Making Generations Work for Independent Living

Making Generations Work for Independent Living

Making Generations Work for Independent Living SCOTT BURLINGAME, INDEPENDENCE, INC. Introductions Establish and Define each of the 5 Generations you may work with in Independent Living Identify Similarities and Differences Among the Generations Provide you with tools to maximize the strengths of each generation Disclaimers It is important to remember, I will be speaking with broad generalizations, and nobody is a perfect representative of any

generation. Each generation has a Sandwich Group who will have characteristics of the generation above or below it in age The Greatest Generation Born Prior to 1943 (older than 73) "The Greatest Generation" grew up in the United States during the deprivation of the Great Depression and fought in WWII

Economic realities have kept this generation in the workforce longer than they had hoped, living longer than expected. They do not want to be a burden, on their children or on society. Baby Boomers 1944 to 1960 (Ages 52-73) The Baby Boomers are a generation of people born during the post WWII Baby Boom, roughly during the years 1946 to 1964.

Baby Boomers experienced an unprecedented level of economic growth and prosperity throughout their lifetime. Thanks to education, government subsidies, rising property prices and technological advancements they have emerged as a successful and affluent generation. Baby Boomers Many baby boomers are now settling into retirement, with many more luxuries and comforts in their golden years than experienced by generations before them Baby Boomers changed gender roles significantly, as women entered

the work force at significantly higher rates. This is the generation that increased our work week from 40 hours to 70 or 80 hours. This generation has ruled the workplace for years, and can be resistant to changes to a work environment they fought hard to create. Generation X 1960-1980 (36-56 Years Old) Gen X was shaped by global political events that occurred during this

generations youth. Events such as The Vietnam War, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Cold War were events that helped to shape the culture and upbringing of Generation X. Divorce and working moms created "latchkey" kids out of many in this generation. This led to traits of independence, resilience and adaptability. Generation X Relative to previous generations, Gen X is more open to diversity and has learned to embrace differences such as religion, sexual orientation, class, race and ethnicity. Generation X reflect the drop in birth rates after 1960, and are the

smallest generation in the current workforce They are just as likely to make lateral moves in a work place as they are to move up the career ladder. Coined the phrase Work Life Balance. Generation Y Born 1980-2000 (36-16 Years Old) The Generation Yers are the largest generation since the Baby Boomers

Events such as Terrorist bombings in Oklahoma City, 9-11 attacks, technology boom and the great recession have greatly affected their worldview Raised by parents who believed in bosting self-esteem. They are likely to see their parents and other authority figures as friends. Views of home and family are more likely to be similar to that of their grandparents than their parents. Generation Y is politically more liberal than any prior generation.

Generation Z Born after 2000 (16 Years or younger) They are the children of Generation X and Generation Y. We dont know a whole lot about the character traits of Generation Z as they are so young. Generation Z are living in an age of high-tech communication.

Technology driven lifestyles and prolific use of social media. Millennials A common Term used to refer to people of both the Generations Y and Z, or anybody who reached adulthood after the year 2000. Millennials have never known a world that included the Cold War and the threat of nuclear war. However, they have very little memory (if any) of a time in which the United States was not at war, and their generation has represented a vast majority of those who have fought in the War on Terror. Generational Conflict

You often feel the most conflict with the Generation right above you in age You are often going be the most comfortable with your own generation You are likely to feel close to the generation below you, however you will likely feel they have it easier than you did, and lack the proper work ethic to succeed Baby Boomers believed in work life balance. This led to high amounts of stress at both work and home Generational Conflict

Generation X were likely to be raised by Boomer parents, and have often prioritized family over work. Millennials are graduating college with significant debt, however, they are less likely to take jobs that are not emotionally or financially fulfilling than past generations. In the workforce, Millennials are looking for work-life integration. They are plugged into life at work, and work at home. Traditional work life barriers do not work for Millennials. More on Work Life Integration Professionals have to blend what they do personally and professionally

in order to make both work The boundaries between family and career are blurred Employees are willing to give up their personal time to do work and their work time to deal with personal issues There are more employees working remote than ever before Flexibility in scheduling and communication are the key to making work and life balance work

Engaging Older Americans The Greatest Generation are engaged through a friendly phone call or letter in the mailbox. Dont assume they are technologically illiterate. A 2013 Pew Research Center Study found that 70% of adults 65 and older use the internet on a daily basis. This generation gives to charities at a high rate, and are likely to volunteer time. Making use of their personal connections can be key to building a

networking system for your services. Engaging Baby Boomers On average, baby boomers spend 19 hours a week online and 71% use a social networking site daily. Baby boomers are generous in terms of money and they like to be evolved in organizations they give money to. Boomers are the Generation that takes credit in what they built, and they hope to have their accomplishments recognized and rewarded. Engaging Generation X

Generation Xers can still be reached through email, but are likely to regularly check social media or text messages. About 80% own smart phones. They are likely to donate time to your organization. Once they become volunteers, then they are likely to donate money. Generation X expects immediate and ongoing feedback, and is equally comfortable giving feedback to others. Engaging Millennials

Millennials are always connected to their mobile devices. Target them where they spend their time: on their mobile phones, via text message and on social media. Likely to be motivated by a passion for a cause, not just the organization. Encourage millennial to make an event out of their experiences by inviting friends, taking pictures and sharing their experience across social channels.

Millennials are typically team-oriented, banding together to date and socialize rather than pairing off. They work well in groups, preferring this to individual endeavors. Cross Generational Engagement Steps Be deliberate and intentional with your communication Allow for changes to the workplace in order to accommodate generational differences Find the common ground

Put the generational differences to work for you Create cross-generational work teams About Me Scott Burlingame, Executive Director Independence, Inc. 2000 E. Burdick Expressway, Suite C Minot, ND 58701 701-839-4724 [email protected] Sources: KNOWING GENERATIONAL DIFFERENCES CAN HELP ENGAGE YOUR VOLUNTEERS

http:// ional-differences-can-help-engage-your-volunteers/ MetLife Mature Market Institute Engaging Multiple Generations among Your Workforce %20your%20workforce.pdf

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