What is EOP? The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) provides academic guidance, student advocacy, personal and social support as well as financial assistance to low-income, first-generation college students. Were Open! Fall, Winter, Spring: Monday- Thursday 9am6pm Friday 9am- 3pm Summer: M-F 10am-3pm Website: eop.ucdavis.edu Email: [email protected] Phone Number: (530)752-9366 Guardian Scholars Program Guardian Scholars is committed to

improving the educational outcomes for foster youth and former foster youth. One day in foster care qualifies- regardless of length of time or current age Support: Transition & Orientation Graduation Pathway Post-Graduate Planning Services: Workshops Individual Success Planning Cohort meet-ups Mentors Collaborations/Referrals EOP Staff Suggest Take responsibility for your education and path; develop your character and strengthen your skills. Use EOP and other resources at UC Davis to help you in your pursuit.

Arnette Bates, Executive Director EOP Director [email protected] Use week 1 to find your study space. Part of having a study routine is having a space that allows you to think freely without interruption. Julie Agosto-King, Director [email protected] You will never have answers, if you do not have questions! Be curious! Ask me! Christina L. Jackson, Retention Specialist [email protected] The first quarter will have its challenges make sure to balance your self care, school and any other things that are of

priority to you. Valeri Garcia, GSP Coordinator [email protected] EOP Peer Advising Counselors (PACs) EOP Resources Academic Support 1-on-1 study skills Drop-In peer academic advising Pre/Co Classes Group Tutoring Services

Financial Support Cognitive Testing Fund Emergency Fund Financial Empowerment workshops / seminar Job Opportunities Lending Library Personal Support & Social Counseling Services Quarterly social activities

Social lounge (board games, a microwave & more!) Strengths based coaching Student Advocacy First of Many Scholars Academy First Gen 2 Graduate The Hair Closet All pEOPle Eat We Are First LLC All pEOPle Eat The Pantrythepantry.ucdavis.edu

Provides non-perishable, high protein food for UC Davis students Up to three meals or three personal items per day Location: Freeborn Hall Room 21 (Lower Level) Student Health Counseling Services Fruit & Veggie Up program Tuesday & Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Provides free produce to all UC Davis students with the inclusion of nutrition education

Location: Student Health and Wellness Center (3rd floor) CalFresh @ the Cottage Fridays 11am- noon Nutrition assistance program that provides monthly benefits to help purchase healthy and nutritious food Provided to eligible, low-income households Email: [email protected] Household size 1

2 3 Max. Monthly Benefit $194 $357 $511 Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Medical/mental health, dental and vision insurance coverage

Available to all registered UC Davis students Undergraduate Students: $705 per quarter (Fall, Winter, and Spring) Charged to your student account each term along with your registration fees Medical insurance is provided by Anthem Blue Cross Important to get it especially for those far from home Habits of Successful EOP Students Dont forget why you are here Fail forward Be authentic Check your UC Davis email frequently Bi-weekly newsletters with updates and reminders. Dont ignore emails from you college Be Proactive. Seek help. Ask questions. Go to EOP office Visit your professors during office hours

Attend study skills workshops Take advantage of necessary campus resources Get involved. Meet other EOP students Attend EOP programs and events Join a First Year Aggie Connection Whats Next? EOP Fall Welcome Monday, September 24th Come to tour the EOP cottage, meet the staff, make new friends, win prizes! For more information contact: Julie D. Agosto [email protected] The Guardian Scholars Program The Guardian Scholars Program (GSP) is committed to improving educational outcomes by providing comprehensive support for UC Davis students that have experienced foster care in order to help them achieve their academic and personal goals. For more information contact: Valeri Garcia [email protected]

Academic Support Workshops and Drop-in Tutoring Drop-in tutoring available FREE Math Chemistry (for example: WLD41C, CHE 2A) Statistics Writing and more... Workshops for CHE2A Academic Support Workshops and Drop-in Tutoring Drop-in tutoring available FREE Math Chemistry (for example: WLD41C, CHE 2A) Statistics Writing and more... Workshops for CHE2A Schedules at:

success.ucdavis.edu Academic Support Workshops and Drop-in Tutoring Writing Assistance o Aimed to build better writers, not just papers! Resources o The Writing Studio (next to EOP and NASSC). o Write as often as you like to practice your writing! o Work on your essay before and after seeing a tutor or specialist. Ask questions at any time. o Writing Specialists and Tutor Appointments o Professor will have high expectations for you essays. o Sign up online and come by at any stage of your writing process to ask any questions. Questions? Educational Opportunity Program

[email protected] 530-752-9366 Sara Hawkes Assistant Director (Math) [email protected]

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