Inservice Day August 4, 1999 - Dowell Middle School

Inservice Day August 4, 1999 - Dowell Middle School

Dowell Middle School 6th Grade Parent Presentation March 16, 2015 Administrative Team Principal Alan Arbabi Alpha A-L Alpha M-Z Sara Kriesel-Hall, Holly Rogers, Courtney Starnes, Rayshana Adams,

Pamela Coats, Kim Oberlander, Assistant Principal Counselor Secretary Assistant Principal Counselor Secretary Goals for Tonight

Information on selection of academic and elective courses. Alleviate fears about the transition to middle school. Questions will be answered individually at the end. Materials Review Course Course

Selection Sheet Descriptions Middle School Philosophy High Academic Standards for All Students Students Introduced to Academic and Extra-Curricular Options Students Begin to Determine Strengths and Preferences Partnership with Students, Families & Community

Academics McKinney ISDs curriculum is common to all MISD middle school campuses and aligns to state standards. Core Curriculum is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) Curriculum is aligned within the grade level and vertically between grade levels. 6th Grade Academic Course Offerings 1.

ELAR 2. Mathematics (Academic or Pre-AP) 3. Social Studies (ELM) 4. Science (ELM)

(English Language Arts and Reading) Registration Decisions to Consider Which course of Mathematics is most appropriate for your child? Which elective (Art, Band, Choir or Orchestra) is most appropriate for your child?

Mathematics Academic or PreAP Course Historically score above proficiency on Math STAAR assessments Math MAP score of 220 (Fall 2014) Successful on 5th grade Math District Assessment

Elective Course Choices Art Band Choir Orchestra *All electives are a full year Physical Education Requirement

Every student is required to complete 4 semesters of Physical Education while in the Middle School In 6th Grade a student takes Physical Education every day for the year. 2 semesters of the Physical are completed in 6th grade towards the Education Requirement.

There is a health component that is taught in the Physical Education class. Gifted and Talented If your child is identified GT, Karen Green will provide us information about GT placement for academic classes. If you have questions about GT placement, please contact

Karen Green at Email: [email protected] Typical 6th Grade Day Period 1: ELAR Period 2:Math Period 3: Math Lunch (30 minutes) Period 4:Science Period 5: PE Period 6: History Period 7: Elective such as Band, Orchestra, Choir or Art Whats New For Students? Lockers

Backpacks Changing Grading Lunch System (Lots of Choices) Getting Extra Classes/Passing Period

Involved curricular activities/Clubs Examples of Clubs/Activities for 6th Grade Drama Youth Club and Government Robotics Soccer

Academic Pep Club UIL 6th Grade Registration Reminders Students received registration materials at your elementary campus March 3, 2015. Registration

forms are due March 20th to your elementary campus. Changes after March 20th, will be conducted through Dowell Middle School by designated counselor. Communication is Key MISD GO App

Home Access Center (HAC) Progress Reports & Report Cards Dowell website: h well/ Teacher websites/emails Mr. Arbabi weekly emails Dowell Facebook page and Twitterfeed

Welcome to Dowell! Due Date: March 20, 2015 Return Registration Form to your homeroom teacher. Schedule pick up will be in August.

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