McDonough High School - Charles County Public Schools

McDonough High School - Charles County Public Schools

MCDONOUGH HIGH SCHOOL Parent/Student Graduation Information Meeting April 25, 2019 6:30 PM Welcome: Mr. Steven Roberts Principal Maurice J. McDonough

High School Updates from the Counseling Department Final transcripts will be mailed to the college/university that is listed in the graduation program. All additional transcripts will cost $2.00 Final decisions should be given to Ms. Cusic, as this is what will be listed in the graduation program Graduation attire (medals, cords, tassels) will be distributed on the fourth day of graduation practice (May 30th )

Valedictorian and Salutatorian: Medallion and Orange Stole Top 10: Orange Stole & Medallion Top 5%: Certificate Charles County Scholars Course of Study: Medallion

Honors Graduate (Summa, 4.0+; Magna, 3.75 3.0; Cum, 3.5 3.74): Gold Tassel and Gold Stole Certificate of Merit: Gold cord

Principals Honors (all As at end of the year): Medallion Letters/pin: 3.5 with no Ds or Fs for first three quarters of year Presidents Award for Education Excellence (3.5+ through 7 semesters): Certificate

Presidents Award for Education Achievement (3.0 3.49 and two teacher recommendations): Certificate Important Dates Senior Dues are past due. -Cost is $125. Checks payable to MHS / MySchool Dues cover cap and gown, stole, tassel, senior picnic, t-shirt and

graduation expenses. Important Dates April 5th - Extra ticket request forms for auxiliary seating only distributed. Each student will receive 10 tickets for the Convocation Center only April 29th -Senior Interims issued. April 5th - Clearance forms distributed

Important Dates May10th Ticket request forms and special requests due, No Exceptions. Extra tickets are for Auditorium Seating only No forms will be accepted after that date. All request forms must be turned in to

Ms. Covington in the main office. Important Dates May 7-16th Clearance forms must be completed to receive cap and gown. Students will need a signature from each teacher indicating that all textbooks/equipment/money/uniforms are turned in. Students will also need signatures from: Career Center Cafeteria

Media Center Main office Ms. Bell. All information needed will be on the form with specific dates. Important Dates May 23rd 30th Practices Caps and Gowns will be distributed during lunches in the Auditorium the week of May 20th.

Clearance forms must be FULLY completed to receive caps and gowns. If forms are lost, students must complete process again Important Dates May 21st -Last day for traditional classes for Seniors. May 22nd - Senior Picnic at The Charles County Fairgrounds.

Students will report directly to the gym upon arrival. Students will ride a bus to and from the fairgrounds. Students will arrive at regular time to school and be dismissed at regular time. Important Dates May 23rd May 30th Mandatory graduation practice. Students will report to the gymnasium at 7:25 am. * Exclude May 27th

**Students who are late or absent to graduation practice will not be eligible for extra tickets** **Seniors are reminded to follow the CCPS Code of Conduct during gradation practices and during the ceremony.** Participating in graduation is a privilege, not a right! Important Dates May 30th Final Mandatory practice. Full dress rehearsal and inspection.

Students who do not pass inspection will not receive graduation tickets. Students must report to gymnasium by 7:25 am. Students who are late or absent to graduation practice will not be eligible for extra tickets. Important Dates May 30th Senior Panoramic Picture Day:

Students must give completed form and check/money to photographer on 5/30/19. Important Dates May 30th Senior Awards Night at 6:30 pm in the Auditorium. Students will be notified if they will receive an award. Students will need

to be in full dress for the ceremony and arrive at 6:00. Graduation Dress Code MANDATORY DRESS ATTIRE Includes: Graduation Day, Dress Rehearsal & Senior Awards Night Girls: Dress, black shoes (no sport shoes; 2-inch heel maximum). Shoes must have a strap (no strapless sandals or slides).Flesh colored stockings. Dresses should be no longer than mid-calf and must not hang

below graduation gown. A skirt and a blouse count as a dress. Small stud earrings only and necklaces with large pendants are prohibited. Graduation Dress Code MANDATORY DRESS ATTIRE Includes: Graduation Day, Dress Rehearsal & Senior Awards Night Boys: White dress shirts, navy blue or black neckties, navy or black slacks (no denim), dark socks, and black shoes (no sport shoes). All belts must have a standard

buckle. Small stud earrings only and necklaces with large pendants are prohibited. Graduation Dress Code MANDATORY DRESS ATTIRE Includes: Graduation Day, Dress Rehearsal & Senior Awards Night Cap & Gown Gowns should be pressed. Cap is to be worn parallel to the floor. Tassels should be placed on the right side of the mortarboard (hat). Mortarboards should be uniform (i.e. No personalization)

Important Dates June 1st Graduation Day 7:00 pm at The Convocation Center at North Point High School Ticket Distribution Tickets will be distributed to graduating

seniors during practice on May 30, 2019. EVERY person, including children, must have a ticket to get into the graduation ceremony. The program will be about 90 minutes long. Children must have their own seat. Graduation Day Information Graduates report to McDonough High School at 4:30 PM.

Graduates should leave all personal items at home (i.e. cell phones, iPod, keys, makeup, etc.). Items that are confiscated will be returned after the graduation ceremony. We will not be responsible for lost/stolen items. Students will travel by bus to North Point. They will need a ride home. Graduation Day Information Lots and doors open at North Point at 5:00 pm. Parents/guests will enter lots designated by the parking officials.

Please utilize Billingsley Road to Middletown Road to Lexington to Davis Road. Early arrivals will be parked in lots farthest from the school (Diggs Elementary and Davis Middle School). Handicap parking will be available only with state issued placards or license plates which will be the lot near the swimming pool (Lot A). There will be NO DROP OFF AREA. You will need to fill in the lots according to the parking attendants. Google Maps View of North Point Campus Davis Road

To Diggs ES Graduation Day Information There is no transportation available from the parking areas to the Convocation Center. Due to traffic patterns, you will be directed to a specific parking area. Curbside drop off/pick up of individuals is prohibited.

Graduation Day Information There is no seat saving in the Convocation Center. Guests should meet outside the building and enter together. Please be aware that cell service is weak in that area. Graduation Day Information All CCPS graduations will be streamed live at You can find graduations for the Class of 2019 by going to Click on the Special Programs tab to find your schools commencement ceremony. In the lower right hand corner of each video, there are three small dots. Right click and you should see a download tab. The video will download into your phone, tablet or lap top. Graduations will re-air throughout the entire summer on Comcast 96 and Verizon FiOS 12 in Charles County. Each graduation will air on 7 p.m. on its assigned night Monday through Sunday based on the order of this years ceremonies. The schedule commences on June 3 and ends on September 1.

Graduation Day Information What is the Silent Roll Call? The Silent Roll Call is a commitment we have made to all of our graduating seniors. The Class of 2019 wants to hear ALL of the names of ALL of the members of the class. In order to do this, audience members are asked to be silent while the graduates are receiving their diplomas. This has become a tradition at McDonough High School graduations. We are sure that our community can accomplish this goal. Graduation Day Information

The following items are NOT allowed in the Convocation Center. They will be confiscated: Air horns, noisemakers, confetti, helium-filled balloons, flowers, and other potentially disruptive items The use or possession of these items could warrant removal by staff or security personnel. Graduation Day Information After graduation, graduates will be dismissed to

Eagle Stadium outside the Convocation Center. Graduates may meet their families outside the stadium. We encourage any additional guests to leave after the recessional to avoid having everyone leave at the same time. THANK YOU CLASS OF 2019

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