Modern Challenges to Liberalism - SharpSchool

Modern Challenges to Liberalism - SharpSchool

Modern Challenges to Liberalism Classical liberalism vs. Modern liberalism Negative vs. Positive freedoms Environmentalism Neo-Conservatism Religion Aboriginal Collective thought Classical vs. Modern Liberalism (274) Classical No govt interference Govt to protect life, liberty &

property Emphasizes economic freedom & role of entrepreneur Great Depression Wealth Gap between developed/less developed nations Rise of alternative ideologies such as communism & fascism Modern

Significant govt intervention All individuals valued equally Emphasizes programs to help the disadvantaged Promotes ideas to share the benefits of development Negative vs. Positive Freedoms (27578) Negative Freedoms Individuals free to make choices Equality of opportunity Freedom from government interference

Positive Freedoms Freedom to make choices Government provides supports to help ensure equality of outcome, not just opportunity* *To a certain extent real equality of outcome is socialism or communism Liberalism Evolves (280) Environmentalism Rise of Greenpeace & the Friends of the Earth Climate change & Canada breaking news! Greenpeace victories:

Ban on weapons tests UN ban on driftnet fishing Ban on toxic waste dumping Agreement to stop using toxic chemicals in computers Environmental protection recognized in: UN agreements Quebec Charter of Rights Rejected by free market economists Free market economists rejected by Worldwatch Institute Pooheads! Need less stuff, not more! Liberalism still evolving. . .(282) Canada & the Carbon Tax

Emission reduction targets Cap & Trade buy & sell credits Carbon Tax (with income tax reductions) Combos (no fries, please!) More Evolution. . .maybe (284) Neo-Conservatism Reaction to civil rights movement & affirmative action Fight the commies, dont talk to them! Fuelled by Thatcher (British PM) and Reagan (US President) during the 80s. Project for the New American Century Neo-conservatism lives! Economically like classical liberals more or less (public vs. private schools) Hallelujah here comes the Christian

Right. . . Good-bye Freedom, Hello Jesus (290) Many neo-conservatives (not all) also members of the Christian Right, which favours: Banning abortion Banning gay marriage Banning violence & sex on TV & video Allowing prayer (Christian) in public schools Teaching creationism in science class Aboriginal Collective Thought (294) Tends to place more emphasis on the collective, not the individual

Defines progress differently tradition & continuity are important Emphasizes egalitarianism Nunavut Government Consensus government no political parties Role of elders important Aboriginal Justice Sentencing circles combating perceived bias Restorative rather than punitive

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