KR Discussions - Ms. Christina Baumeister

KR Discussions - Ms. Christina Baumeister

KR Discussions Day 1 SWBAT: Create a visual representation of a group of basic principles that they believe humans should live by. List Poster Presentation Rationale

This activity serves as a pre-reading exercise to focus your reading if preparation of The Kite Runner. Close relationships often define who we are as a person. Our family and friends are often the only people we can count on during hard times or to help us make difficult decisions. This is the basis of the trust, support and love that we all need to surround ourselves with. But there are times in all of our lives when we make choices that can hurt those closest to us by either action or omission of action. These moral successes and failures stay with us through memories and may end up haunting us.

Procedure Brainstorm a list of your own personal basic principles, values, or rules to live by. Next, think of a time in your life when you either did or did not intentionally follow your basic principle. Review your list and decide which incidents you would like to create a visual representation for (minimum of 3). Create your poster and make sure to label or indicate somehow which principle you either did follow, or should have followed. We will present these during the last 15 minutes of

class. Day 2 SWBAT: learn about the political and cultural issues that form the background of The Kite Runner. Concept Mapping Journaling Discussion Concept Map

Each student sits in own pod Center circle: Mystery text title (you create your own) Circles surrounding: thoughts about text, questions, understandings Concept Map 2 Travel around the room and continue your concept map, connecting other pictures with your original What common themes do you see?

Mystery text discussion Day 3 SWBAT: increase their knowledge by reading a provocative text Text selection Annotation Concept map continuation Share text information

Day 4 SWBAT: strengthen their understanding through expert texts Finish provocative text discussion Expert text analysis jigsaw Sharing of new knowledge Discussion Expert Text Jigsaw On pods, there are multiple examples of expert

texts (informative documents) Choose a text, read it, annotate, and connect to a picture/provocative/other expert text. Rinse and repeat. You should try to read more than three texts. What are you learning about Afghanistan??? This should be a quiet activitywe will regroup and decompress during the last 10 minutes Day 5 SWBAT: understand the basic principles of

Islam Video/Notes How did the video fit into what we learned through our text analysis activities??? Quick Facts about Afghanistan A land-locked country just a bit smaller than Texas A lot of the terrain is rugged mountains The winters are cold and the summers are hot

(90 degrees in summer and 40 degrees in winter) Life expectancy is low (43 years) relative to US (78 years) Islam is the predominant religion with about 80% of people being Sunni Muslims and about 19% Shia Muslims The official languages are Dari and Pashto The literacy rate, meaning those over the age of 15 being able to read and write, is 51%

male and 21% female; the US literacy rate is 97% for both males and females The form of government is Islamic Republic In the 1990s after the Soviet withdrawal, the Taliban assumed control and introduced strict adherence to Islamic law Between 1992 and 2001, Afghanistan became the site for the worst battles, ethnic genocide, pillage, famine, and misery since Genghis Khan had swept through the region centuries

earlier. Al Qaeda, led by Osama bin Laden, has also built training camps in Afghanistan Following 9/11/2001, and a US led coalition military campaign, the Taliban lost control of Afghanistan Afghan government faces many tough obstacles including corruption of state officials, drug trade, inability to understand the culture and customs of Afghanistan and

the support for the Taliban resistance across the border in Pakistan Day 6 SWBAT: continue their understandings of the background of TKR. Vocab AoW: Due next class List 1 1. Affluent

2. Congenital 3. Intricacies 4. Melee 5. Obstinacy 6. Trepidation 7. Lorries 8. Squabbling 9. Gnarled 10. Demise Day 7

SWBAT: understand the significance of the Talibans influence on the Afghan people. AoW discussion Check out KR SSR Ch 1-3 Topics for Notes Ch 1 Foreshadowing (4 items) Ch 2

Hassans attributes Babas priorities Similarities between Amir and Hassan Discrimination Religion Brotherhood Ch 3 Babas legacy Amirs jealousy Teaching v. learning

Only sin and explanation Babas disconnect with Amir Day 8 SWBAT: understand the impact that disconnect can have on a relationship Journal Discussion Notes for next class Journal #1

Describe a time when you felt inadequate. Did you communicate your feelings to the person(s) that made you feel that way or did you keep your feelings to yourself? What happens to a person who feels that they are never good enough? Discussion What happens to a man who is unwilling or unable or refuses to follow his own moral code?

--pg 17 There is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft. --How did your ideas coincide with Babas views Character Relationships Amir v Baba Amir v Hassan Topics for Notes

Ch 4 Religion Amir and Hassan---Ali and Baba Amirs lack of self worth Education v. intelligence Ch 5 Violence Assef Hassans bravery Foreshadowing

Day 9 SWBAT: Discuss the negative impacts that bullying can have on a child. Journal Discussion in groups/whole share out Notes for next class Journal #2 Bullying is one of the major epidemics among children. What impact does Assef have on

Hassan and Amir? Why is the idea of having power over someone who appears to be weaker thrill Assef so much? Have you ever had an experience with a bully? Ch 4-5 Group Think Topics Find specific quotes to support your understanding of these themes: Brothers Violence/Destruction Baba and Amirs relationship

Ch 6 Notes Topics Kite Running Jealousy Inner Compass Foreshadowing (x3) Amirs drive to win

Ch 7 Dreams v. memories Education v. intelligence Tournament For you a thousand times over Assef Price paid for Amir and innocence Day 10 SWBAT: debate the significance of sacrifice Vocab due/vocab 2

Journal Discussion Notes topics 8-9 1. Drone 2. Shrouded 3. Cretin 4. Permeate 5. Cardamom 6. Tarpaulin 7. Carcinoma

8. Palliative 9. Metastasized 10. Chastise List 2 Journal #3 (chapters 6-7) Describe the differences in character between

Amir and Baba. How does this connect with the idea of theft? What about the inability to accept responsibility? What about the importance of friendship? Or the bond between a parent and child? Ch 6-7 Topics 1. Inability to accept responsibility 2. Importance of friendships (bonds/rivalries) 3. Parent/Child relationships 4. Dreams

Ch 8 Notes Topics Ch 8-9 Amirs guilt Hassans loyalty Amirs b-day presents In the end the world always wins Ch 9

Amirs realization Ali and Hassans gift to Amir How Amir repays Hassan Sin Ali and Hassan Rain symbolism Day 11 SWBAT: understand the implications of guilt Ch 8-9 guilt chart SSR

Notes Topics Ch 10-11 Ch 10 Leaving Afghanistan Babas bravery Kamal and his father Dirt Ch 11 Baba in America Memories

Babas work ethic Amirs determination for success Amirs sins Flea market Soraya It may be unfair, but what happens in a few days, sometimes even a single day, can change the course of a whole lifetime, Amir Day 12 SWBAT: compare the ways that Amir handles his guilt, with that of Baba

Journal Ch 10-11 chart Discussion SSR Journal #4

(Chapter 10-11) It may be unfair, but what happens in a few days, sometimes even a single day, can change the course of a whole lifetime, Amir. --pg 142 In what ways does this quote speak of Amir, Soraya, and yourself? Ch 12

Notes Topics Ch 12-13 Amir and Soraya Babas cough Treatment Engagement Ch 13 Lafz Wedding Baba and the bear

Things Amir learned about the Taheris Baby Blood is a powerful thing Punishment of infertility Day 13 SWBAT: analyze the various relationships between parents and their children. Venn Diagrams/Discussion Hand out article and organizer for Seminar

Venn Diagram Discussion Fill out Venn diagrams using specific examples from your notes and your life Quotes for Discussion Last paragraph on 146-first paragraph on 147 What is the Afghan double standard? Who benefits? What are double standards in other cultures? Pg 178 Every woman needed a husband. Even

if he did silence the song in her. What does this mean? What does the song represent? How could this change? What would happen to the husbands if this changed? What would happened to the men? Who perpetuates this condition of dependency? Quotes Cont Pg 182 Successful, Soraya hissed. At least Im not like him, sitting around while other people fight the Shorawi (Russians), waiting for when the dust settles so

he can move in and reclaim his post little government position. Teaching may not pay much, but its what I want to do! Its what I love, and its a whole lot better than collecting welfare, by the way. What does this say about women and careers? What careers are respected? Is this different in the US? How does Sorayas actions about teaching differ from Amirs? Why? Quotes Cont.. Pg 188 Now if you were American, it wouldnt

matter. People here marry for love, family name and ancestry never even into the equation. They adopt that way too, as long as the baby is healthy, everyone is happy. But we are Afghans Is this an accurate view of Americas attitude regarding adoption? Why do some people think that blood is thicker than water? Why dont others think it matters? What is intrinsically valuable in a relationship? Notes Topics Ch 14-17

Ch 14 Rahim Khan There is a way to be good again For you a thousand times over Ch 15 Rahim Khans health Taliban Hassan

Ch 16 Hassans wife and family Sanaubar Sohrab 1998 Ch 17 Letter and picture Hassan and Farzana

Sohrab Rahim, a boy who wont stand up for himself becomes a man who cans stand up to anything Living a lie Day 14 SWBAT: discuss the values of pashtunwali and how each character fits into those beliefs

Discussion Pashtunwali article questions Who follows Pashtunwali teachings?

How do others benefit? Is anyone harmed? What is the role of women? There is a way to be good again. pg 2 And Ill tell you this, Amir, jan: In the end, the world always wins. Thats just the way of things pg 99. Day 16 SWBAT: understand how social and societal influences can impact a persons personal

belief system. Chart/Discussion Group Father Son/ Daughter 1

Baba Amir 2 Kamals Father Kamal

3 Ali Hassan 4 Hassan

Sohrab 5 General Soraya Event/ Outcome

Importance Ch 18 Notes Topics Ch 18-20 Theft Hope Ch 19 Farids assumptions

Watch and money Ch 20 Current state of Kabul Taliban Beggar Zamens news about Sohrab Taliban official DAY 19 SWBAT: utilize contextual evidence to respond

to strong statements. Strong Statement Silent Discussion Debrief Strong Statement Silent Discussion Your objective is to respond to each of the statements found on large sheets of construction paper. You need to respond with contextual evidence (quotes) and your own personal opinion to agree or disagree with the statements.

You will have 5 minutes with each statement. Feel free to comment on each others opinions as long as you have contextual evidence to support it or specific personal accounts. You cannot just say Yep or I agree or OK etc. You must have a 3-4 sentence response to each comment/statement. This is a silent discussion, so even though you are in a pod, you must not have a conversation. Failure to follow this rule will result in a lower grade. Ch 21

Notes Topics Ch 21-22 Amirs childhood home Forgetting v. remembering Mullah stories Soccer events Ch 22 Talib with sunglasses Sohrab

Surprise Unfinished business Peace Sohrabs rescue Day 20 Students will be able to understand the importance of nationalism and its role for Amir, Farid, and Assef. Journal Mullah Stories

Journal #5 (Chapters 21-22) What does it mean to be an American? What does it mean to be Afghani? Do you determine your identity by the country/origin of your birth? How about your socioeconomic status? Is it a combo of cultural/political learnings?

Mullah Nasrudin Stories Mullah Nasrudin is a favorite character in stories throughout all of the Middle East. Children in Afghanistan hear Mullah Nasrudin stories just as American children hear Mother Goose rhymes and folktales. Many of the stories teach a lesson, while others just tell a funny story. Many nations claim the Mullah as their own; however, the Mullah, like all mythological characters, belongs to all humanity. The Mullah is a wise fool and his stories have many meanings on multiple levels of reality. These stories

show, among other things, that things are not always as they appear and often, logic fails us. Goal Choose a Mullah story Read it and determine its moral or lesson What was the purpose of this fable? Share stories and morals Notes topics Ch 23-24

Ch 23 Amirs injuries Rahims letter Thomas and Betty Caldwell Trust Dreams Ch 24 Mosque Forgetting Forgiveness

Family Sohrabs fears Soraya Problems with adoption Bathroom Screams Day 21 SWBAT: understand the significance of forgetting, family, and forgiveness Discussion

Notes Topics Ch 25 Ch 25 Prayer Vigil Vacant eyes Tired of everything Importance of a happy ending Amir and the General Sohrab and passing time Kites Back to the beginning

Melting Running Day 22 SWBAT: decide whether Amir redeemed himself Journal Discussion Journal #6 (Ch. 25) Do you think that Amir atoned for his sins?

Why/why not? Revisit major quotes Go back through the book/your notes and choose three quotes that mean more at the end, even though they were said in a different part of the book. How does this element of foreshadowing make for a powerful ending?

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