Work-Life Balance for Engineering Faculty Minority Faculty Development

Work-Life Balance for Engineering Faculty Minority Faculty Development

Work-Life Balance for Engineering Faculty Minority Faculty Development Workshop Susan Robison 410-465-5892 [email protected]

Why balance is hard for minority faculty Triple-threat job description Introducing: the one, the only. [email protected] Goals for this workshop: Increasing your productivity and

happiness through 2 practices in each area: *Work- balance *Teaching *Researching *Serving *Home life [email protected] Balance

[email protected] What is Needed for Balance Define it. Design a life management system that brings it. [email protected]

What does work-life balance mean for you? [email protected] What is your biggest challenge to living that balance?

[email protected] Balance [email protected] Peak Performing Faculty Productive and happy managing goals and enjoying life.

[email protected] Productive Through Great Work High impact work that uses your strengths, flows easily from a deep sense of meaning and purpose, and benefits

the college. [email protected] Happy Through a Great Life Meeting your needs for ________ while meeting other peoples needs for ________. [email protected]

Happy People Work Differently Great Work/Great Life Flow: challenge + mastery Balance: Pulse -> pause -> pulse -> pause. [email protected] What faculty need to

build? A life management system Gives you resources (time, money, energy) for high productivity and high happiness. Driven by more wants than shoulds. Only as complicated and organized as it needs to be.

Brings balance between work and life. Keeps track of everything in one [email protected] A life management system: Prevents feeling overwhelmed. Figures out what strategies bring productivity and happiness. Replicates them in a reproducibly

effective manor. Helps you enjoy the process. [email protected] Energize yourself by: 1) Creating Great Work and a Great Life through the Pyramid of Power.

2) Managing it through use of the Dream Book. [email protected] Goals Vision

Mission Purpose Pyramid of Power [email protected] [email protected]

Goals Vision Mission Purpose Pyramid of Power [email protected]

Goals Goals Goals [email protected] Goals

Vision Mission Purpose Pyramid of Power 4. Goals: What tasks lead to live #1-3?

5. Vision: What will result? 6. Mission: What will I do about it? 7. Purpose : Why am I here? [email protected] Goals

Vision Mission Purpose Pyramid of Power [email protected] Purpose

Pyramid of Power [email protected] Power Purpose My purpose in life is: [email protected]

[email protected] Teaching [email protected] Teaching Create great course designs. Pace yourself. [email protected]

Create Great Course Designs Ask the Big Questions. Think learning activities not lecture. Structure yourself with a great syllabus. Develop assessment methods that are meaningful but not labor intensive. [email protected]

Pace Yourself Pace your assignments. Connect with your students yet set limits as well. Use breaks well. Start small, build momentum. Use the 1/1 class preparation formula. Assess the learning and teaching. Collect, analyze, & report data (SoTL).

[email protected] Class prep in one hour or 1. Mindmap all you know about the less class topic. 2. Ask yourself the Big Questions. 3. Write class goals (objectives) related to Big Questions.

4. Turn into a class outline of topics to be covered. 5. Decide on learning activities. 6. Design assessment tools. [email protected] Grading in your spare 1. Purpose of grading: time

1. Find out what learning has taken place. 2. Meet college requirements. 2. Ask yourself the Big Questions: what do I want the students to learn and how can I meet my job requirements? 3. Coordinate the course goals to methods that will measure them. 4. Use class time for pedagogically sound assessment methods. 5. Design assessment tools that minimize your time.

6. Use and communicate rubrics. [email protected] Writing/ Researchin g [email protected] Writing

Develop a long-term vision. Break it into small steps. [email protected] Writing Write regularly. Set up CARS for writing sessions. Write quickly; revise slowly.

Satisfice. Develop accountability with yourself and others. Get help and support. Think programmatically. [email protected] Serving [email protected]

Its not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about? Thoreau [email protected] Serving Discernment.

Connection. [email protected] You cant do it all. So what can you do? What can you do

well? [email protected] I have to. I chose to. I commit to____ instead of ____. [email protected]

Serving Tie to Pyramid. Have an agenda. Connect with others by using social intelligence. Have an escape strategy. Set time limits. Develop successors. [email protected]

How to decide to take on new opportunities: 1. Does it fit my long term goals? 2. What resources are needed? 3. What is the opportunity cost the loss/gain of this and other opportunities? 4. Is this the right time in terms of my vision? 5. How do I get the time to do this project: get rid of other tasks or say No to other opportunities?

[email protected] Increase your Nos Strengthen your Yess. [email protected] Say No without feeling

guilty 1. The invitation 2. The discernment 3. The action plan 4. The encounter [email protected] Connect with like-minded colleagues for mutual

support. 1. Networking 2. Clarity [email protected] Home Life [email protected]

Home Life Design a life management system for home. Think: human sustainability [email protected] Goals

Vision Mission Purpose Pyramid of Power [email protected] Sustainability

Wellness Well-being Wisdom [email protected] Bonus [email protected] Backwards Planning

Goals Quarter Half way way mark mark Three Final

Quarter outcome way Goal 1 Barbara Sher [email protected] Tracking System Projects Mar

/ 19 Goals Mar 26 Apr 2 Apr 9 Apr 16

Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 [email protected] Powerful To-do Lists

(4x3 VAST) 1. Vision: Three things that move my goals forward. 2. Avert: Three things I better do or else... trouble. 3. Self: Three things I will do to take care of myself.

4. Tomorrow: Three things from tomorrows list I will start on if there is time and I finished 1-3. [email protected] Ideal Life Reminders 1. Review and revise your Pyramid every 6 months. 2. Collect and park goals, dreams and todos in your Dream Book. 3. Track the subgoals (to-dos) of your

projects in one place 1-2 times/week. 4. Be accountable to someone other than yourself. 5. Stay focused through intentional attention. [email protected] Those who can, do. Those who do good are

teachers. Those who live well while doing good are Peak Performing Professors. [email protected] How to Manage Set reasonable standards for Productivity

improvement and excellence. Find appropriate role models. Get support, mentoring, feedback. Raise standards and systematize. Pulse and pause. Enjoy the process. [email protected]

Interruptions & Distractions Every 10 minutes 56% from outside (interruptions) 44% inside (distractions) Takes average of 23 minutes to get back on track Email

[email protected] Using Email to Advance Your Vision 1. Favorite contact: email, cell or office phone, 2. Send fewer emails, receive fewer. 3. Stop needless replying and carbon copying. 4. Limit email time by limiting checking. Set #. 5. Use folders.

[email protected] Using Email to Advance Your Vision 6. Use filters. 7. Decide on group filters. 8. Label content in subject line. 9. Establish electronic office hours. 10.Save only what you need for legal reasons.

[email protected] Focused 15 (or X) Pick a task from the VAST list. Divide it into 15 minute segments. Fit them in around other activities. Do only one 15 minute segment at a time. Follow the completion of that task

by rest or reward. Repeat. [email protected]

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