Land and Regions - Amazon S3

Land and Regions - Amazon S3

Region A large area that has common features that set it apart from other areas. Dividing the United States into different regions makes it easier to study our countrys geography. Geography is the study of Earth and how people use it.

Geo means earth and graph means to write. What are the five regions? t r o

N t s a e h

Northeast Area 191,678 square miles Population 60,246,523 people Divided into two smaller regions New England Middle Atlantic States The worlds largest city

is in the Northeast region.. New York t s e

w d i M Midwest Area 821,763 square miles Population 64,392,776

Divided into two smaller regions Great Plains states Great Lake states What does the Midwest produce more than any other region? Wheat and corn

Sout heas t Southeast Area 555,236 square miles Population 69,282,201

Fertile farmland Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana are two of the nations busiest port cities which are at the bottom of what river in this region? Mississippi River

t s e W West Area 1,576,336 square miles Population 56,248,254

Divided into two regions Pacific states and Mountain states Alaska and Hawaii are included in the Pacific states The countrys highest mountains

are in these regions. u o S t s

e w th Southwest Area 572,784 square miles Population 31,252,152 The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular attractions in

this region. Why is this region so important? Because you live here!! Climate

Climate is the weather in an area over a long period of time. Climate depends on the average temperature and precipitation in the region. Distance from the equator also affects the

climate. Elevation Maps An elevation map shows the elevation, or height, of land in different places. Elevation is measured in feet or meters above sea

level. Sea level is the height of the surface of the ocean when it is halfway between high tide and low tide.

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