NOAA Satellite Operations

NOAA Satellite Operations

Real-Time GOES/POES Data Access Donna McNamara, Distribution and Scheduling Lead Bonnie Morgan, McIDAS Lead NOAA / NESDIS / OSPO / Mission Operations Division (MOD) Matt Seybold, User Service Team NOAA / NESDIS / OSPO / Satellite Product and Services Division (SPSD) NOAA Satellite Conference April 10, 2013 OFFICE OF SATELLITE AND PRODUCT OPERATIONS 1 NESDIS Office of Satellite and Product Operations (OSPO) Key Roles Ground System Command & Control, Ingest, Product Generation and Distribution for the nations 17 environmental satellites 4 Geostationary (GOES) by NOAA 5 Polar-Orbiting (POES) by NOAA 6 Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) operated by NOAA 1 OSTM Jason-2 (Ocean Surface Topography Mission) Joint NOAA, NASA, CNES, EUMETSAT effort 1 Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (NPP) by NOAA & NASA

NSOF Pre-Launch and Post-Launch Testing Operational Testing, Validation, and Verification User Readiness Long-Term Continuity of Products and Services OFFICE OF SATELLITE AND PRODUCT OPERATIONS 2 NESDIS Office of Satellite and Product Operations (OSPO) Locations at four facilities housing 700 OSPO staff NOAA Satellite Operations Facility (NSOF) in Suitland, MD NSOF Mission Operations Division

NOAA Center for Weather & Climate Prediction (NCWCP) in College Park, MD Satellite Product and Services Division Fairbanks CDA Command and Data Acquisition in AK and VA NCWCP Wallops CDA OFFICE OF SATELLITE AND PRODUCT OPERATIONS 3 Satellite Information Flow POES NOAA-19 (PM) GOES-15 (West) GOES-13 (East) METOP-A (AM) Also: GOES-14 (Standby)

GOES-12 (S.A.) POES-18/17/16/15 Non-NOAA (Jason, DMSP, Meteosat, MTSAT, EOS, COSMIC, others) Center for Satellite Applications and Research (STAR) Product Development Algorithm Development Science Maintenance Office of Satellite and Product Operations (OSPO) Fairbanks Ground Wallops Ground Station - POES Station - GOES Command and Control Office of Systems Development (OSD) Ground Systems IT Enterprise Architecture Satellite Operations Environmental Satellite Control Center Processing Center

Process and Distribute Data Products Customers Archive and Access (CLASS) NESDIS Data Centers OFFICE OF SATELLITE AND PRODUCT OPERATIONS 4 Products (Derived & Interpretive) Atmospheric Chemistry Atmospheric Temperature Fire and Smoke Hurricane Intensity and Position Imagery (e.g. Visible, IR, WV) Land Cover Ice, Snow, Vegetation Ocean Color Satellite Derived Winds (WS,WD,H) Sea Surface Height & Temperature Sounder Profiles and Imagery Space Weather Volcanic Ash and many more

More on products later in the week OFFICE OF SATELLITE AND PRODUCT OPERATIONS 5 Data Access Services Current Access Services (in addition to Direct Broadcast) Data Distribution Service (DDS) (s)FTP push/pull from secure accounts * NWS Telecommunications Gateway GINI (GOES Ingest and NOAAPORT Interface) / NOAAPORT for Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) SATEPSDIST GOES, POES, and Derived Products; McIDAS * Shared Processing DAPE Gateway for military partners * MODIS server subset of products made by NASA * Websites - * Require Data Access Request Archival NODC, NGDC, and NCDC archive data products using CLASS OFFICE OF SATELLITE AND PRODUCT OPERATIONS 6 McIDAS Data Delivery Summary SATEPSDIST Geostationary satellite data is ingested on a Satellite Data Ingestor (SDI),

converted to McIDAS format and placed on a server. In addition, some foreign geostationary data, polar data, model data and derived products are converted into McIDAS. This data is served via McIDAS ADDE software: Data NSOF Server ADDE Name Derived Products SATEPSDIST1e DPD GOES-E SATEPSDIST2e GER GOES-W SATEPSDIST3e GWR Polar SATEPSDIST4e PLR Model data SATEPSDIST5 MOD Global Mosaic 5 Sat. Comp. SATEPSDIST6 MOS MSG/MET SATEPSDIST6e MSG / MET MTSAT SATEPSDIST7e MTS Select requested data SATEPSANONE PUB (not operational) Surface/Ship Buoy/RAOBs FOS2 FOS (Family of Services) OFFICE OF SATELLITE AND PRODUCT OPERATIONS 7

Sample of GINI and AWIPS Products Created and distributed through GINI Imagery Sounder images Created outside of GINI, but distributed through GINI Five satellite composite files (VIS, IR, WV) Sounder Derived Products (TPW, LI, CTP, ECA, Skin-T) Imager Derived Products (LCB) Polar (POES and DMSP) microwave derived products (TPW, Rain Rate, blended TPW) SSM/I AMSU Blended RR products Created outside of GINI, distributed outside of GINI, but appearing within AWIPS Precipitation Autoestimator (PG on satepsdist1, PD from DDS to AWIPS) GOES BUFR and POES BUFR Soundings High Density Winds ASCAT Text Messages: SPENES, VAA, Tropical Bulletins, Help Desk messages ASOS Satellite Cloud Products OFFICE OF SATELLITE AND PRODUCT OPERATIONS 8 Total Precipitable Water

SuperN.PW.1A Lifted Index SuperN.LI.1A Cloud-Top Height SuperN.CTP.1A Surface Skin Temperature SuperN.SKT.1A Not shown Effective Cloud Amount SuperN.ECA.1A OFFICE OF SATELLITE AND PRODUCT OPERATIONS 9 End Product Metrics 35 satellites carrying 182 instruments are used in 183 applications to produce 1,065 end products1 170 Servers conduct ingest, generation, distribution 2

568 User organizations access the end products 568 Users A B C D E 1,065 End Products 1 2 30,500+ 3 Subscriptions 4 5 Plus Many Direct Readout Users! 1 2 End products vary by satellite, instrument, region, format, resolution Frequency of data delivery varies by product (e.g. event-driven, 1/day, 6/day, 300/day). OFFICE OF SATELLITE AND PRODUCT OPERATIONS 10

Data Access & Distribution Policy Contact: [email protected] Full policy and forms at Security requirement to know and document all users accessing operational data servers and what products they are receiving Users request data using a Data Access Request (DAR) form. Ever increasing data volumes require prioritization of users to effectively manage data distribution resources to ensure effective system performance Higher priority access will be given to organizations with: Mission and statutory authority that supports the requirement for data access Signed NESDIS cooperative agreements or other legislative authorities A demonstrated timeliness requirement for near-real time satellite data and products to support operational user applications. If available, users will be directed to sources of data that are external to

NESDIS but still fulfill data requirement. We will make best efforts to recommend alternative distribution sources for users that are denied access to operational servers. OFFICE OF SATELLITE AND PRODUCT OPERATIONS 11 Data Access & Distribution DDS Re-Validation was accomplished in 2012 Migration to new DDS was completed There was a 17% reduction in the number of approved accounts SATEPSDIST Re-Validation starting around May 1 Part of migration to new GEODIST servers

GEODIST will likely host ONLY McIDAS ADDE access McIDAS GROUP/DESCRIPTOR access restrictions will be enacted for external users It very important users identify all datasets they need All non-McIDAS files will be served via DDS Contact information for SATEPSDIST users were not well maintained, so if you are a current user who has not been contacted, let us know ASAP to get a DAR form. GEODIST scheduled to be operational in Aug (may be delayed) -- Planning for 30 days parallel test period prior to becoming operational -- Planning to have SATEPSDIST run with 8x5 support for 2 weeks after cut-over date. OFFICE OF SATELLITE AND PRODUCT OPERATIONS 12 Future Data Access & Distribution New enterprise system Product Distribution and Access (PDA) is coming Will be used for legacy GOES/POES, NPP, IJPS and GOES-R data access Operational for legacy and NPP planned for Oct 2014 talk to follow McIDAS ADDE access will remain on GEODIST OFFICE OF SATELLITE AND PRODUCT OPERATIONS 13

Notifications & Status Email [email protected] and ask to be added to ESPC Notification email list. General Satellite Messages from ESPC: WMO Bulletins on the GTS (Global Telecommunications System): WMO header NOUS71 KNES (AWIPS ID ADANES) for urgent notices (e.g., outages or anomalies) WMO header NOUS72 KNES (AWIPS ID ADMNES) for routine notices (e.g., eclipse schedule, RSO, etc.) Non-Operational Sources: Sat Ops Status: Twitter: Facebook: Press Release: OFFICE OF SATELLITE AND PRODUCT OPERATIONS 14 Contact Information 24/7 Help Desk

[email protected] User Services [email protected] Data Access [email protected] Webmaster [email protected] Web OFFICE OF SATELLITE AND PRODUCT OPERATIONS 15

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