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INTRODUCTION TO FILM Expressionist Mise-en-Scne Key Terms: Mise-en-Scne literally put in the scene, the way space is organized and composed in a film, including the way the figure and background are composed, lighting, movement, costume, set, even the choice of film stock everything that happens within a frame, including the frame itself, as opposed to effects

generated by cutting. Some critics consider camera movement and framing aspects of mise-en-scne, which is disputed by other critics in favor of a narrower definition. Expressionism a term originally referring to a style in painting, theater and film developed in post WWI Germany, where the mise-en-scne evokes of the exaggerated, neurotic, psychological state of a character or characters.

Tone the degree of lightness of a hue. Saturation the degree of purity of a hue. Warm colors colors to the left of the visible spectrum: red, orange, yellow. Cool colors - colors to the right of the visible spectrum: blues, indigo, violet. Chiaroscuro the arrangement of light and shadow in a composition (of a shot). A term borrowed from painting.

Three point lighting an arrangement of key, fill, and backlighting which serves to model the figure while maintaining an even illumination in the shot. Key lighting the main source of lighting in a scene Fill light lighting used to soften the keylighting in a scene Back lighting lighting cast from behind a figure or figures to highlight their outline in the image. Also called rim lighting or edge lighting.

High contrast lighting (low-key lighting) lighting that creates a sharp difference between the lighted and shadowed areas of a scene. Low contrast lighting (high-key lighting) lighting that diffuses the boundaries between light and shadow. Film noir dark film in French, a term applied by French critics to a type of American film, developed in the 1940s, usually in the detective or thriller genres, with lowkey/high contrast lighting and a somber mood.

Mise-en-Scne Representation of the shooting of Le Royaume des fes (Fairyland) by Georges Mlis, 1903 in Hugo (2011) Dir. Martin Scorsese Mise-en-Scne is everything that happens in the

frame (Kolker, p. 64) Mise-en-Scne and realism Influence of German Expressionism: Universal horror, von Sternberg and

Hitchcock German Expressionism A modernist movement that began in poetry and painting, originating in German at the beginning of the 20th century. Expressionist artists were more interested in expressing emotional experience rather than physical reality.

From poetry and painting, the style developed into architecture, literature, theater, dance, music, and film. German Expressionist Art Hunger, 1924, Kthe Kollwitz German Expressionist Art

The Last Supper, 1909, Emil Nolde German Expressionist Art The Madhouse, 1914, Erich Heckel German Expressionist Art

Ruin by the Sea, 1930, Lyonel Feininger German Expressionist Art Apocalyptic Landscape, 1912, Ludwig Meidner Expressionist Cinema After WWI, from 1911-1917, a small statesubsidized film industry began to develop in Germany.

UFA (Universum Film Aktiengesellschft) was first formed by the German government in 1917. UFA built the best-equipped studios in Europe, attracted foreign filmmakers to make films in Germany. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari In 1919, Erich

Pommers Decla produced the film from a script written by Carl Mayer and Hans Janowitz directed by Robert Wiene, along with three art directors: Herman Warm, Walter Reimann, Walter

Rhrig. The art directors suggested that the film be done in an Expressionist style. Herman Warm: the film image must become graphic art.

The film became a sensation in Berlin and in the US when it opened in 1920, and began a movement that lasted several years. Aspects of Mise-en-Scne:

Setting Costume and make-up Lighting Staging Space Time

Aspects of Mise-en-Scne: Setting: location, built set, props

Costume and make-up Lighting: quality, direction, source, color Staging: movement, acting Space: movement, color differences, balance of distinct components, variations in size Shallow-space Deep-space Time

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