. them d e We ask: What is the author teac

trying to __________ us? Review of Concepts: .. One of the best ways to figure this out isparaphras to __________________ the poem. e

. Lets Discuss: .. Who is the narrator of the poem? To whom is the poem written? What is a crystal stair? Has the narrator had an easy life? What evidence supports your answer?

Lets Discuss: .. When life is challenging, does the narrator give up? .. How do you know? What words tell you that answer? ..

The narrator speaks of dark times. What is meant by dark times? Lets Discuss: .. What advice is the narrator offering? Lets Discuss: ..

This poem is written to the narrators son to explain that the narrator has had a difficult life, but she never gave up. The narrator is telling her son that he should always persevere through challenges and never give up. Crystal stair is a metaphor for life being easy and dark times refers to the mothers struggles. Lets Discuss: ..

Lets Discuss: .. Some specific lines in poems are very important in showing us the theme. What is the importance of this metaphor life for me aint been no crystal stair? Lets Discuss: ..

What kind of life do you think the speaker in the poem has lived? What do you think life for me aint been no crystal stair means? Lets Discuss: .. What do you think the speaker is

referring to when she says she is still climbin? .. Why do you think Hughes repeats this line in the beginning of the poem and as the last line? Lets Discuss: The narrator (mother) of the poem has had a difficult

life and has struggled to succeed and climb to the top. She compares her life to climbing a staircase. She also describes the fact that she is still climbin; in other words, that her journey is not yet complete and it is still a struggle. A crystal stair would imply wealth and an easy climb, which has not been her experience. The poet repeats this line at the beginning and end of the poem to show the importance of the line and emphasize the imagery. Other Notes:

The narrator of this poem is a mother and she is speaking to her son. She compares his life to climbing a staircase and uses figurative language to describe the struggles she has endured on her climb. The narrator also uses symbolism in And reachin landins and turnin corners, to describe the times she has reached different points in her life where she wasnt struggling as much, or where she thought she had made it, yet the stairs were still there for her to climb - she hadnt yet reached the top. The narrator does not give up on her climb no matter the challenges she endures. She describes more of these challenges as goin in the dark.

Other Notes: The poet is using figurative language to encourage her son not to give up and to keep reaching for success, even when it isnt easy. She says things like, dont you turn back, and dont you set down on the steps. She intends to keep climbing herself too, even though her life has not been easy. Just For Fun

a modern-day Mother to Application: Work with your partner to complete the chart. Application: Work with your partner to complete the chart. s

t e ! L e r Lets Close! . ..

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