NPS Program Implementation

NPS Program Implementation

California Low Impact Development (LID) Outreach and Training Initiative Roger Briggs Central Coast Regional Water Board Alfred Wanger California Coastal Commission CA WaLUP Collaboration Oakland Santa Cruz Ventura Newport Beach 4 LID Workshops along CA Coastline >750 people attended

Multiple partners, both local and statewide to accomplish Lead coordinator: CCC Attendee Affiliation Evaluation Results Other University Santa Cruz Oakland Ventura Newport Beach Non-Governmental Organization n = 370 Environmental Consultant Federal Government State Government

Local Government Landscaping Trade Engineer Building Trade 0 10 20 30 40 % Attendance 50 60 70 Obstacles to Implementation: LID Other

Santa Cruz More Info Perm. Pave. Oakland Lack Exp. homeowner install Ventura Newport Beach Site Conditions N = 370 Lack of incentives Availabe materials Cost Unsure effectiveness Information on design Lack of trained experts Regulations Codes/standards 0

10 20 30 40 % Attendees 50 60 70 LI D Educational Target Audiences by Project Development & Approval Stages Regional Plans General Plan Policies, Ordinances,

Zoning Codes Development Construction Stage Operation and Maintenance Design Review/ Permit Stage Regional Blueprints Specific Plans Rules of Community Development Building Plans/ Area and Guidelines Plans

Conservation Master Plans Design Stage Subdivision Design and guidelines exactions Programmatic CEQA Local Elected Local Elected Permit Application Permit Project

Approval Approval Survey/ Grading Public works Build Permit Improvements Short Term Long Term Project CEQA Local Elected Local Elected Offi cials Construction Firms public works staff Public Works/ Stormwater

Other Local Agencies Council of Government NGO's Planners Elected Planners Architects NGO's Planning Commission Agency's Cities and Counties Land Owners

Consultants Developers Elected Offi cials Developers Building Contractors Architects Project maintenance staff Property owners Trades: Equipment Operators, Surveyors, Landscapers HOA's Engineers

Local Inspectors Public Planning Commission Regulatory Agency Inspectors Institutions and foundations Planners Developers/ Realtors Consultants LAFCO Directors J urisdictional Engineers Stormwater Program Staff NGO's

Public Regulatory Agencies College and University Students Researchers / Academic Agency and resource managers Center for Ocean Solutions Mitigation Monitors Legislature College and University Students K- 12 College/ University Students

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