INTERACTIVE WEATHER MAP for Butterfield Trail elementary School

INTERACTIVE WEATHER MAP for Butterfield Trail elementary School

INTERACTIVE WEATHER MAP for Butterfield Trail Elementary School Fayetteville, AR Brandy Todd, Ashley Carr and Sarah Bracey Introduction to Education, EAST/EMPACTS Dr. Regina Ryel Thomason, Instructor Introduction Mrs. Conners 2nd grade class at Butterfield Elementary School, in Fayetteville AR, is in need of an interactive weather map. An interactive map is needed to enhance the learning of weather concepts.

Project Overview NWACC, Introduction to Education students, will develop an interactive weather activity and cloud experiment for a 2nd grade classroom. Community Aspect Educational Outreach Networking in the community Community Aspect The second grade

curriculum is supported by the college student community by. Contacts: providing materials and Joey Folsom, Principal content for a framework activity. providing academic support for an area school.

Ms. Conner, 2nd grade teacher, Butterfield Elementary Wal-Mart donation of materials BR Management Services donation of materials Curriculum Course Outcomes To expand knowledge

base NWACC Outcomes To learn in a collaborative environment. To increase communication skills To understand different learning styles To experience different teaching methods

oral and written To increase problem solving ability. To learn organizational skills To increase technology skills Methods Tools Technology- Experiment Microsoft Office; PowerPoint, Publisher and Word Internet

State Frameworks Develop classroom activity cloud experiment School Curriculum NWACC Curriculum Collect materials from area vendors Develop an interactive map Publish the interactive map Facilitate in cloud

experiment with 2nd grade class Keys to Success Weekly Team meetings organization Frequent communication organization Personal accountability professional and personal development Skills to Develop Professional

Personal Classroom teaching Communication oral Use of classroom Accountability technology Communication Confidence Organization

Leadership Teamwork Decision making Expected Outcomes Experience Experience in developing framework based activities for 2nd grade curriculum Hands on experience in

working with students Product Weather activities to augment teaching in 2nd grade classroom References Butterfield Trail School Dr. Ryel Thomason Dianne Phillips Mrs. Conner

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