Insinööritieteiden korkeakoulu Aalto School of Engineering ...

Insinööritieteiden korkeakoulu Aalto School of Engineering ...

Aalto International Staff Week Double degrees - the best practices of Nordic5Tech programmes Wed 30 January 2013 at 9.30-12am TUAS 1021-22 Planning Officer Brje Helenius Study Coordinator Anu Kuusela Aalto International Staff Week Program 9.30am -12am Get to know - experiences of double degrees in your own universities Nordic countries Nordic educational perspective-Nordic Master programmes-N5T degree programmes Best practicies and challenges in N5T programmes Workshop in groups about Double Degrees

Discussion - Double degrees in future Europe NORWEGIAN STRATEGY FOR STUDENT RECRUTING SWEDISH STRATEGY OF STUDENT RECRUTING FINNISH STRATEGY OF STUDENT RECRUTING The Nordic countries Denmark Finland Iceland Norway Sweden In English, "Scandinavia" is sometimes used as a synonym for the Nordic countries

- -> Five nation-states - Population of approximately 25 million Common history; unions between the countries for 700 years, Kalmar union 15th century Political systems; Nordic model; welfare state, free education and healthcare, public pension, public service, no corruption, respect of human rights, gender equality, high degrees of labour union membership but also low barriers to free trade and little product market regulation Co-operate in the Nordic Council and Nordic Council of Ministers Nordic Master Programmes (NMP) launched in 2006 The NMP today a Nordic higher-education programme for students from all

over the world. The pilot programme started in 2008 and consists of 15 Nordic study programmes at 24 Nordic universities. Fall 2012: Approximately 300 current and graduated students (40 % Nordic students, 20 % European students, 40 % nonEuropean students) 65 graduated in total so far Funded by Nordic Council of Ministers The Nordic Council of Ministers has given 1 million DKK to each of these programmes for planning of the programmes = 15 million DKK in total (+3 new programmes granted financing in 2012 = 18 million DKK) - So far: Pilot 2007-2012 - Next step: Permanent programme? 2013 - Nordic Five Tech (N5T)

Aalto University (Aalto) Helsinki Finland Chalmers University of Tech Gothenburg nology (Chalmers) Technical University of Den Lyngby mark (DTU)

KTH Royal Institute of Techn Stockholm ology Sweden Norwegian University of Sci Trondheim ence and Technology (NTNU ) Norway Denmark Sweden N5T was established in November 2006 Strategic alliance of the five leading technical universities in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The goal is to utilize shared and complementary strengths and create synergy within education, research and innovation. Nordic check point for Nordic and international M.Sc. students in engineering Increase the mobility of staff and students within N5T The establishment of joint international M.Sc. programmes Nordic Five Tech (N5T) Aalto University (Aalto) Helsinki Finland Chalmers University of Tech Gothenburg nology (Chalmers) Technical University of Den Lyngby

mark (DTU) KTH Royal Institute of Techn Stockholm ology Sweden Norwegian University of Sci Trondheim ence and Technology (NTNU ) Norway Denmark Sweden Nordic Master Double Degree M.Sc.programmes: Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering (first class 2009)

Nordic Master in Maritime Engineering (first class admitted 2011) Nordic Master in Environmental Engineering (first class admitted 2012) Nordic Master in Sustainable Urban Transition (first class admitted 2012) Master's programme in Applied and Engineering Mathematics (first class admitted 2012) ) Specifics for the 5Tech-programmes 5 programmes in total (2 new in 2012) Approx. 100 students = almost 1/3 of all NMPstudents Quite high share of non-European Students in comparison to other NMP:s. 74 % of all ISEE-students in spring 2012 were from non-European countries 50 % of ALL non-European NMP-students study in a 5Tech-programme

General satisfaction Reasons for applying 1.1. Mobility ==Studying inindifferent countries Mobility Studying different 1. Mobility = Studying in differentcountries countries 2.2. Academic quality Academic quality 2.

Academic quality 3. Good networking opportunities (Ph. D. and career) 3.3. Good networking opportunities (Ph. D.D.and Good networking opportunities (Ph. 4. Previous familiarity with Nordic countriesand (for noncareer) career) Nordic

students) Previous with countries (for 5.4.4.Chance to familiarity be international at home (Nordic Previous familiarity withNordic Nordic countries (for

non-Nordic students) non-Nordicstudents) students) Chance be 6.5.5.No tuitiontoto fees Chance beinternational internationalatathome home(Nordic (Nordic students) students) 6.6. No

Notuition tuitionfees fees 1+1 Mobility Study Track Partner university (1. Year) Lead university (2. Year) Solar Cell Systems and materials DTU

NTNU System Integration of Wind Power NTNU DTU Heat and Power Engineering UoI Chalmers

Geothermal Energy Chalmers UoI Bio Energy KTH Aalto Energy Systems Aalto KTH

Mobility Mobility is seen as the NMPs biggest strength The 1+1 model seems to be most popular model (while 6 months is seen as too short), but intensive courses seem to work too, if there are enough of them. Nordic students (or students already living in the Nordic countries) are a bit more interested in programmes with intensive courses only = being international at home About half of students would not be interested in NMP if the teaching was restricted to a single Nordic country. Mobility Critique against compulsory mobility periods outside the Nordic region as a part of the NMP

When you study at a new university, you need some time to adjust to the local culture and the teaching system. If you move every six months, you cant focus properly on your studies non-European NMP student For my NMP, one year in Norway and one year in Finland seemed nice. But I have to come to Netherlands for one semester as an exchange students, I think it would be better if I do not have to come to Netherlands. Maritime Engineering My first year was in NTNU. But it is mandatory to send me to TU Delft. The study loan in TU Delft is too high. I hope it is option to be an exchange student but not mandtory. Maritime Engineering . Identification as a NMP student Most of the interviewed students identify themselves to some degree as NMP students But in many cases the primary identification is with one of the partner universities (often the first one)

Students also say that they often feel that they are treated as exchange students and not as NMP students during their mobility period In Sweden I identified myself as a NMP student, but in Denmark Im treated as an exchange student just like anyone else non-European NMP student (5Tech) 5Tech specifics: Career NMP is seen as a great opportunity to network High interest in getting contacts to the industry I think it would be better for the Master if some practical working period was included. I expected a bit more focus on the industry European NMP student I dont know what employers think of the programme, since we have not had any contact with the industry non-European NMP student I feel my later professional life will be easier because of this programmeEuropean NMP student Nordic Council of Ministers

Nordic Council 19 Areas of improvement - Even though the programmes are different, many of the challenges are the same. - Administration and coordination - Practical and academic support - Information on opportunities within and after NMP Need for commitment on many levels Administration and coordination - Strong need for a programme co-ordinator - Need for common practices within the NMP Practical issues: - Lack of knowledge

- Application timeframe & reply time - Entry requirements within the NMP - Double bureucracy - Websites not updated - Granting of the degree 5Tech specifics: Coordination The lack of a NMP coordinator is mentioned as a big issue by several students Professors/academic personnel dont have time/expertise regarding all practical matters One coordinator could help gather all NMP students at one institution Students dont know who to contact for what matters THIS IS THE BIGGEST ISSUE Nordic Council of Ministers Nordic Council

22 5Tech programmes: The Coordinating Universitys Point of View The tasks of the coordinating univiersity (N5TeAM) The general coordination of the programme and the managerial matters relating to the project Convening of Programme Board and Selection Board meetings The communication and reporting to programme sponsors All communication to the partners on issues of general interest for the Consortium Providing and maintaining a joint website for the programme for information distribution + producing marketing materials Centralised admission procedure and managemat of admission enquiries Keeping a register of the students and providing necessary statistics for the use of consortium partners

Nordic Council of Ministers Nordic Council 23 5Tech programmes: The Coordinating Universitys Point of View Challenges: Resources: Administrative programme coordinator is needed at the coordinating university Strong need also for administrative programme coordinators at each partner universities Communication: Internal: updated mailing lists, right contact persons External: updated information on the website Marketing, student recruiting

Nordic Council of Ministers Nordic Council 24 Workshop questions Answer the 2 first questions from a) Student perspective, b) University perspective 1. What are the 3 key factors for succesive double degree programs? 2. What are the 3 most challenging problems in double degree programs? 3. What does the future look like for double and joint degrees?

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