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KPMG On-Screen Enhanced

Governance and Transparency Fund GTF Mark Robinson Head of Profession Governance and Conflict DFID Page 1 DFIDs Capability, Accountability and Responsiveness Framework Citizens Accountability Responsiveness Public sector institutio ns Political institution

s Capability Page 2 GTF: Basic facts One of the headline commitments made in 2006 DFID White Paper Full public consultation on the Fund carried out in September 2006 A one-off initiative with only one funding application round Fund value of 130 million over 5 years from April 2008

Proposals between 750,000 and 5m for 3 - 5 years with up to 100% funding Open to any not for profit organisation including trade unions, co-operative groups, faith based groups, etc. Projects cover all low and middle income countries, except EU accession countries Page 3 Aim of the Fund To help make governments more accountable to their citizens by strengthening civil society and the media to give greater voice to citizens Page 4

Activities the Fund was designed to support Campaigning on freedom of information, corruption, and other issues. Representing the views and interests of poor people when poverty reduction plans and national budgets are being drawn up. Advocating the rights of women, marginalised groups such as disabled people or ethnic minorities, and workers through trades unions. Training and linking journalists, parliamentarians, and other professional bodies such as lawyers associations. Page 5 Application process 1. Concept Notes assessed for eligibility of:

the applying organisation(s), and proposed activities 441 2. Full Proposals assessed on: Technical Merit Programme Risk Financial Risk 272 Page 6 Application Process The role of GTF Fund Manager was outsourced Contract was awarded to a strong consortium led by KPMG Appraisals jointly undertaken by the Fund Manger and DFID technical staff in the UK and overseas offices

Recommendations on Concept Notes made by the Fund Manager Final funding decisions made by DFID Page 7 Funding Considerations While technical merit was the principal factor considered, we have also sought to achieve a balanced portfolio overall, meeting the following criteria: geographic areas, ensuring coverage of DFID priority countries cross-cutting issues such as gender equality; inclusion of different sizes and types of civil society organisation; spread of risk among wider set of

organisations. Page 8 Proposals Supported Of the 272 proposals we appraised we considered almost 100 to be of a high quality The total value of these high quality proposals was almost 300m We had only a 130m budget The quality and level of innovation demonstrated by proposals exceeded our expectations

This allowed us a valuable degree of choice but also meant that many high-quality applications could not be funded We were able to offer support to 38 applicants Page 9 Proposals Supported Recommended projects by region Lat Am, 3 Middle East, 1 Africa, 17 Global, 11 Asia, 6

Page 10 Proposals Supported Governance Thematic Area Administrative Reform and Access to Public Services Access to Justice and Human Rights No. 11 8 Public Expenditure Monitoring 5 Controlling Corruption Freedom of Information Media Decentralisation 4 4 3

Conflict Prevention / Peace Building International Governance 2 1 Total 38 Page 11 Examples of Grants Thematic Area Organisation Location Project Title Access to Public Services Water Aid

Global Developing Southern Civil Society advocacy in Water and Sanitation in Africa, South Asia, and Central America Access to Justice and Human Rights The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum Zimbabwe Strengthening Human Rights in Governance and Transparency in Zimbabwe Public Expenditure Monitoring

Centre for Governance and Development Kenya National Taxpayers Association (NTA) - Improving Government Service Delivery &Accountability through Citizen Report Cards Controlling Corruption Transparency International Global AC:DC - Anti-Corruption: Delivering Change

Full listing available at: Page 12 Future Considerations Scope for supporting high quality unfunded proposals from other donors Financial commitments for further GTF funding rounds from DFID and other sources Building an enduring mechanism with potential to act as an independent funding entity Scope for systematic learning, evaluation and lesson-sharing Page 13

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