Master Schedule Collection - Virginia Department of Education

Master Schedule Collection - Virginia Department of Education

2017-2018 MASTER SCHEDULE COLLECTION Webinar Presentation September 19, 21 and 27, 2017 OVERVIEW Reporting Pilot Program Changes to Data Elements Crosswalk Changes Report Addition Deadlines Questions?

GOVERNORS SCHOOL REPORTING PILOT The following schools will be reporting directly to us: Maggie Walker Governors School Appomattox Regional Governors School CodeRVA We will determine if all Governors Schools will report directly to us based on this year

CHANGES TO DATA ELEMENTS B Record Changes Addition of new License Prefixes Code Description PROVDOC Provisional License (VDOC only)

TPDOC Technical Professional License (VDOC only) PROV(VET) Provisional Veteran License CTE Career and Technical Education License

PROV(AW) Provisional License (Annual T&I Waiver) CHANGES TO DATA ELEMENTS F Record Changes Work-based Learning Codes

Will now be required for ALL classes, not just CTE classes (if applicable) Code numbers also changed WORK-BASED LEARNING The school quality indicators and performance levels for each are described below: i. College, Career, and Civic Readiness Index for schools with a graduating class. The College, Career, and Civic Readiness Index measures the extent to which a schools students successfully complete advanced coursework, Career and Technical Education (CTE) coursework and credentialing, and work- and service-based learning.

Application of the College, Career, and Civic Readiness index indicator to performance levels for accreditation purposes shall occur no later than the 2021-2022 school year. Page 44, Comprehensive Review of Standards of Accreditation WORK-BASED LEARNING Access to the proposed Standards of Accreditation: http:// .pdf CHANGES TO DATA ELEMENTS Work-based Learning Codes

Code Description 1 Cooperative Education 2 Registered Apprenticeship 3

Internship 4 Mentorship 5 Job Shadowing 6 Service Learning

7 Clinical Experience 8 Supervised Agricultural Experience 9 Youth Registered Apprenticeship CHANGES TO THE CROSSWALK Check the updated crosswalk for changes

Changes are marked in Green, Yellow and Red The last column of the crosswalk has how the code was changed (added/deleted/etc.) REPORT CHANGE Work-based Learning Report 2017-18 MSC DATES 2016-17 EOY MSC verifications due September 29th 2017-18 Fall MSC will open on October 15th 2017-18 Fall MSC successful submission is due on December 8th 2017-18 Fall MSC verifications are due on January


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