Organizational Behavior - Western Oregon University

Organizational Behavior - Western Oregon University

Organizational Attitudes & Behavior Organizational Attitudes Job Satisfaction Organizational Commitment Job Involvement Organizational Justice Organizational Behavior Organizational Citizenship Behavior Workplace Violence

Why Do We Study Attitudes? Are attitudes important? Criteria for evaluating the impact of employee attitudes Job Performance Turnover Absenteeism Organizational Citizenship Behavior? Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Altruism Conscientiousness Courtesy Sportsmanship Civic Virtue Factors Influencing Attitudes and Behavior Personality Big 5 Situational Characteristics

Job Characteristics Organizational Characteristics Leadership Supervisor/Manager Behavior Job Satisfaction Facet Satisfaction Pay Coworkers

Involvement Opportunities for Advancement Supervisor Global Satisfaction Job Satisfactions Impact on Behavior Performance 7 1 . = r Job Satisfaction

Turnover r = -.40 r = -.2 r= 5 .30 - Absence .40 OCB

Situational Antecedents of Job Satisfaction Providing adequate training Reward/Recognizing employees Supporting innovation Employee involvement in decision making Inspiring & communicating a shared vision

Trust in management Supervisor-employee fit Organizational Commitment Components of commitment Affective Normative Continuance Organizational Commitments Impact on Behavior Performance 1 1 .

= r Organizational Commitment r = -.28 Turnover r=? Absence Job Involvement Job Involvement vs. Work Involvement Job Involvement - function of how much current job can satisfy needs

Work Involvement - belief about the value of work in ones life Job Involvements Impact on Behavior Performance 8 0 . = r Job Involvement Turnover

r = -.13 r = -.1 r= .25 4 Absence Effort Situational Antecedents of Job Involvement Focuses on the jobs ability to satisfy certain psychological needs

Sense of meaningfulness Control of work processes Feedback about accomplishments Personal growth & development Supportive relationships Organizational Justice Distributive Justice Equity distribution Equality distribution Need distribution

Procedural Justice Input Structure Organizational Citizenship Behavior Altruism Conscientiousness Courtesy Sportsmanship

Civic Virtue Determinants of OCB Organizational Justice r= .20 - .3 0 OCBs Personality

r Job Satisfaction 30 . = 0 4 . - Big 5 Personality Traits Agreeableness

Neuroticism Extraversion Back Conscientiousness Openness to Experience Organizational Culture A system of shared meanings that result in the way we do things around here.

Back values norms attitudes beliefs managerial style

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