Inside Out by: Francisco Jimenez

Inside Out by: Francisco Jimenez

Thunder Rose Jerdine Nolen Thunder Rose This week we will read a tall tale called Thunder Rose by Jerdine Nolen. As we read, we will identify characteristics of a tall tale. Good readers will better understand this type of story if they can identify these characteristics.

2 minute Edit - Synonyms Synonyms are words that have the same or almost the same, meaning as another word Read the sentence and pick the correct synonym for the underlined word. 1.My muscles were tender after I lifted the weights at the gym. I felt sore all over. toughsensitivesoft

used 2.My sister dispersed doves into the air at her wedding and they flew away. released questioned opened activated Set the Stage What are the three purposes for reading

1. To be informed 2. To follow directions 3. To be entertained Fill in team score sheets and begin new team score sheet Team Cooperation Goal: Help

and Encourage others We can help and encourage others by : 1. Listening carefully to what they say 2. Keep telling them they can do it! 3. Help them when they are stuck on something. Vocabulary Celebration vividly

clearly I vividly remember the sunset in the country because it was red, remarked said

The mummy exhibit is a bit scary, remarked John. slumber sleep Garfield was so tired after eating everything in the cupboard he laid down to slumber.

vaulted jumped The track star vaulted over the bar during the pole vault. section

part I always eat the section of my birthday cake that has the meddlesome nosy My neighbors are meddlesome when

they look through my fence to see Build Background-Tall Tale Characteristics A larger-than-life main character A problem that is solved in a funny or unusual way Exaggerated details Building Background Tall

Tales Sue Ellen Succotash Sue Ellen Succotash was the fastest woman in the state of Virginia. Everyone for miles around knew sue Ellen and loved to talk about her amazing races. Now one day sue Ellen ran from Virginia all the way to Texas to visit her great friend Sam Shard. Sam was a farmer. When Sue Ellen got to Sams farm, she noticed that crops were dying and the animals looked sick. Sammy boy. Whats going on? Sue Ellen asked. Well, Sam answered. I cant get any water to my crops, so they arent doing well. And I cant feed

the animals because I have no crops. That sounds like a doozy, my friend. Sue Ellen said. Lets see what we can do about this. Sam and Sue Ellen walked around Sams farm, inspecting the land and talking about what they could do. Thats when Sue Ellen came up with an idea. She told Sam to stand by the water spigot. She handed him some buckets and told him to keep filling them with water until she told him to stop. Sam did as sue Ellen asked. Sue Ellen took off running from one end of the farm to the other and back again. In five minutes she had watered the entire field with hundreds of buckets of water to make the crops grow and told Sam to stop. Gee, Sue Ellen. I dont know what to say. Thanks for your help. I can see my crops growing already? Any time. Thats what friends are for, Sue Ellen said. Well, I should be off. And with that, Sue

Ellen ran back to virginia. Listening Comprehension- Cut From the Same Cloth: American Women of Myth, Legend and Tall Tale Sal Fink Page 51-55 Larger-than-life character Problem that is solved in a funny way

Exaggerated details Prepare to read Preview Team Talk questions. Question #1 ask to compare and contrast information. Teamwork Partner reading

Read 48 with partners Clarify unknown words using sticky notes Restate as you read Read page 51 silently If you finish reading before the

Rest of the team practice Reading page 48 for fluency Team Discussion Discuss and answer all Team Talk Questions do not write any answer until all the questions have been discussed

Use the job cards. Pass them around the table every time you begin to answer a new question Write the answers to 1 and 2 in your journals Class Discussion

Lets celebrate our answers! Adventures in Writing Do you have a nickname? Explain how you got this nickname. If you do not have a nickname, create one for yourself and explain why it is a good name for you. -You answer the question. 25 pts

-Your answer explains or describes with at least two details 25 pts -Your answer makes sense and has part of the questions in it. 20 pts -Your answer is written in complete, correct answers20 pts -Your writing has correct capitalization and punctuation. 10 pts TOTAL 100 PTS

Team Practice: Vocabulary Cloze Practice- Fill in the blanks with the correct vocabulary word Fluency Practice reading page 48 Using the fluency rubric, practice fluency with your partner

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