MS - Exploration safety - 2018 - Toolbox presentation ...

MS - Exploration safety - 2018 - Toolbox presentation ...

Please read this before using presentation This presentation is based on content presented at the 2018 Exploration safety information session in July 2018. Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety(DMIRS) supports and encourages reuse of its information (including data), and endorses use of the Australian Governments Open Access and Licensing Framework (AusGOAL) This material is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence. We request that you observe and retain any copyright or related notices that may accompany this material as part of attribution. This is a requirement of Creative Commons Licences. Please give attribution to Department of Mines, Industry Regulation REPLACE IMAGE and Safety, 2018.

NOTE: Right click on the image and select Arrange and Send to Back For resources, information or clarification, please contact: [email protected] or visit 2018 Exploration safety information session 2 Setting the scene with the Regional Inspector

What today ISNT about Prospecting; and The transition from prospecting to exploration Although guiding principles exist, applications are treated on a case-by-case basis using a risk approach e.g. Use of Explosives; Depth of Excavations; Trenches, costeans or shafts? Use of Heavy Mobile Equipment. 4

What today ISNT about Clinton will elaborate on the Guiding Principles, however we have identified this as a priority matter for attention. 5 Towards 2020 goals 6 Towards 2020 our commitments 7

Machinery of Government Changes Safety Regulation Group WHS Act (based upon Model Laws) 8 The (new) WHS Act 9

The (new) WHS Act The Ministerial Advisory Panel (MAP) has completed its review of the Model WHS Act, and provided its recommendations to Minister. The next stage of the process will be a two-month public consultation period, which was recently announced by the Minister shortly. The Department is running a series of information sessions to support the call for public comment. 11 The (new) WHS Act: Highly recommended 12 The (new) WHS Act: Safety specialists For consideration by the Minister. The impacts on the safety profession, and suppliers of safety equipment could be profound: Are your suppliers aware? 13 The (new) WHS Act and Regulations

14 DMIRS view of exploration sector activity WA mineral exploration activity on the rise PoW applications increase by 50 per cent since January 2018 Suggests mineral exploration activity in WA is on the rise. usually receives average 200 applications each month; so far 2018 average has increased to 300 applications per month. May 2018 = 366 applications, about an 80 per cent increase. DMIRS target is to process 80 per cent of applications received within 30 business days, currently above the target with 83 per cent of applications finalised within the timeline for the April quarter.

15 16 17 Regulator findings #1 2015 Non-compliances that have been repeated: Statutory appointments not in place e.g. Electrical Supervisor, classified plant Appointed responsibilities and duties are not understood

Exploration manager Workers not trained or assessed as competent for task, plant or equipment New competency structures are under development DMIRS are contributing Email me for more information 18 Statutory appointments Exploration Manager means a person who is appointed for those operations under S 46A Appointed by the Principal Employer before exploration

operations begin Notification to the Senior Inspector (in writing) May (and in many cases will) be treated as the manager of the mine Must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the exploration operations are carried out in accordance with all applicable provisions under the MSIA. 19 Exploration vs. operational Project Management Plans (PMPs) 20

Safety regulator expectations of industry The MSD Commitment: To work with industry to reduce serious accidents and incidents, and to provide tangible support in achieving a positive cultural change. Risk-based approach that places the onus on operators to demonstrate: 1. an understanding of the hazards and risks of their workplace 2. they are operating as safely as possible. Serious injuries (July-December 2013) Amputation, fracture, crush injury

Dislocation, laceration, contusion Total Crushed or caught between or against 26 17 43

Falls and slips level surface 17 13 30 Falls and slips elevated workplace 12 9

21 Suspended or dropped item 16 8 24 Hand tools manual and power 12

11 23 Machinery and equipment 9 5 14 Lifting by hand or exertion

8 9 17 Hoses or vessels under pressure 2 2 4

Vehicle collisions 2 0 2 Electrical 1 0

1 Tyres 1 1 2 106 75

181 Activity (Grouped) 22 Safety regulator expectations of industry SAFE EXPLORATIO N 23

Extrapolating the injury data WorkSafe is investigating an incident with preliminary evidence indicating an employee, who was fatally injured, may have been struck in the head by a 48 inch pipe wrench spanner. The spanner was attached to the rotating drill rod at the drill table section of a rock drilling truck. The worker and a co-worker were performing maintenance work on the drill at a remote workshop. Preliminary evidence indicates the rotating drills shaft rotated under power causing the spanner to spin in the direction of the worker. Possible contributing factors in incidents of this type Hazards due to the plant being energised during maintenance

Thorough risk assessment in relation to the proposed work not conducted Workers not aware of the potential hazards 24 Extrapolating the injury data

Managing hazards and risks When planning to conduct maintenance on plant of this nature: Ensure plant is isolated and de-energised, unless specified by the manufacturers instructions Clearly define the work involved Identify the hazards and assess the risks Involve competent persons with training and experience relevant to the issue, supervisors, workers and safety and health representatives Remember existing risks may change, or new hazards and risks may be introduced Communicate the work process in relation to risk to affected workers Provide any necessary instruction, training and supervision etc .. The above information is provided based on WorkSafes preliminary investigation and further investigation is continuing.

25 Extrapolating the injury data Too far? The 48 year old injured person died in hospital 20th May 2018, at least 2 days after this was published 26 Industry expectations of the safety regulator? The MSD Commitment: To work with industry to reduce serious accidents and incidents, and to provide tangible support in achieving a positive cultural change.

Accident occurred at 1600 hours 9th May 2018 MSD notified 1330 hours 10th May 2018 MSD Inspectors departed for scene 0630 11th May 2018

Despite jurisdictional concerns. Safe Work Practises: Exploration contractors RM alerted the ERT that 2 people were lost near the leases had not checked in for 3 days. The 2 surveyors were finally located well away from their destination 1st person was found in poor health and was distressed. 2nd person was found at the vehicle location quite dehydrated treated for 24 hours at the mine medical centre to rehydrate . Surveyors not equipped to undertake such work in the hot conditions Vehicle was inadequate for the terrain to be negotiated Inadequate supplies No means of communication (UHF radio, sat-phone etc.)

Not travel / location plan (drawn up or submitted) Failed to notify the Mine Site as Requested. Safety regulator expectations of industry SAFE EXPLORATIO N 29 Regulator findings #2 Some non-compliances not identified in 2015 campaign: No pre inspection to verify plant and equipment provided is

adequately guarded RBHMP still not in place Soon to be rebadged as HHMP No formal procedures to identify, report, investigate and address occurrences and sub-standard conditions or practices. No scheduled system in place for inspecting or auditing exploration activities. 30 Are your exploration operations WHS ready? Internal auditing is one of the best ways to ensure your systems are current and robust. Some benefits of self-auditing:

required information is kept up-to-date areas of non-compliance with legislation are determined target areas for continuous improvement are identified increased knowledge and understanding of organisations safety management systems. 31 Are your exploration operations WHS ready? Audit template Guideline Available on DMIRS website


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