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Modernism in the 20th Century Literary Themes and Styles Doubt, conflict, and strife Protagonists are often troubled with who they are and their place in the world Fragmentation of the interior and exterior

The stability of the self, ideologies, and the world in question Stream of Consciousness Fluid and shifting narrative presentation of subjectivities Surrealism The use of the absurd and contradictory to represent the life of the mind

The Dream (The Bed), Frieda Kahlo, 1940 Life Reconsidered Colonialism No more blank spaces left on the map Encounters with other civilizations Industrialization Shift from agrarian to manufacturing

Labor becomes alienated Innovation Improvements in transportation, communication, and healthcare Urbanism Population moves from country to city Wars

Increase conflict and better weapons Capacity to destroy humanity Egon Schiele, Self-Portrait, 1912 The Modern Self: If the world is now entirely known, what is left to know? Existentialism The individualnot society or religionis

solely responsible for giving meaning to life and living it authentically. Sartre and Camus Psychoanalysis The power of the unconscious (ego, superego, and id), the repressed, and primal drives to understand the self as in conflict with itself and the world. Freud and Lacan

Existentialism Existential Attitude An individuals sense of disorientation and confusion in the face of an apparently meaningless or absurd world Existence Precedes Essence (Sartre) Ones consciousness (subjectivity)

creates meaning in the world through action and reflection. Optimism vs. Absurdism Candide vs. The Metamorphosis Existential Crisis Who am I? & What is lifes purpose? Realizing that life has no meaning prior to what consciousness

(subjectivity) gives it. Hollowness of social types (stereotypes/ categories) Understanding that life only has meaning through action (agency) and reflection (subjectivity)

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