Objectives of BUS466 - Simon Fraser University

Objectives of BUS466 - Simon Fraser University

Week 1 Agenda Course Outline Course Overview Lecture Topic: The Evolution of Telecommunications into the Internet, and the Internet into Business

First, a little housekeeping Office Hours: Normally Thursday 11:30-12:20 and Friday 12:30-13:20 in WMC 3327 and after class Objectives of BUS466 To establish a general sense of literacy about the Internet, how it is applied to Business, and specifically about new media applications and opportunities, such as Web 2.0 To explore new media applications and

technologies, and discuss how they are or can be applied in a business environment To go in-depth to a particular sub-topic and research its application. 2 The Genesis Social Networking/Web 2.0/new media is somewhat revolutionary in terms of its rate of development Millenials reverse-mentoring Boomers

3 Skills To understand key issues in the digital networked economy to get in the habit of critically reading and understanding news in the area Facebook faces constant challenges about its privacy implications Will Google+ make Facebook Myspace?

Will anything? Ever? Is the cloud the end of privacy? How about Bill C-51? 4 Skills To understand the fundamentals of networking, and Internetworking how the Internet works, and how applications can, and do function on the Internet how Web 2.0 and New Media technologies, such as MUVEs, blogs, wikis, mashups, RSS, and others

work how these Web 2.0 technologies are being, or could be, used in business 5 Course Outline 15% Participation / Seminar Contributions In the seminar (2/3) Online Yammer discussions (1/3) 30% Technology Presentations

30% Final Examination 25% Term Project 6 Reference Materials Discussion questions are assigned periodically on the course web page http://bus466.com http://newmediabusinessblog.org Usually they focus on some posted reading, supplemented either by a library article downloadable

for reading, or a reference to information or an article on a website The first one will be given next week 7 Final The final exam reflects the material we cover in the sessions, especially the topics you select and present. I will add/modify topics after you have identified the issues you deem important to

research and present. The final will be a series of questions on your topics, and on mine. 8 Final The wiki writeups from the technology presentations will have to be online by the end of Week 13, since they represent the topical outline for the final.

Technology Presentations Every week group(s) will bring forward a relevant technology and present for discussion what the technology is, where it fits in relation to Internet applications, how businesses are using it, and why it is interesting. MUVE Wiki blogs social networking apps 10

Gartners 2015 Hype Cycle Gartners 2016 Hype Cycle Gartners 2017 Hype Cycle Technology Presentations I will start the presentations in week 4 with a discussion of a Web 2.0 technology that has some interesting business opportunities

Yammer 14 Technology Presentations Your task in the next two weeks is to form a group of 4 (a group of 4 is typically comprised of between 3 and 5 persons) You are to meet and discuss new media business applications and technologies, find one of mutual interest

In week 3, we will discuss your selections There is a course wiki being set up on which you can discuss ideas online and claim a week or topic. https://wiki.sfu.ca/fall17/bus466d100 15 Technology Presentations Once approved (simply dealing with duplications, clarifying the issues, etc.), you should explore the technology general classification

related alternatives The private course wiki has a page with schedule preferences. Then go look at who is using it, and what innovative business opportunities there are for this technology 16 Technology Presentations First come, first served. We will discuss how to access and use it, and the first group to post their topic on a wiki page about group

presentations owns that topic. The wiki is linked on the course web page. https://wiki.sfu.ca/fall17/bus466d100/ 17 The Book A significant concept that has emerged in this course is the power of crowdsourcing. I used a book initially, but it got old fast. For a recommended reading list, there is a

wiki created by past BUS466 participants with topics on it. We will refer to that wiki for recommended readings: http://newmediabusinessblog.org Topics: Term Wiki Writeups http://newmediabusinessblog.org It is my hope that we can extend this to continue evolving a body of knowledge

We will discuss topics next week For this term, I hope we can find new topics to add to this project 20 Weekly Seminar Format

30 - 50 minutes Whats new in technology this week? new applications legal issues

significant, interesting events ~ up to 1 hour Seminar discussion text and readings material ~ 1 to 1.5 hours Technology presentations, discussions 21 General Topic Suggestions Explore a web technology in depth

what it is who is using it, and for what purpose describe an application of it in depth Such as... Mashups describe their origins, development, growth give examples of applications of

mashups do a case study of an organization cleverly using them, and what they gain from them OR, build a mashup to show its potential for a club, business, or key application If you are curious, have a look at Yahoo Pipes 22

General Topic Suggestions Compare a business that is using an innovative Web 2.0 technology with one that isnt what is the cost of the investment? what are they gaining? who is winning? 23 General Topic Suggestions

You could also look at a phenomenon, like the permanent loss of control of peoples privacy with new Web 2.0 applications For example, a group presented freeconomics and discussed the notion of free things on the web, and what the costs are, and what the business models are. Google doesnt sell much, but they could buy General Motors if they felt like it. 24

General Topic Suggestions I am open to suggestions Form a group, discuss the topic for your technology presentation We will spend some time next week discussing the technology presentation topics 25 General Topic Suggestions Explore a general Web 2.0 / New Media

technology in an overview format what is it where did it come from how old is it who is using it what are they gaining from it 26 General Topic Suggestions Advocacy of a Social Media technology that

could change something Online cyberbullying, and the devastating consequences Facebooks automatic facial tagging technology Couldnt they work to fix this? General Topic Suggestions The Dark Web and how it is closing in on mainstream business applications AshleyMadison.com as a catalyst

Point of Reference When starting to think about a topic, go to the NEWMEDIABUSINESSBLOG.ORG site and have a look at recent topics. The wiki provides a nice multimedia format so you can get a pretty good idea of past presentation materials. Discussion Question How old is the Internet? 30

The Internet It actually evolved over a long, long time 31 Telegraph Samuel F. B. Morse received a patent in 1838 Hence the name Morse code The first message was sent from Washington to Baltimore on 24th of May 1844

Western Union Telegraph & Co was founded in 1856 Morse code was dropped as a US Navy communication medium in 1998 32 Transatlantic Cable Transatlantic Cable London was still world financial centre in the mid 1800s Peabody & Company (predecessor of J. P. Morgan &

Company) funded a project to lay the first transatlantic cable for telegraph Started in 1856, completed 1858 Queen Victorias congratulatory message to President Buchanan took 16 hours to transmit Three weeks later the cable broke A more reliable cable was laid in 1866 between St. Johns, Newfoundland and Valentia, Ireland Immensely useful business tool 34

Telephone Charles Bourseul had the original idea of transmitting sound over electric waves 1876 Alexander Graham Bell patented his telephone He asked Western Telegraph Company to buy his patent for $100,000: "What shall we do with a toy like that?" 35

Wireless Friedrich Hertz discovered the electromagnetic wave in 1888 Wireless was born Guglielmo Marchese Marconi exploited this discovery 1901 he bridged the Atlantic with his wireless telegraphy 36

Bell Labs Lucent Bell labs is the springboard of many of todays communications (and computer) technologies Its employees have generated more than 40,000 inventions since 1925. The average home contains at least 25 products that stem from Bell Labs innovations, including phones, TVs, remote controls, VCRs, radios, stereos, CD players, and computers 37

Transistors 1947 Bell labs invented the transistor Some team members left Bell Labs and founded Fairchild semiconductor Gordon Moore, Robert Noyce left Fairchild in 1967 to found Intel Gordon Moore made a famous prediction in 1965 the doubling of transistors every couple of years Now known as Moores Law

38 Newer Technologies Yet Satellites were developed in the 1960s for communication purposes Optical fiber in 1966 (use of light to transmit data) 1995: Nortel has a proof of concept school in the United Kingdom that runs packets over electricity transmission lines 39

DARPANET (WAN) DARPANET, Interface Message Processors (later know as routers), and TCP/IP were invented First attempt at data networking 40 Evolution of the Internet Itself

1969: First IP packet sent 1969: ArpaNET commissioned by US DOD 1973: England and Norway Join 1981: BITNET emerges at CUNY 1983: Domain Names wereinvented

1986: NSFNet created 41 Evolution of the Internet Itself

1990: First web server online 1991: Commercial Access 1993: Mosaic hits WWW 1994: Yahoo arrives 1994: NREN established 1995: eBay, Amazon and Craigslist 1995: Commercial Ownership

1995: August 9 Netscape IPO 1996: Governmental Control Issues Emerge 42 Evolution of the Internet Itself

1996: Intranets Emerge 1996/1997: Extranets Appear 1997: Birth of Internet2 Back to its roots Research Institutions Pulling Out 1998: Googles IPO

2000: Dot Com Fiasco 2001: First Wikipedia entry 2003: Friendster 2004: Web 2.0 43 The PC Revolution Microsoft was founded in 1975 A PC on every desk and in every home The proliferation of PCs gave the world an access device

Now it is a matter of connecting them 44 Novell The company that brought the world Novell Netware Local Area Networks were born 45

Telecom Deregulation and new forms of competition has changed the industry significantly Convergence is finally starting in earnest Telephone Mobile Phone

Television Internet Access 46 For next week Please give MediaWiki a try and introduce yourself Your name, major, relevant interests Note: This is a private wiki that only current BUS 466 registrants can access If you are not comfortable putting a photo of yourself online, I

understand. Please let me know in confidence. wiki.sfu.ca/summer17/bus466d200 Go to the about us page, log in, choose edit and see if you can figure out how to upload a photo and add it to the list (hint: upload the file first, then link to it. Note it is case sensitive and the transfer will capitalize the first letter) For next week To get you started, go to the BLOG wiki and check out some of the writeups. For next week, I will mention the three more

general topics from last term: Uberification The Internet of Things Industrial Automation BUS466 Drew Parker [email protected] WMC 3327 (turn right at the General Office, second left, last office on right before the chicane).

778-782-3102 (usually emails me a voice message) http://bus466.com 49

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