Active Travel Wigan Making walking and cycling part of peoples daily routines in Wigan borough Richard Armitage, Managing Director, Richard Armitage Transport Consultancy Ltd Wigan borough

Part of Greater Manchester Between Liverpool and Manchester 123km2 Population 307,000 Former mining area 14 towns & villages;

largest - Wigan & Leigh Wigan borough 75% of the borough is open land or countryside Wigan borough Historical street pattern Increasing congestion on narrow roads

Wigan borough Premier league football and rugby Wigan borough Famous for pies and a pier Sedentary lifestyles in Wigan

Only 3 out of 5 people take part in even a low level of physical activity such as walking Over 20% of the population are obese or very obese, compared to 15% five years ago More than 60% of people in Wigan say they regularly use the car for journeys of < 2 miles 4-5 year olds - 25% overweight; 11 year olds - 31% overweight The modern Wigan pie 2% 1% 20% Underweight

39% Normal Overweight Obese Very obese 38%

Personalised Travel Planning A targeted marketing technique providing travel advice that seeks to induce voluntary travel behaviour changes in favour of more active modes of transport UK evidence to date shows that PTP interventions generate about 10% increase in walking and cycling

Referred to as Active Travel Active Travel in Wigan Making walking and cycling part of peoples daily routinesto work, to shops, to school, to college In Wigan, public transport is active travel 10-minute walk from home to bus stop or rail

station = more active than car travel Helps people with reduced mobility fit activity into their daily routine Task: establish permanent PTP service Joint Public Health Strategy Sense of place and local identity

Wigan-branded information; web page for each township Promote healthy lifestyles by supporting people to manage their health & well-being Personalised travel information, enables participation, widens horizons Create a transport infrastructure which supports independence of all 27.5% of households have no access

to a car (34,000 households) Active Travel Wigan Toolkit The local web portal

Local walking routes Gazetteer of key destinations UK national journey planner public transport routes

Cycling journey planner on-line late 2009 Leaflet distribution service (on-line + post) Wigan-focused journey planning portal Page for each local area (township) One click to plan walking, cycling and public transport journeys to:

Your school Your local leisure sites Your health centre

Your library On-line ordering system for personalised active travel packs (individual journey plans, leaflets, and maps) Door-to-door walking journey planner

Shows calories burnt by walking Gazetteer compilation: significant task, requiring local input Wigan has most comprehensive UK site Cost: about 30 000 jointly funded by healthcare (Ashton Leigh & Wigan Primary Care Trust) and municipal council

(Wigan Council) Coming soon: mywalkit - social networking Exercise On the bus, read, text, chat Exercise

Leaflet distribution service Local partner (ENCAMS), with own storage & distribution facility in central Wigan Active Travel Wigan: 54 leaflets or maps Health walks Cycling maps Bus & train information

Healthy Ways to Health Centres Online or post - you choose Paper Ordering Order form (full) Post card (short)

Active Travel Pack Primary healthcare users

Health Trainers Health Improvement Workers Falls Service (Slips, Trips & Falls) General Practitioners / Practice Nurses

Human Resources (Recruitment process) National Health Service staff relocation Key intervention points Children changing schools Council Education Department People moving house Housing Trust & Estate Agents

Starting a new job, going for training or education Job Centre Plus Starting a healthier lifestyle - Wigan Leisure & Culture Trust Monitoring Aim - increased physical activity (modal shift is very desirable, but secondary to client)

Health Trainer: pre-intervention data from client; performance management reporting Web-based data: monthly reports Distribution service: monthly reports Cause & effect: many other initiatives at same time as ours Maintenance tasks

Leaflet distribution: storage space & staff time Web portal: links to external sites, so little maintenance is required; gazetteer will need to be kept up-to-date gazetteer updates Leaflet re-prints Buy leaflets off third parties

Order: printing & post Project management Monitoring Marketing & incentives Likely maintenance costs Leaflet distribution service 5 000

Leaflet print or purchase 10 000 Project management, monitoring 10 000 Marketing & incentives 25 000 annual licence 3 000

What happens next? Launch event

Familiarisation/training for professionals Marketing Plan - implementation Make personalised travel planning everyones business! Widgets on third party websites Button linking to Retailers experiment using loyalty smartcard Richard Armitage Transport Consultancy Ltd.

Oxford House, Smithy Fold Road, HYDE, SK14 5QY, UK Tel: +44 161 368 6603 Mobile: +44 7973 538 556 [email protected]

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