Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies

The boys have crashed their plane- Wilderness Survival Assignment Plane simulation exercise All pilot/adults are dead. You have 15 minutes to create a plan and leadership. What

will you do???? List with a partner in order of necessity and explain purpose for each. First aid kit

Waterproof matches Fire starter Rigid blade knife saw Compass

Map of the area Signal mirror Flashlight Plastic tarp Coins for pay phones canteen Emergency food rations Water purification

tablets/filter Fish hooks and fishing line Police whistle Toilet paper Lord of the Flies 1954 Introduction and Background

Title Translation Beelzebub a Hebrew word for LUCIFER However, the literal translation of Beelzebub into English is LORD OF THE FLIES L.O.T.F Author William Golding

Born in Britain 1911-1993 Born September 19, 1911 in Cornwall, England Raised next to a graveyard Mother, Mildred, active suffragette who fought for womens right to vote Father, Alex, was a schoolmaster Early education at the school his father

taught at, Marlborough Grammar School Age 12- unsuccessfully attempted to write a novel Bullied his peers I enjoyed hurting people Attended Oxford University, opted for English literature 1934- published 1st work, a book of poetry entitled Poems. Overlooked by critics. After college, worked in settlement houses

and theater for a time. 1935- took a teaching position. Experience teaching unruly boys inspired is novel LofF. 1940- abandoned the profession to join the Royal Navy and fight in WWII. Six years on a boat in the Royal Navy Developed love for sailing and the sea Placed in command of a rocket-launching craft

I began to see what people were capable of doing. Anyone who moved through those years without understanding that man produces evil as a bee produces honey, must have been blind or wrong in the head. Fought battleships, submarines and planes 1945- returned to teaching and writing 1954- rejected 21x, published LofF In the decade before LOTF

was published, Britain had been involved in two wars: WWII Korean War As a child, Golding had witnessed WWI, which was referred to as the war to end all wars

HOWEVER, 22 years later Britain was again involved in ANOTHER WAR to end all wars, which caused more devastation than was imaginable Through LOTF, Golding is making the statement that we cannot escape our

savage, violent tendencies and without social order, we devolve into a state of chaos Allegory by Thomas Hood I had a gig-horse, and I called him

Pleasure Because on Sundays for a little jaunt He was so fast and showy, quite a treasure; Although he sometimes kicked and shied aslant. I had a chaise, and christened it Enjoyment, With yellow body and the wheels of red, Because it was only used for one

employment, Namely, to go wherever Pleasure led. I had a wife, her nickname was Delight: A son called Frolic, who was never still: Alas! how often dark succeeds to bright! Delight was thrown, and Frolic had a spill, Enjoyment was upset and shattered quite, And Pleasure fell a splitter on Paine's Hill LOTF Symbols

(Objects, characters, figures, or colors that represent ideas or concepts) Important Symbols Butterflies= goodness and harmony with nature Lord of the Flies = A pigs head on a stick that becomes the

physical acceptance of evil and chaos on the island Parachutist- adult supervision Masks/face paint- loss of civilization; new identity The Platform: Government;

order The plane crash: breakdown of modern society The boys: Ralph and Piggy: goodness; order Jack and Roger: evil/ devil himself

Big kids: Ruling class Littluns: commoners Fire: technology out of control; atom bomb Smoke: comfort, safety, rescue Symbols (contd)

Signal Fire- hope and reason Island- Paradise at first (Edenic isolation Adults- civilization, The Scar- paradise/ mans corruption; rules, order [lack of

biblical allusion to adult supervision The Garden on the island represents the lack of above] Jack v Ralph- Cold War who is more powerful concept/competitiveness

Symbols, contd. Ralph- Winston Killing of the Churchill, Britains beast- Kristelnacht Prime Minister night of broken glass Roger- Nazi Leader Heinrich Himmler, chief

SS officer/also considered symbolic of Stalin (Russia) and/or Mussolini (Italy) Jack = Hitler Hitler promised Germans food- Jack promises meat Hitler promised

better life- Jack would help the monotony of building shelters/fun Hitler blamed the Jews, Jack blamed the beast Simon- Christ Figure; biblical

allusion TERMS to REMEMBER Microcosm = A small world that represents the world at large Edenic = Eden like, paradise like, a

setting that has not yet been spoiled by man Character Analysis Ralph ~ Main character described as fair haired, having broad shoulders[like a] boxers, and has a

face that proclaims no devil (Churchill) Committed to civilization and morality Translation = GOOD Character Analysis Piggy \ Described as fat, intellectual, asthmatic,

and needs glasses (Jews of WWII) Represents scientific, rational side of civilization, and social order Character Analysis Jack ~ Described as

having red hair, wears black with a snake clasp, ugly Cruel and manipulative Represents our savage instincts played out ( HITLER) EVIL Character Analysis

Simon ~ Described as a skinny, vivid little boy, who meditates; and he faints, which some cultures have believed is a sign of connecting with the spiritual world (Christ figure) Seems to be connected with nature, and he has

an innate, spiritual goodness Character Analysis Roger ~ Silent and sadistic Mussolini Targets the littluns The only one to premeditate murder

Kills without conscience Pure evil Character Analysis Sam and Eric (Samneric) ~ Twins Described as barely having enough skin to cover both, bulletheaded, and they finish

each others sentences The last to remain loyal to Ralph Represent the tug-ofwar within us to remain good Character Analysis Littluns ~ The younger kids

Represent the common folk, who easily follow the lead of others into savagery when there is no enforced structure in society Setting Time: ~1950s, after some sort of atomic

warfare has taken place Place: A tiny, previously uninhabited coral island in the South Pacific. The children have crash-landed here after their plane was shot down while they were on some sort of trip with their schools. The island- setting Microcosm for all

of humanity A group of English boys are deserted on an island after their plane has been shot down in WWII Setting Analysis 16 min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2XwiBuFV4s

Themes Moral Degeneration Descent into Savagery Human Nature Civilization Spirituality and Religion

Survival of the Fittest Weak v Strong Is it a coincidence that the only type of female in the story is the sows? Does it have some significance in the plot that those pigs are treated that way? WW2 historical

allusion Sexual war crime violence Purpose? Discuss LOTF in Popular Culture English heavy metal band Iron Maiden composed a song about the novel. The song "Lord of The Flies" can be found on The X Factor

(1995). Lord of the Flies served as the inspiration for Sunrise Animation's classic anime series Infinite Ryvius. It is claimed that Mark Burnett's Survivor reality TV series was inspired by the novel. LOTF in Popular Culture It has been speculated that

the Nine Inch Nails song "Piggy" is Trent Reznor's vision of a conversation from chapter 8 in the novel. People have found many similarities between Lord of the Flies and the television show Lost, and characters Sawyer and Charlie make references to Lord of the

Flies. LOTF in Popular Culture Stephen King has stated that the Castle Rock in Lord of the Flies was the inspiration for the town of the same name that has appeared in a number of his novels. The book itself also appears prominently in his

novels, Hearts In Atlantis and Cujo. An episode of The Simpsons titled "Das Bus" was a parody of Lord of the Flies, mirroring it in many ways. McCarthyism Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor,

Treblinka Auschwitz-Birkenau Majdanek Cold War History: Nuclear Deterrence Cold War Bomb Shelters

Gas Masks WWII- general Childs Gas Masks WWII Chapter One Vocabulary find the word in the book, highlight and define in margin

1. Efflorescence 2. Effulgence 3. Enmity 4. Decorous

5. Chorister 6. Bastion 7. Hiatus

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