Build 9b Status and Plans PDS Management Council

Build 9b Status and Plans PDS Management Council

Build 9b Status and Plans PDS Management Council F2F Towson, Maryland March 28, 2019 Overall Plan for Build 9B Build 9b is the next planned build and release of PDS4 which will include model, documents, and software (system and tools). IM and Tools will be tested by Nodes and IPDA in March. Delivery to I&T is planned for March 29, 2019. Integration and Test is planned for April 2019. Deployment to start in early May 2019. 2 Information Model and Standards Components Information Model Specification (HTML) Release Notes Data Dictionary (HTML and PDF) XML Schema and Schematron 3

Summary of Information Model Changes Common dictionary Implemented 14 approved SCRs Notable Changes (detailed list in backup) CCB-202 CCB-235 CCB-238 CCB-243 CCB-245 CCB-246 - Amend the Instrument class context product Add data type ASCII_BibCode Associate Thumbnail to other products

Consolidate Context Target for Samples Deprecate 'Airborne' as host type Deprecate 'Sun' as a separate context target Local Data Dictionary (LDD) Tested LDD Ingestion Process; under review Updated LDDTool significantly CCB-203 - enforce constraints on pds namespace attributes Removed obsolete entities e.g., Telemetry Parameters 4 Discipline and Mission LDDs PDS4 IM Discipline and Mission Local Dictionaries Schema Dictionary Name PDS4_ALT_1000

PDS4_CART_1900 PDS4_DISP_1B00 PDS4_GEOM_1B00_1610 PDS4_IMG_1A10_1510 PDS4_IMG_SURFACE_1A10 PDS4_PARTICLE_1900_1100 PDS4_PROC_1900 PDS4_RINGS_1800_1510 PDS4_SP_1A10 PDS4_SPECLIB_1000 PDS4_WAVE_1000 PPI Node's Alternate Imaging Node's Cartography Imaging Node's Display Geometry Imaging Node Imaging Node's Surface PPI Node's Particle Processing History Rings Node Spectra Spectral Library PPI Node's Wave

BOPPS_1100 PDS4_CASSINI_1B00_1200 PDS4_DAWN_1B00_1000 PDS4_INSIGHT_1B00_1840 PDS4_JUNO_1900 LADEE_1100 PDS4_MESS_1B00_1020 MGS_1700 MPF_1700 PDS4_MSN_1A10 PDS4_MSN_SURFACE_1A10 PDS4_MULTI_1900_1000 PDS4_MVN_1021 OSIRIS-Rex _1700 PDS4_VG1_1900_1000 PDS4_VG2_1900_1000 BOPPS Cassini Dawn Insight JUNO LADEE

Messenger Mars Global Surveyor Mars Pathfinder Generic Mission Mission Surface MULTI (multi) MAVEN OSIRIS-Rex VOYAGER 1 (vg1) VOYAGER 2 (vg2) Discipline Mission Build LDD Count Build 8a 18 Build 8b

20 Build 9a 22 Build 9b 28 5 Information Model Build 9b Testing and Release Plan 1. Feb 15, 2019 Friday All SCRs to be implemented have been identified 2. Feb 15 - 28, 2019 Finish SCR implementation Release IM to development directory Internal testing Fix bugs 3. Mar 1 14, 2019 EN, DN, and IPDA testing

Release IM to development directory Perform regression testing at EN 4. Mar 15 - 28, 2019 Prepare IM for release to System I&T 5. Mar 29, 2019 Friday Release IM to release directory Start of Build and System I&T IM is frozen 6. System I&T - System Testing 7. System Release Build 6 Build 9b Software Components Tools Ingest Harvest Tool Catalog Tool Preparation

Generate Tool Transform Tool Validate Tool Inspect Tool Core and PDS4 Tools Libraries Services Registry/Search Includes support for Tool and Data Dictionary content Transport Backward compatible with the PDS-D Product Server Report Generating monthly HQ

reports 7 Major Software Changes (Tools) Validate Tool Transform Tool Added additional support for transforming to FITS Inspect Tool

Added spot checking of data content Added additional checks that address more of the Validate Tool requirements Per TWG request, added validation of Context Product references in labels Added initial support for visualizing PDS3 products Harvest Tool Updated to interface with the new Registry/Search Service Updated to ingest full product labels into new Registry/Search Service 8 9 10 11

Major Software Changes (Services) Registry/Search Integrated Registry and Search Services together under one technology (Solr 7.7) Provide capability to deploy Service within Docker Container Tracking Added additional service interfaces (insert/update) for the following: Product, Archive, Certification, and NSSDCA statuses Delivery, Role and Users Instrument, Investigation (mission), and Node References 12 Registry/Search Upgrade Full product labels will get stored under a Registry Index in Solr Old registry only stored product metadata Harvest Tool was updated to support this feature Will improve re-indexing performance Improved performance over the old Registry

Initial Metrics ingesting 1 million products Ingest took about 14 hours (old version ~= several days) Data Footprint Harvest Intermediate Data: ~4.1 GB Registry Index (where the product labels reside): ~3.3 GB Search Index (where search product metadata resides): ~445 MB Total Footprint: 7.8 GB 13 Changes to Standards Reference and Documents Documents now part of build process Document Authoring Team (DAT) S.Slavney; R.Simpson & R.Joyner Document Review Team (DRT) S.McLaughlin; S.LaVoie; E.Guinness; T.King Document update plans 2/24 Distribute Data Author Team (DAT) updates to the Data

Review Team (DRT) 4/5 Data Review Team (DRT) responses due 4/19 Document updates completed and posted 14 Schedule for Software Delivery March 4, 2019 March 15, 2019 TWG Beta Test March 18 22, 2019 Address issues, final component-level testing March 25 29, 2019 Compile and package components March 29, 2019 Deliver Software to System I&T

April 8 May 17, 2019 System Integration & Test May 20 June 14, 2019 System Deployment June 14, 2019 Software made publicly available on the EN Site 15 I&T Plan

System I&T is an iterative process. Test cases are derived from requirements. Regression testing is mandatory for each build. Test cases are used to exercise software and services with example data products delivered with each build. All issues found are recorded in the tracking system JIRA. Prior to completion of a system build, all show stopper issues must be corrected and the fix must be verified, follow by regression testing. Only when I&T is completed without major anomaly, then system can be deployed. Full details are captured in test report which identifies result of each test case, and their traceability to requirements. 16 QA Process IM Beta Test Data EN & Node Beta Test

Tools Beta Plan/Data I&T Plan/Data Beta IM Build Software CCB Approved SCRs Beta Software EN System I&T I&T Results

S/W JIRA Issues Draft Std Ref, DPH, Concepts Doc Review Ops Std Ref, DPH, Concepts Ops Software 17 I&T Input/Output

Input IM V1.12.0.0 as a result of Node testing of candidate IM based on approved SCRs by CCB Build 9b system software including upgrades and fixes of issues captured in JIRA Build 9b test plan including new test cases of any new features and regression test cases Build 9b test data Output Any new issues found will be added to JIRA Any fixed issues will be closed in JIRA Test result will be documented (including requirement traceability matrix) 18 Questions/Comments 19 Backup 20

Approved and Implemented SCRs SCR Description CCB-195 CCB-202 CCB-203 CCB-214 CCB-227 CCB-235 CCB-238 CCB-240 CCB-242 CCB-243 CCB-245 CCB-246 CCB-247 CCB-248 Update Information Model to Improve International Interoperability Amend the Instrument class context product Define and enforce constraints on local dictionaries Optional trailing zeroes in ASCII_Real for Table_Character

Missing Requirements in Source_Product_External Add data type ASCII_BibCode Need the capability to associate Thumbnail products to other types of products Add Units_of_Energy as a unit of measure. Add 'Field Campaign' to Investigation Type Consolidate Context Target Types for Samples Deprecate 'Airborne' as an independent host type Deprecate 'Sun' as a separate context target. Undeprecate "Radio Science" as a Value for Instrument.type Bundle_Member_Entry is missing a reference_type for miscellaneous collections 21

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