Ms. Decker's Third- Grade Class - Issaquah Connect

Ms. Decker's Third- Grade Class - Issaquah Connect

First Grade Marda Barton Room 105 P T S A Helping Students Achieve Thank you for your support of our new Reading

Adoption! I S F Who is Mrs. Barton? Bachelors Degree: Elementary Education City University of Seattle Endorsement in literature, reading & ESL 15 years teaching experience Bellevue and Issaquah School

District Daily Schedule Start 8:20 8:30 8:45 9:30 11:00 11:45 12:50 1:10 1:30 1:45

End 9:30 11:00 11:45 12:45 1:10 1:30 1:45 2:25 2:25 2:45 2:55

Activity First Bell School Starts! Writers Workshop Readers Workshop Recess / Lunch Math/Specialists PE/M Music/W Handwriting/Calendar Afternoon Recess Snack & Read Aloud Science/SS/ Specialists PE/F Authors chair/Specialists Music/F Dismissal

Week A Computer lab Tuesdays 1:30-2:15 Week B Library Thursdays 8:40-9:40 Classroom Expectations Be safe Be responsible Be respectful Classroom Discipline Positive reinforcement Structured environment/Built in routines Smooth transitions Brain Breaks

Endeavour First Grade Curriculum Web Thinking Thinking Skills Skills Social Social Studies Studies Math Math

Themes: Themes: Art Art Science Science Changes Changes&&Continuity Continuity Commonalities

Commonalities&&Diversity Diversity Writing Writing Literacy Literacy Health Health Components of a Balanced Literacy Program

Phonemic Awareness Instruction Phonics Instruction Fluency Instruction Vocabulary Instruction Text Comprehension Instruction Readers Workshop Mini-lesson

Reading Centers Guided Reading Groups Listening Center (Fluency) Independent Reading Word Study

Writing Lucy Caulkins Narrative Unit 1 Small Moments Students write stories with focus, detail and dialogue. Information Unit 2 Nonfiction Chapter books Students engage in informational writing combing pictures, charts and craft moves to create texts. Opinion Unit 3 Writing Reviews Students create persuasive reviews that clearly express the writers opinion and bolster their argument

Why Everyday Mathematics Program? Aligned with Washington states grade level expectations / Common Core Proven results-data shows many top performing districts in state using program Well-balanced program. Offers concept building, higher level math skills, and computational practice Critical thinking skills and in-depth understanding for problem solving Supplementary Math Problem Solving Journals

Everyday Math Materials and Online Tools Everyday Math Journals Hands-on Manipulatives IXL Online Online Games Science Inquiry Systems Life, Physical Earth and Space Application Domains:

Earth & Space: Sun, Moon, Stars Physical: Magnets/Motion Push-Pull Position Life: Habitats/Plants and animals Collecting and

Examining Life Social and Behavior Skills Listening Following directions Working with others Problem solving Fostering independence

and responsibility Nuts and Bolts Parent Volunteers Art Docent (4-5 lessons a year) Parties (Black & Orange, Valentines Day, End of Year) Field Trips (Toy Workshop, Mercer Slough) Nuts and Bolts Curriculum Related Costs (Online Payment) (TFK, Pam Svore Art, Toymaker, Mercer Slough)

Homework ( Reading Log, Word Work, Math) After School Transportation Star Student and Birthdays Report card scoring guide: - Online at District website Communication

Open Door Policy Email Policy Take Home Folder Monthly Newsletter Stay informed with classroom happenings: Mrs. Bartons Connect website Lets Have a Great Year! Sign up for Volunteering Online Sign up for Conferences (coming soon!)

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