Microsoft and Polycom, Rich Media Communications: Current and ...

Microsoft and Polycom, Rich Media Communications: Current and ...

Polycom/ Microsoft Alliance Developing Greater Context Quick Review of What We Announced Multi-Year Strategic alliance - Deliver rich collaboration solutions across communications devices, applications and services Coordinate standards activities and roadmaps for RTC capabilities: SIP Based Technology Integrated Collaboration Applications Internal deployment of the integrated, co-developed solutions inside Polycom and Microsoft Intent to Cross License and leverage existing Microsoft and Polycom technology investments The Vision Presence Applications Everywhere The Polycom and Microsoft

Alliance broadens the audience for Voice, Video, and Web Conferencing by: Simplifying Standardizing, and Embedding The IM UI with Video Presence and Control into everyday applications Today - Launch Point to Point + Multi-Point from Messenger Add Video Device

Presence to People Presence Establish Conferencing Group/ + Meeting Room Characteristics Associate my IM Identity to one or many Endpoints Initiate Point to Point or Multipoint Conference Tomorrow Buddy, Video Device Presence and Video Device Control: From Messenger To Every Day Office and Enterprise Applications Enabling higher productivity from

users favorite applications Benefits Increase Productivity and Effectiveness Enable the Video Collaboration Option to be available for all Live Communication Server (LCS) users From Microsoft Applications - a mail message, a spreadsheet, or a shared web page Maximize the IT investment by Implementing an integrated set of applications and technologies : Microsoft - LCS, Active Directory, SIP/SIMPLE, Office, SharePoint, and Polycom UCC VSX, MGC, WebOffice, Path Navigator, SoundPoint IP Based On SIP- What is SIP ? A Signaling Protocol Usable for Wider Range of Applications Name translation and user location Mechanism to ensure that the call reaches the called party wherever they are

located, ensuring that details of the nature of the call (Session) are supported. Feature negotiation This allows the parties to agree on the features supported - recognizing that not all the parties can support the same level of features. Call participant management New parties can be added or removed from a session, or the session transferred to a different device Call feature changes A user should be able to change the call characteristics during the course of the call, e.g. modality change The SIP Vision: Convergence of new Applications and Services With Polycom, SIP, H.320, and H.323 Products can operate together ss

Cell Phone Telephone PDA Group Video ssee ii ee nn mm

Tablet PC PC Personal Video Service and Application Convergence (SIP/SIMPLE) Voice/Video/Data Conferencing H.323, H.320, T.120 Telecom IP Telephony MGCP, H.323, SIP ALG, Protocol Gateways (SIP<->H.323, etc.)

Internet: Web HTTP, XML SOAP, UDDI, WDSL Wireless and Mobility: Wireless Village, 3GPP Hosted IP-PBX, IP-Centrex Infrastructure Network Convergence: IP Desktop: Instant

Messaging Presence/ Notification Video & Application Networks Microsoft + Polycom = Winning Combination Leader enterprise software (IM, desktop) + Leader voice/video Continuing innovation of Collaboration Capabilities TV quality video (award winning VSX platform) near CD quality with Siren 14, StereoSurround audio AES security

Ability to further new Standards, while Integrating with Existing installed products - (SIP and H.323) Summary An Industry Turning Point Ubiquitous , Enterprise Grade Presence and Messaging Now combined with Hi-Quality Audio/ Video Applications - Impact More uses of integrated Applications

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