Informational Meeting for theAcademies @ PopeOctober 5 & 10, 2016

Informational Meeting for theAcademies @ PopeOctober 5 & 10, 2016

College & Career Pathways Informational Meeting for the Academies @ Pope October 5 & 10, 2016 Agenda What are the Academies @ Pope? What are the benefits? What are the requirements and expectations? How do I apply? Dr. Robert DownsPrincipal Tom Flugum- Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction Kathryn Sax- Counselor Introduction to

Academy Coordinators What are the Academies? Three Different Academies @ Pope STEM Academy includes two pathways: Advanced Math & Science Pathway Engineering Pathway Culinary Arts Academy Globalization Academy Academies @ Pope 1 2 3 Benefits of the Academies Requirements & Expectations

How do I apply? What are the Academies @ Pope, and why should I care? 1 Benefits of the Academies Rigor, Relevance, Relationships, Readiness Benefits of the Academies Preparation for college AND high-demand, highwage careers Parent and community involvement

Personalized learning environment for ALL students in a cohort structure Engaging curriculum and instruction Practical work experiences such as job shadowing and internships Opportunities for online courses, college credit, and professional certifications during high school Project-based, interdisciplinary learning Academy Benefits!

Still access all the fantastic opportunities @ Pope Gain skills that makes a student stand out from others when applying to college Research and Design Internship Digital Portfolio of student experiences Academy Coursework and College Expectations A BIG benefit to being in one of the Academies is how colleges view your course work and the number of AP courses taken over you four years in high

school. What are they looking for? UGA Georgia Tech Other elite colleges? A Competitive College Comparison UGAs 2016 Freshman Profile Georgia Techs Freshman Profile Core GPA mid 50% = 3.91-4.17 (Academic only) SAT (CR+M+W)mid 50% = 1850-2140 ACT mid 50%= 27-32 Total AP/IB courses = 4-9 Admit rate 53% Core GPA = 4.0 + average

SAT (CR + M) mid 50% = 1330-1490 ACT mid 50% = 30-34 Total AP/IB/DE = 7-13 95% have taken at least AP Calculus or equivalent Admit rate dropped from 55% in 2012 to 26% in 2016 Honors Program mid-50%: 4.02-4.29 GPA 2130-2240 SAT 32-34 ACT 2 Requirements & Expectations Academies @ Pope offers career academies for students of exceptional merit.

Expectations Each Career Academy will have its own expectations and course requirements. Yearly participation in extracurricular academy activities such as Science Fair, Science Olympiad, Robotics, Math Team, FBLA, Mock Students accepted to the Academies @ Pope are first and foremost expected to maintain specific grades in each Academy course. Trial, Debate, Model UN, STEM events, Prostart Culinary competitions and Academic Bowl. Complete a capstone project/digital portfolio and/or business internship during junior or

In addition to maintaining academic excellence in the classroom, students are also expected to complete the following: senior year. Attend Academy specific activities such as summer workshops, business presentations and other events mandated during Academy courses. STEM- Advanced Math & Science Pathway Students have strong interest in mathematics, science and technology. This pathway has the highest math requirement. Cohort classes follow path below & most students double up to take AP Statistics, Honors Anatomy, AP Computer Science depending on their interests 9th Grade

10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade Math Accelerated Geometry B /Algebra II Acc Precalculus & AP Calclus AB AP Calculus BC Multivariable Calc & Engineering Calculus Science

AP Environmental Science AP Biology AP Physics 1 & AP Physics C AP Chemistry STEM- Engineering Pathway Engineering Curses Science Courses 9th Grade Foundations of Engineering

10th Grade Engineering Concepts Honors Biology & Honors Chemistry AP Environmental Science or AP Computer Science Principles 11th Grade Engineering Applications/ Robotics (Civil, Aero, Dig, Electrical, etc.)

12th Grade Engineering Design and Development (CAPSTONE) AP Chemistry AP Physics 1 & AP Physics C Minimum math requirement for entry to the engineering academy is Acc Algebra I/ Geometry A. Some enter in Acc Geometry/Algebra II. **2 ENGINEERING MATH PATHWAYS (DEPENDENT ON 9th Grade

10th Grade 9TH GRADE MATH ENTRY LEVEL ) 11th Grade 12th grade Acc Algebra I/ Geometry A Acc Geom B/ Algebra II Acc Pre Calculus AP Calculus BC Acc Geometry B/ Algebra II

Acc Pre Calculus AP Calculus BC Engineering Calculus Math Requirements for AMS STEM Pathway Advanced Math & Science Pathway Must enter 9th grade at Acc Geom B/Algebra II (Completed Algebra I/Geom A in 8th grade). If student was in Algebra I in 8th Grade he/she will be required to complete Geometry A online in the summer with Cobb Virtual Academy in order to be placed in the cohort math class for AMS. Math Requirements cont. Engineering Pathway May enter 9th grade at Acc Algebra I/Geom A or Acc Geom B/ Algebra II. Can be in Algebra I in 8th Grade (and then some algebra review will occur in high school) or AC Math 8. Student will start at the

beginning of the accelerated math program. Culinary AcademyStudents should have a strong interest in hospitality and tourism related fields. Course 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th grade Culinary Arts Intro to Culinary Arts Culinary Arts I Culinary Arts II

Culinary Internship Science Biology Chemistry Physics AP Environmental Science Culinary Arts Academy Career-oriented instruction in both classic and modern culinary arts with an emphasis on the skills needed to succeed in the industry and postsecondary education. Students who successfully complete the Culinary Arts

Pathway and pass the end-of-pathway and ServSafe tests are allowed to exempt the initial Culinary Arts course in Kennesaw State Universitys new Bachelor of Science in Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality Management. Participate in Culinary Arts activities and competitions Catering to many Pope groups throughout the year GLOBALIZATION ACDEMY Participate in Model UN, Debate, Academic Team etc. Globalization Academy students will take World Language for all four years. This can be either the study of one language through AP level, or a combination of two languages. Students will have the opportunity for study /travel at least once during their high school career & take AP Seminar/Capstone 9th Grade

10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade Social Studies AP Human Geography AP World History AP US History AP Gov/AP Econ Language Arts Honors 9th Lit Honors World Lit

AP Language/ American Lit AP Literature Globalization Academy 3 How do I apply? Visit our website for applications and recommendation forms Applications Online Academy Application- online on Pope website under the Academic tabItems which will determine acceptance to the academies include the following: Application Academic Transcript/Test Scores Extracurricular Activities Essay Questions Teacher Recommendations

All forms must be completed and submitted ONLINE by January 5, 2017. No exceptions! For private schools only, scan transcripts & test scores to academy coordinator. For CCSD schools we can access that information in our system. Advanced Math & Science: [email protected] Engineering: [email protected] Globalization: [email protected] Culinary: [email protected]

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