My Life

My Life

MY LIFE by Joey Nieto ABOUT ME Pursuing a Bachelors in Business

Administration-Finance Employed at the 3rd Judicial District Court Happily married for 5 years Proud father of 22 month old daughter Car enthusiast VALUES FAMILY Enjoy life to the fullest with those who matter most in life HONEST Doing the right thing without expecting recognition

GOAL ORIENTED Taking advantage of every opportunity in life to succeed ROLE MODEL Become a Role Model by setting the example VISION STATEMENT Live a long productive life to

provide my daughter the necessary tools and resources to enable her to excel in life and accomplish her goals MISSION STATEMENT To accomplish goals set out in life through self discipline and determination. To endure lifes challenges by eliminating

discouragement and overcoming obstacles. To never give up no matter how many times I fail. 5 TO 10 YEAR FROM NOW

Obtain my bachelors degree in December 2011 Obtain a position with NM Administration of the Courts (or) Obtain a federal position in finance or with the U.S. District Court Be involved in daughters education and extracurricular activities Retire by the age of 50 (25 years from now)

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