Nfhs 2018 - Ccbua

Nfhs 2018 - Ccbua

2018 ANNUAL MEETING NFHS 2018 RULE CHANGES AND POINTS OF EMPHASIS BASEBALL Nationally, High School Baseball is in excellent shape. Almost 16,000 schools (#3) sponsor the sport with 491,790 (#4) students participating in the nation. Across the nation, High School Baseball had 143 reported injuries in 2015-16, with 81 occurring during competition. This injury rate, 0.84, is down from previous years. Strains and sprains are #1 injury. Arm and elbow injuries increased (impact from 2017 pitch count

rule change not yet seen). Lowest concussion rate in all sports. Two deaths in baseball last year (2017) Pre-existing medical conditions. 2018 ANNUAL MEETI NG 2018 RULE CHANGES Had 12 rule change proposals (least number in over six years). Four passed, with only 2 having implementation in 2018. 2018

ANNUAL MEETI NG BASEBALLS RULE 1-3-1 Effective January 1, 2019: The ball shall meet the NOCSAE standard for baseballs. A performance standard that measures the balls circumference, mass, coefficient of restitution, and compression deflection. Studied samples purchased across the nation were not as standard and consistent as expected. For umpires: No true impact. Check to have the authenticating mark.

To ensure that every baseball manufactured meets the same level of quality and playability. Are 14 companies licensed to make NFHS baseballs. None are made in the U.S. 2018 ANNUAL MEETI NG BATS - RULE 1-3-2a2 Bats shall not have exposed rivets, pins, rough or sharp edges or any form of exterior fastener or attachments that would present a potential hazard.

Clarification concerning attachments that would present a potential hazard are not permitted. New bats with Smart technology and/or rivets, attachments or pins are not legal. ILLEGAL 2018 ANNUAL MEETI NG RULE 4-5-3 CATCHERS CHEST PROTECTOR ART. 3 . . . The catcher shall wear, in addition to a head protector, a mask

with a throat protector, body/chest protector that meets the NOCSAE standard (Effective January 1, 2020), protective cup (male only), and baseball protective shin guards. Rationale: A NOCSAE standard has been developed to protect the heart and the cardiac silhouette from commotio cordis. The effective date is January 1, 2020. 2018 ANNUAL MEETI NG RULE 4-5-3

CATCHERS CHEST PROTECTOR In the past decade High School Baseball has had one death due to commotio cordis; player sliding into second base hit in the chest by the ball. Commotio cordis occurs when an impact occurs to the chest at a certain time of the heart cycle. Risk decreases as player ages. This device will be in the chest protector for catchers. Will help minimize injury and death for players. 2018 ANNUAL MEETI NG RULE 8-2-7

BATTER OVERRUNS FIRST BASE A batter-runner who reached first base safety and then overruns or over slides may immediately return without liability of being put out provided he does not attempt or feint an advance to second. This now applies to a player who is awarded first base on a base on balls as well as batter-runner who has a base hit.

2018 ANNUAL MEETI NG RULE 8-2-7 BATTER OVERRUNS FIRST BASE ART. 7 . . . A runner who reaches first base safely and then overruns or over slides may immediately return without liability of being put out provided he does not attempt or feint an advance to second. A player who is awarded first base on balls does not have this right. Play at issue: With a 3-2 count, B checks his swing on a pitch that the catcher drops and does not catch. He cannot wait to see what the PU or the BU calls if it is appealed to him. So B runs as fast as he can to first. If

called a ball and he overruns first, with old rule he is at risk to be tagged out. 2018 ANNUAL MEETI NG EDITORIAL CHANGE Rule language was updated to better reflect the 2017 rule change regarding a coach physically assisting a runner during playing action. If a runner is physically assisted by a coach, the runner is called


2018 ANNUAL MEETI NG Sportsmanship National Anthem Stand-Off National anthem standoffs do not reflect the mission of educationbased athletics. Staring down opponents after the national anthem to try to intimidate them or refusing to leave the respective baseline before the other team

departs is poor sporting behavior. 2018 ANNUAL MEETI NG Sportsmanship BenchJockeying Players are not allowed to stand outside their dugout/bench area and make catcalls or other disparaging remarks while the other team is taking infield practice. 2018 ANNUAL MEETI NG Sportsmanship-Celebrations

Coaches, players, substitutes, attendants or other bench personnel shall not leave the dugout during a live ball for any unauthorized purposes. 2018 ANNUAL MEETI NG Sportsmanship Negative Comments

Chants, intentional distractions and loud noises directed at the opponents pitcher prior to his pitching, at the batter getting ready to hit, or at a fielder getting ready to make a play are not good sportsmanship. 2018 ANNUAL MEETI NG Enforcement and

Administration of NFHS Rules The rules of high school baseball are designed for the age and skill level of high school players and best serve education-based athletics. Use of non-approved interpretations or rulings that are contradictory to NFHS rules as written can confuse students, coaches, umpires and fans. 2018 ANNUAL MEETI NG Proper Pitching Positions The so-called

hybrid stance is illegal as it does not meet the requirements of either the windup or set position. ILLEGAL 2018 ANNUAL MEETI NG Replanting the Pivot Foot Pitching regulations do not permit a leap/hop and replanting of the pivot foot before delivery of a pitch from

either the wind-up or set position (NFHS 6-1-2, 6-1-3). 2018 ANNUAL MEETI NG SKUNK OR SNAKE IN THE GRASS Has been making a comeback. The so-called skunk or snake in the grass play involves R1 taking a lead-off into right field, attempting to cause confusion or draw the throw to give R3 an opportunity to advance home. Skunk or Snake In The Grass play has

been around baseball for a long time. It has emerged again this past season. NFHS Rule 8-4-2a2 provides guidance that, When a play is being made on a runner or batter-runner, he establishes his baseline as directly between his position and the base toward which he is moving. This is a ruse to create a possible distraction for the defense in order to score the run from third base. 2018 ANNUAL MEETI NG

SKUNK OR SNAKE IN THE GRASS R1 may legally lead-off that way. But once a defensive player with the ball attempts to tag R1, his base path is locked in place a straight line to each of the bases he is between. 2018

ANNUAL MEETI NG WEARABLE AND SMART TECHNOLOGY Huge growth of products with electronic wear-ables and smart technology. Can be attached to: Bat Glove

Player Tattoo technology Sensors in Uniforms Measure swing speed, time to contact, swing direction and much more. Concerns include safety, equipment alteration, privacy, durability and more. May be worn in practice as a coach desires; not legal for competition. 2018 ANNUAL MEETI NG PIERCINGS

A player may, with a doctors permit, ask his school to approve his wearing of a piercing. The school, if they approve, must take the request to the UIL for approval. If the UIL approves, the coach is to present the UIL approval copy to the umpire at the game. The piercing may stay provided it is covered. Recent legal action and associated cost. 2018 ANNUAL MEETI NG QUESTIONS? Feel free to contact me concerning a rule or situation.

Kyle McNeely [email protected] 979-446-5522 2018 ANNUAL MEETI NG 2018 ANNUAL MEETING HAVE A GREAT SEASON

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