Introduction to [email protected] The Edge

Introduction to Illustrator@ The Edge

Introduction to Illustrator @ The Edge About You? Beginner Adobe Illustrator Users?

Have you experimented with it before? What are you hoping to use it for? What are you hoping to get out of today? Workshop Outline

Understand vector vs raster Document settings Become familiar with the interface Learn about layers Grouping and ungrouping Learn pen tool basics and create shapes Add and adjust strokes

Add and adjust colours Add basic text Vector vs Raster Vector images are rooted in mathematical theory. Lines and curves known as paths are used to make up the design. It can be scaled infinitely. Vectors are great for logos, icons and illustrations. Raster images are created using pixels. They do not scale well if you zoom in, you will see each pixel. It is often used for photographs.

Vector images can be converted to raster if needed for publishing etc. CMYK vs RGB colour spaces CMYK is a subtractive colour model. It refers to the four inks generally used in printing (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black). If your artwork is to be printed, use CMYK. RGB is an additive colour model. Red, green and blue light are added together in various ways to reproduce a broad array of colours on

screens. If your artwork is to be displayed digitally, use RGB. Lets get started! Open up Adobe Illustrator and create a New Document. Where to go for more info https:// Google (and Youtube) can be a great help too! Sometimes seeing it in action is more valuable than reading a tutorial.

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