Integrated Solutions and Services, Inc.

Integrated Solutions and Services, Inc.

SMALL BUSINESS SHOWCASE INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS AND SERVICES UNLIMITED, Inc. Small Business Size: SBA-8(a), SDVOSB, HUBZone Niche Area: Records and Document Management Treasury Contract: Document Imaging Services (Contract #TTB03-00000-1)

Largest Treasury award: $2.7 Million with the Trade and Tax Bureau Largest Company award: $2.9 Million with the Environmental Protection Agency ZyLAB Software Installed 7,500 installations worldwide, 4,500 actively supported customers, of which over 500 in the US Over 500,000 users world-wide

32% of Global 100 uses ZyLAB solutions 22% of Fortune 100 uses ZyLAB solutions Selected ZyLAB Software Users Corporate Product Overview The ZyIMAGE Information Access Platform (IAP) is a secure, XMLbased platform for all your paper, electronic, e-mail and multimedia files. Modular architecture and licensing. Standard, comprehensive solutions for several vertical market applications. Easy to expand with ZyLAB RMA,

DMS, Workflow or eDiscovery management tools Easy to integrate with other ERP, BPM, HRM, database, legal or financial systems. ISS Value Proposition ZyLAB software is proven technology that is affordable Technology provides a DM Platform for Paper, E-mail, electronic documents built on completely open standards XML & TIFF

XML centric solution makes integration easier ZyLAB offers a modular approach to software licensing ZyLAB tries to minimize TCO (database independent, browser independent, thin client, low bandwidth) ZyLAB solution is scalable both in terms of documents and users ZyLAB offers workflow, records management, document management,

e-discovery, and much more ZyLAB is easy to use and maintain ISS Products Solutions ZyIMAGE Core Technology is made up of three components: ZySCAN Document Capture ZyINDEX System Administration ZyFIND Search Engine

ISS Products ZyIMAGE Information Access Platform Core technology Includes: ZyIMAGE Web Access for X number of named users Document Security XML Wrapper SUMMARY

ZyLAB software is used in the General Councils office of the IRS to research precedents. ISS personnel use ZyLAB software to manage EPAs online digital publications. Please visit: NSCEP/NEPIS-EPAs Gateway to free digital and paper publications ( ISS can offer the IRS Program Managers a complete ZyLAB solution that includes installation, training, and service for $30,000.

Integrated Solutions and and Services,, Inc. Inc. We help our customers digitize data and manage their documents 260 Northland Blvd. Suite 104 Cincinnati, Ohio 45246 (513) 826-1932

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