Management Grievance Tracking System

Management Grievance Tracking System

OHgrievance What is OHgrievance? Electronic system that will allow bargaining unit employees and representatives to file and track grievances

Agency Human Resources designees will respond in this system after meeting with impacted personnel System will send notifications of actions taken to each grievance

Union representatives may propose grievances to be heard at mediation and arbitration Union representatives may submit issues or questions regarding the system to the system administrator Why OHgrievance?

One system for all unions, agencies and OCB Minimize time spent recreating facts of grievance Minimize time and money spent tracking

grievances in multiple forums Consistent set of information Website Address

When logging in for the first time, please select New User New User Must enter State of Ohio User ID Must enter the recognized State of Ohio Email address If email address submitted is not recognized as email on OAKS, an error message will advise the user he/she cannot file and to contact union representative

If user does not have an email address, an error message will advise the user he/she cannot file and to contact union representative Must create a password that is 8 characters long Forgot Password? Click on Forgot Your Password Forgot Password?

Enter STATE OF OHIO ID and click submit Forgot Password? Temporary password will be sent to State of Ohio email address Return to Login page Grievances Home Screen

Home screen will display all recently viewed, created or modified grievances the user has authorization to see. User can select which view they prefer by selecting from the drop down menu User must always select Go to refresh as the screen that first comes up will not show all items. List Views

User must always select Go to refresh. User can further filter grievances selecting a List View All Open grievances All Closed grievances All Termination grievances All Discipline

grievances All Issues grievances All Working out of Class grievances All grievances at Step 1 All grievances at Step 2 All grievances at ADR (mediation or NTA) All grievances at Arbitration

Summary of Cases User may sort grievances listed on screen by clicking on the title of the column.

Created Date Grievance Number Submission Date State of Ohio ID Grievants Name Status Record Type (Step) Management/Arb Response Union/Member Action Searching for Grievance User may click on CTRL F to search for specific

information (e.g., grievant name, agency, etc.) Be sure to use the show me more option at the bottom of the page to expand your list. Creating a Grievance Creating a Grievance

Applicable Union Logo should appear If user is an authorized Union Representative (e.g., steward, delegate, associate, etc.), the system will allow the option to file for another If a union representative is filing for another member, he/she must indicate members State of Ohio ID. Automatic Notifications

All grievance updates will go to the following individuals: Creator of grievance Work email of person who logged in Agency Labor Relations Administrator or local level designee Union Headquarters

Updates may go to the following individuals if information is provided while filing the grievance: Grievant Email personal or work Local union representative personal or work Grievant and/or local union representative may enter additional contact information if: 1) they are not the creator and wish to receive email notifications; and/or ; 2) want notifications to go to an email address other than one on record

User must indicate Grievance Type Discipline Issue Working out of Class If Grievance Type selected was Discipline - must enter specific type of discipline:

Verbal/Oral Reprimand Fine Suspension Working Suspension

Leave Reduction Demotion Termination If Suspension, Work Suspension, Leave Reduction or Fine was selected sub-type, user will be prompted to indicate number of days: If Termination was selected sub-type, user will be prompted to indicate termination date:

If Grievance Type selected was Issue - must enter sub-type Issue must enter type Other Layoff Non-selection Union Leave Is this grievance a Class Action? Does the grievance pertain to an agency other than current Employer?

If Is the grievance part of a class action? was selected user must indicate impacted personnel If Does the grievance pertain to an agency other than your current employer? user must indicate agency If Grievance Type selected was Working out of Class (WOC) user must indicate classification title and number where the duties belong Date Grievance Arose cannot be greater than current date

(i.e., cannot use a future date) Statement of Grievance - outline grievance details, free text, up to 32,000 characters Resolution Requested - outline grievance details, free text, up to 32,000 characters Confirm grievance submission Enter full name to sign submission Attach all contract articles

Articles Select articles Attach articles Once Contract Articles are selected, user will be taken to Grievance Detail Screen Review Information

Status Will remain in Draft status until user submits Edit, Delete, Submit or Attach Contract Articles Grievance Detail Grievant Information: Grievance Number

Automatically assigned (e.g., DPS-2014-04347-01) Agency Year Sequential Number Bargaining Unit Case numbers assigned upon initial draft Unavailable if grievance is deleted before submission Resets beginning of each calendar year Grievants Name, Work Phone, Agency, Email Address, Union, Worksite, Bargaining Unit & Classification auto-populates

Grievants Supervisor and/or Union Representative & Phone - if entered when filing Grievance Specifics Type and Sub-type, Date Grievance Arose Relevant information regarding number of suspension days, termination date and/or grieved classification Grievance Detail Statement of Grievance: Statement of Grievance Resolution Requested

Contract Articles Links: Lists all grievances allegedly violated Notes & Attachments Attach relevant documents Must be scanned to computer you are working from Schedules, OT Sign up sheets, etc. Submission: Indicates date grievance was submitted, signature and affirmation System Information: Created by, date, time

Last Modified by, date, time Draft: Will reflect Draft and New Grievance until user chooses to submit Management can not see Union/grievant may delete if they choose not to submit Submitting a Grievance

User must confirm they wish to submit As long as no validation checks fail, user will be navigated back to the Grievances Home Tab Submitting a Grievance User can see the grievance is now listed as Open and the applicable step

Delete option is removed Union representatives and/or grievant must withdraw if he/she has the authority to close Example Email Notification of Submission If a union representative is filing on behalf of someone, the member will only receive notice that a grievance has been filed on their behalf if the representative entered the members email

address in the initial steps of the grievance. Representatives are encouraged to include the Grievants email address. Setting a Meeting Upon notification, Labor Relations designee will log in and review the grievance (read only) Labor Relations designee will coordinate a meeting date with union representative Email notification that meeting has been scheduled

will be sent to all relevant parties Union representative and/or grievant should coordinate attendance and release with agency labor relations Example Email Notification of a Meeting Example Email Notification of a Meeting Extension

Writing a Response After the grievance has been discussed, the labor relations designee will issue a response Management/Arb Response Detail:

Confirm attendance Confirm articles violated Summarize parties arguments List procedural defects Outline finding Management/Arb Response: Settled (signed paperwork attached) Granted (specific remedy is outlined) Denied

Management Respondent Example Email Notification of Management Response Grievance Resolution Granted Management will outline specific remedy offered in the management response Grievance response will reflect Granted

The grievant or Union will have up to five calendar days to appeal if remedy is not acceptable If no action is taken (i.e., not appealed), remedy offered will be considered acceptable and case will close Settled Management will upload signed document that supports closure Grievance response will reflect Settled Grievance status will change to Closed Denied Management denies any violation of the contract and the grievance will remain open

Union may choose to appeal to subsequent step of the grievance appeal process if the grievance is eligible Withdrawn Only available to union members and representatives as determined by union Headquarters Grievance status will changed to Closed Appeal Activation 1) Upon Denial 2) If meeting date, meeting extension date or response has

been entered within 15 days of submission at step 1. Only applicable to OCSEA grievances sub-types that include reprimand or issues not pertaining to layoff, nonselection or union leave. 3) If no meeting date, meeting extension date or response has been entered within 50 days of submission or appeal at step 2. Cases will close if no action has been taken within 30 days of activation of the appeal button. Modifying Grievances

Grievance forms cannot be modified once submitted unless the grievance is eligible for two agency appeal meetings OCSEA Issue grievances not pertaining to layoff or nonselection OCSEA Written reprimands The union may make modifications to the remedy requested or articles cited when appealing the grievance from step 1 to step 2 If additional contract articles are cited or remedy is modified during the step 2 meeting, union must notify labor designee during the meeting and submit attachment to grievance

within 24 hours of step 2 meeting Mediation and Arbitration Scheduling Proposal from the Union Grievance Grievance Number Number and and Name

Name Grievance Grievance Number Number and and Name Name OCB OCB Scheduler

Scheduler Proposed Proposed Arbitrators Arbitrators Union Union First First Chair Chair and

and Union Union Second Second Chair Chair Resolution Event Proposal from the Union Union

Headquarters will submit mediation and arbitration requests Issues & Questions Issues/Questions Additional tab available to union representatives to notify system

administrator of functionality concerns with the system Only intended to trouble shoot issues related to use of the system or add/remove representatives Click the Issues/Questions Tab, Create New Issue/Question Provide short name of issue and detailed description of the question or issue Click Save

Notification e-mail that issue/question sent directly to system administrator. Notification e-mail that issue/question resolved. Thank You

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