Institutional Research - University of Central Florida

Institutional Research - University of Central Florida

Comp. Sci. Education My Motivation (and class philosophy) Arup Guha [email protected] 8/19/2013 Common Myths about Computer Science You need to have learned to program in high school in

order to succeed in the major in college. You have to have an unusual knack for it to succeed. Computer Science = Computer Programming A university educations role is to teach you the specific programming languages, APIs and tools you will use in the job force. The Truth about Computer Science

Many students succeed and some even earn six-figure salaries at the age of 22 after writing their first computer program ever in COP 3223 at the age of 18. Students with slightly above-average quantitative skills who work hard (10-15 hours/week per class) almost always succeed in Computer Science courses. Many jobs exist for Computer Scientists outside of predominantly writing code. A universitys job is to train you how to approach creative problems and give you the ability to learn new computing/programming tools/languages.

My Daughter Anya Now that I have a daughter, I think about what I expect of her future teachers. I want to live up to those standards for my students, because I want to treat my students parents the way I expect to be treated by my daughters teachers. The Truth About College and Hard Work

In 1961, college students spent an average of 40 hours/week on work for class and 24 hours/week outside of class. (Is College Worth It? by Bill Bennet, How Children Succeed by Paul Tough) Today, college students spend roughly 27 hours/week on work for class with about 14 hours/week outside of class. Most of that gap (11 hours/week) has been filled with leisure activities, not work outside of school. Most of the lack of preparation for the work force can be attributed to the lack of hard work during college. How I want my daughter treated and how I will treat you.

I want to give my daughter the tools to succeed. I want her teachers to teach her how to work hard, how to be self-reliant and give her challenges that will improve her critical thinking and problem solving skills. I want her teachers to give her enough practice that she can get good at basic skills. (Think 40 math problems a night instead of 10.)

I want her teachers to be tough with deadlines so that as an adult she isnt shocked by a world that doesnt coddle her or make exceptions for her. In short, I will be your Tiger Mother! An Asian Parents Memoir Practice, Practice, Practice Community Success

I also want to promote the idea of community success. Working together, all students can learn more. I would like to try a wiki of online notes that (obviously) the entire class can edit. I may make changes to the syllabus involving groupwork if I think it will improve the average class performance. I want to create a community where everyone helps others because doing so is the right thing to do and because society as a whole benefits when everyone uses their strengths to help others.

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