National Governing Bodies (NGBs) - Weebly

National Governing Bodies (NGBs) - Weebly

National Governing Bodies (NGBs) Key Terms: National Governing Bodies (NGBs) NGBs are required to open their sport to all sections of society, including the grass roots level. Methods to increase participation and equality: Develop policies linked to specific target groups (e.g. disabled or ethnic minorities) Training more sport-specific coaches Develop mini or modified versions of the games to encourage all ability (e.g. Short tennis) Making facilities more accessible, affordable and attractive (Grass roots and inner cities) Improving awareness of sport through publicity, advertising and role models

Whole sport plans In 2003 Sport England identified 30 priority sports They work with the NGBs of these sports to create and implement Whole sport plans (WSP) Plans include: How sport will contribute to Sport Englands start, stay and succeed grass routes to elite level plans. What help and resources NGBs will need to deliver their WSP Seven Key Performance indicators (KPIs) have been agreed to (coincide with start, stay and succeed) Participation- increased through NGB activity Clubs- more accredited clubs Membership- more active members within the sport Coaches- more qualified coaches and instructors Volunteers- more active volunteers International athletes- improved performances English athletes representing GB- higher percentage Sport England

Sport England has a royal charter free from political control but is accountable for its actions Government funded agency responsible for Creating an active nation through sport Sustain and increase participation in community sport Key objectives Start- improve participation levels annually by 1% (specifically in target groups) Stay- retain people in sport, increasing club memberships and numbers receiving coaching Succeed- become the best national for participation by 2020 Sport England supports the PESSCL strategy aim of 2 hours high quality PE and school sport Specific role in community element of 2010 target minimum of 4 hours School- club links Step into sport Competition managers

Sport England (cont.) Sport England's role in elite sport (they see it as a small part of its role) plays an important role in UK Sports World class performance programme funds non-Olympic sports such as squash and netball Funds the commonwealth games council for England Sport leaders UK Increase participation in 14-19 through volunteering Junior sports leaders (JSL), Community sports leaders (CSL) and Higher sports leaders (HSL) Core values Develop leadership, provide employment opportunities, reduce crime, support Youth Sport Trust Key organisation in development of school sport

works with a range of partners including Sport England and Sports leaders UK Key aim of: Improving the lives of young people using the power of sport Involved in a number of initiatives to help achieve this aim... TOP programmes Series of linked progressive schemes for ages 18 months to 18 years (over 20,000 involved) Top tots (18 months 3 years) helping experience physical activity Top start (3 5 year olds) encouraging learning through physical activity Top play (4 9 year olds) supporting the development of core skills Top sport (7 11 year olds) providing opportunities to develop skills in a range of sports Top skill (11 14 year olds) allowing extension of skills and knowledge Top link (14 16 year olds) encouraging links between schools and leadership of sports festivals Top sportsability- creating opportunities for young disabled people to enjoy and participate in sport

Youth Sport Trust PESSCL Central role in overseeing PESSCL strategy Step into Sport Pathway Step 1- young people engage in programme of sports education at school Step 2- young people move on to take JSLA Step 3- young people gain practical volunteering experience through Top link festival Step 4- young people undertake CSLA and sports specific leadership training Step 5- young people engage in volunteering in their local community (supported by mentor and Sports partnerships) UK ambassadors 800 young ambassadors are appointed to spread Olympic message and be role models Each School Sport Partnership nominates one gifted and talented pupil and one Sports leader Talent Matters project Part of the gifted and talented strand of PESSCL- website giving support and advice to young sports people

School Sport Champion Kelly Holmes was appointed as school sports champion to promote competitive school sport Summary of Organisations Sport England Community sport Youth Sport Trust School sport UK Sport Elite sport Post School gap Huge drop in participation when young people leave school People reduce their chances of maintaining health and ability to live on their own in old age Reasons for post school gap

Solutions to post school gap Traditional emphasis on team games which people give up as they get older Branching out in PE to lifelong activities such as golf, badminton and swimming Physical education no longer compulsory Develop knowledge of need for healthy lifestyle Young adults have competing leisure interests Improve links between school and

clubs Facilities no longer accessible or free to use Offer concession rates to people with limited disposable income Traditional poor links between schools and clubs Youth sections at clubs having direct links to school, sharing facilities or coaches

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