Lecture Title - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lecture Title - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Intro. ANN & Fuzzy Systems Lecture 15. Pattern Classification (I): Statistical Formulation Intro. ANN & Fuzzy Systems Outline Statistical Pattern Recognition Maximum Posterior Probability (MAP) Classifier Maximum Likelihood (ML) Classifier K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier MLP classifier (C) 2001 by Yu Hen Hu 2 Intro. ANN & Fuzzy Systems An Example

Consider classify eggs into 3 categories with labels: medium, large, or jumbo. The classification will be based on the weight and length of each egg. Decision rules: 1. If W < 10 g & L < 3cm, then the egg is medium 2. If W > 20g & L > 5 cm then the egg is jumbo 3. Otherwise, the egg is large Three components in a pattern classifier: Category (target) label Features Decision rule L W (C) 2001 by Yu Hen Hu 3 Intro. ANN & Fuzzy Systems Statistical Pattern Classification The objective of statistical pattern classification is to draw an optimal decision

rule given a set of training samples. The decision rule is optimal because it is designed to minimize a cost function, called the expected risk in making classification decision. This is a learning problem! (C) 2001 by Yu Hen Hu Assumptions 1. Features are given. Feature selection problem needs to be solved separately. Training samples are randomly chosen from a population 2. Target labels are given Assume each sample is assigned to a specific, unique label by the nature. Assume the label of training

samples are known. 4 Intro. ANN & Fuzzy Systems Pattern Classification Problem Let X be the feature space, and C = {c(i), 1 i M} be M class labels. For each x X, it is assumed that the nature assigned a class label t(x) C according to some probabilistic rule. Randomly draw a feature vector x from X, P(c(i)) = P(x c(i)) is the a priori probability that t(x) = c(i) without referring to x. P(c(i)|x) = P(x c(i)|x) is the posteriori probability that t(x) = c(i) given the value of x P(x|c(i)) = P(x |x c(i)) is the conditional probability (a.k.a. likelihood function) that x will assume its value given that it is drawn from class c(i). P(x) is the marginal probability that x will assume its value without referring to which class it belongs to.

Use Bayes Rule, we have P(x|c(i))P(c(i)) = P(c(i)|x)P(x) Also, P(c(i ) | x) P( x | c(i )) P(c(i )) M P( x | c(i)) P(c(i)) i 1 (C) 2001 by Yu Hen Hu 5 Intro. ANN & Fuzzy Systems Decision Function and Prob. Mis-Classification Given a sample x X, the objective of statistical pattern classification is to design a decision rule g(x) C to assign a label to x. If g(x) = t(x), the naturally assigned class label, then it is a correct classification. Otherwise, it is a misclassification. Define a 0-1 loss function: 0 if g ( x) t ( x) ( x | g ( x)) 1 if g ( x) t ( x)

(C) 2001 by Yu Hen Hu Given that g(x) = c(i*), then P(( x | g ( x) c(i*)) 0 | x) P (t ( x) c(i*) | x) P(c(i*) | x) Hence the probability of misclassification for a specific decision g(x) = c(i*) is P(( x | g ( x) c(i*)) 1 | x) 1 P (c(i*) | x) Clearly, to minimize the Pr. of mis-classification for a given x, the best choice is to choose g(x) = c(i*) if P(c(i*)|x) > P(c(i)|x) for i i* 6 Intro. ANN & Fuzzy Systems MAP: Maximum A Posteriori Classifier The MAP classifier stipulates that the classifier that minimizes pr. of misclassification should choose g(x) = c(i*) if P(c(i*)|x) > P(c(i)|x), i i*. This is an optimal decision rule. Unfortunately, in real world applications, it is often difficult to estimate P(c(i)|x). (C) 2001 by Yu Hen Hu Fortunately, to derive the optimal

MAP decision rule, one can instead estimate a discriminant function Gi(x) such that for any x X, i i*. Gi*(x) > Gi(x) iff P(c(i*)|x) > P(c(i)|x) Gi(x) can be an approximation of P(c(i)|x) or any function satisfying above relationship. 7 Intro. ANN & Fuzzy Systems Maximum Likelihood Classifier Use Bayes rule, p(c(i)|x) = p(x|c(i))p(c(i))/p(x). Hence the MAP decision rule can be expressed as: g(x) = c(i*) if p(c(i*))p(x|c(i*)) > p(c(i))p(x|c(i)), i i*. Under the assumption that the a priori Pr. is unknown, we may assume p(c(i)) = 1/M. As such, maximizing p(x|c(i)) is equivalent to maximizing p(c(i)|c).

(C) 2001 by Yu Hen Hu The likelihood function p(x| c(i)) may assume a univariate Gaussian model. That is, p(x|c(i)) ~ N(i,i) i,i can be estimated using samples from {x|t(x) = c(i)}. A priori pr. p(c(i)) can be estimated as: {x; # x s. t. t(x) c(i)} P (c(i )) |X| 8 Intro. ANN & Fuzzy Systems Nearest-Neighbor Classifier Let {y(1), , y(n)} X be n samples which has already been classified. Given a new sample x, the NN decision rule chooses g(x) = c(i) if y (i*) Min. || y (i ) x || 1i n is labeled with c(i). As n , the prob. Mis-classification using NN classifier is at

most twice of the prob. Mis-classification of the optimal (MAP) classifier. k-Nearest Neighbor classifier examine the k-nearest, classified samples, and classify x into the majority of them. Problem of implementation: require large storage to store ALL the training samples. (C) 2001 by Yu Hen Hu 9 Intro. ANN & Fuzzy Systems MLP Classifier Each output of a MLP will be used to approximate the a posteriori probability P(c(i)|x) directly. The classification decision then amounts to assign the feature to the class whose corresponding output at the MLP is maximum. During training, the classification labels (1 of N encoding) are presented as target values (rather than the true, but

unknown, a posteriori probability) (C) 2001 by Yu Hen Hu Denote y(x,W) to be the ith output of MLP, and t(x) to be the corresponding target value (0 or 1) during the training. e 2 (t ) E || t ( x) y ( x,W ) ||2 E || t ( x) E[t ( x) | x] E[t ( x) | x] y ( x,W ) ||2 } E || t ( x) E[t ( x) | x] ||2 E || E[t ( x) | x] y ( x, W ) ||2 E || E[t ( x) | x] y ( x, W ) ||2 Hence y(x,W) will approximate E(t(x)|x) = P(c(i)|x) 10

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