TRC Research Project (Student) Faculty Mentored Undergraduate Research Award Program (FURAP) Outline 1.Introduction 2.Objective 3.Benefits 4.Who is Eligible? 5.FURAP Proposal Submission Steps 6.Requirements to fulfill proposal submission

7.Evaluation Criteria 8.Evaluation Process 9.Deliverables 10.Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 1.Introduction Faculty Mentored Undergraduate Research Award Program (FURAP) scholarships are granted by The Research Council of Oman (TRC) through higher education institutes, colleges and universities in Oman. The FURAP scholarships are designed for undergraduate students studying at local colleges and universities who wish to conduct research either on campus or at other research sites within the Sultanate of Oman during their undergraduate education. FURAP funded projects may or may not be part of academic credits.

The FURAP experience will enable students to explore in-depth into their topics of interest and relevance, to prepare for advanced work in their field of research, and to develop links within the local and international research community through a close academic and professional affiliation with their faculty mentor. Students will develop over their current foundation of knowledge in their respective fields of studies, and learn more about various approaches towards problem solving, theories, research methodologies, and techniques. 1.Introduction FURAP will prepare students for advanced research or creative work. The project ideas can essentially be independent student-team works developed by them under guidance from the faculty mentor. However, it is also possible that these projects form critical parts of other major projects.

Creating incentives for involving a whole new generation of researchers in relevant and critical research activities will positively impact the magnitude of creativity in research produced, its quality and quantity. In order to be considered for a FURAP scholarship, an undergraduate research team (from 2-7 students) must first approach a faculty and get her/his approval to be their faculty mentor. The Team may then apply to receive a FURAP grant using FURAP Electronic System through The Research Council website (www.trc.gov.om). Proposal evaluation of FURAP applications will be done at the institution level by an evaluation committee called Institutional Proposal Evaluation (IPE) committee. 2. Objectives To promote research culture in Oman. To increase creativity in research activities in Oman.

To enrich undergraduates research learning experience. To encourage undergraduates to seek careers in research. To enable student to carry out research that they would not be able to carry out without then necessary funding. To elucidate the role of TRC in promoting research in the society. 3. Benefits For the Undergraduate Students: Gain experience on how to write proposals and research papers. Enhance hands-on training in research. Develop a better understanding of the process of research and its challenges. Enable undergraduates to develop networks with local and international researchers. Enrich undergraduates learning experience.

Develop communication and management skills. Develop a network of undergraduate researchers. Develop skills and experience in knowledge creation. Improve students research outputs through funding from TRC. 3. Benefits For the Faculty Interact with students in a research environment. Develop networks with TRC and other researchers in Oman. Identify potential students for postgraduate study and research. For The Research Council Increase awareness of TRC in Oman. To increase creativity in research activities in Oman.

Educate the public about the role of TRC in the society. Promote research culture in Oman. Increase per capita contributors to research in Oman. Building research capacity. 4. Who is Eligible? Undergraduates: Omani degree-seeking undergraduates enrolled in an undergraduate educational institute in Oman. International students enrolled in higher institutions in Oman can also apply as part of research team composed of at least 50% Omani undergraduate students. Full-time or part-time undergraduate students. GPA not less than 2.30 or equivalent. Completed at least first year courses (or equivalent of one year of credits hours).

Faculty Mentor: Faculty mentor should be working for a higher education institute in Oman. The faculty mentor should have a minimum qualification of master degree. 5. FURAP Proposal Submission Steps Step 1: Team of undergraduate students (between 2-7 students) identifies area of research and faculty members. Step 2: The Team discuss with potential faculty if she/he accepts to be their mentor. Step 3: The Team, with the approval of faculty mentor, selects Team Leader. Step 4: The Team creates research proposal, identifies individual member roles, creates project timeline, and itemized budget. Step 5: Team Leader fills in proposal application form on FURAP Electronic System that can be found on The Research Council Website.

Step 6: The team members login into the FURAP Electronic System and give their approval for being included in the project by ticking a check box Step 7: The Team Leader, after team members give their approval, submits the proposal through FURAP Electronic System. Step 8: Faculty mentor approves the submission of proposal through FURAP Electronic System. 6. Requirements to fulfill proposal submission Project Title. Project Description. Project Significance and Objectives. Methodology (clearly state how you plan to accomplish the project goals). Timeline (Provide a detailed timeline for completion of the project within one year). Bibliography (Sources you have consulted in preparation of this proposal, any references you have cited within

this application). Budget & Budget Justification. Undergraduate Team Information (should be filled by Team Leader) 1. Name 2. GPA 3. Email 4. Detail of individual team member role

5. Attachments (One-page resume and a copy of transcript for each undergraduate team member). Faculty Mentor Information 1. Name and design). 2. Email 3. Role of Faculty Mentor (Involvement of the faculty mentor in the project direction 7. Evaluation Criteria Intellectual Merit of the Research question or creative concept.

(30 Points). The Overall quality of the proposal submitted. (40 Points). Applicability and relevance to Omans socioeconomic development and related public policies. (5 Points). Multidisciplinary nature of research (addressing more than one academic discipline). (5 Points). The overall quality of the budget composition. (20 Points). Total 100 Points. 8. Evaluation Process

Each college or university in Oman has an evaluation committee called Institutional Proposal Evaluation (IPE) Committee. The Committee is responsible for reviewing the project proposals in detail and selects the best projects from their university and college according to the evaluation criteria. The selected projects will then go through a second review by the Research Council. After this evaluation the scholarships will be awarded to the best research projects. 9. Deliverables 1. Progress Report Each Faculty Mentor, in collaboration with her/his undergraduate research team is required to send a progress report to TRC through the Institutional Proposal Evaluation (IPE) Committee after the completion of the first half of the research duration. 2. Final Report

After the completion of the research the final report should be sent along with the final statement of expenditures within two months of the end date of the award. IPE committee will have to approve the final report before it is sent to the Research Council. 3. Participation in TRC Annual Research Forum All FURAP undergraduate participants are required to share their studies and findings through posters or models/products during the TRC Annual Award Conference. Best projects will be 10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 1. Can postgraduate students participate in FURAP? No. The team should include only undergraduate students; it is preferable that they are from more than one department, college or university. 2. How can I access FURAP Electronic System? FURAP Electronic System is available in the Research Council Website (www.trc.gov.om). The

system allows you to login from your home organization (university, college etc.) using the ID and password you use there. 3. What is the maximum time for FURAP projects? The project should be manageable within one academic year (3 academic semesters). 4. Which organization has established the FURAP scholarship? FURAP is established by The Research Council of Oman. The Research Council is a governmental organization that aims to: (1) build research capacity by improving the current status of research and thereby boosting its productivity and efficiency and provide funding to quality research proposals; and (2) build national research capacity. This includes making sure we have appropriately qualified personnel and setting up the infrastructure required for research and innovation. 10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

5. Are there any particular types of projects that are not eligible for scholarship? All well thought out and clearly planned research and innovation projects are eligible to apply for the FURAP scholarship. However, the scholarships will be awarded according to Evaluation Criteria. 6. Is it required for the students team to meet with the Research Council officials or the IPE committee? No. The research team should submit the proposal electronically via FURAP Electronic System. However, in rare cases, the Research Council officials or the IPE committee will get in touch with the team. If the research team feels a meeting is required then they can request a meeting however there is no guarantee that the meeting request will be granted. 7. Is it possible to have more than one faculty mentor? No. However the students are encouraged to communicate and work with all individuals who can give them the best knowledge required to execute the project. The faculty mentor should guide the

Research Team in formulating a research topic and in the writing of the research proposal. 8. When does FURAP accept research proposals? FURAP accept proposals throughout the year. However, evaluation of the proposals is done once a year; usually in the mid of May. For exact date, you need to visit TRC website. Contact Contact: The Research Council Box 1422, PC 130, Muscat Oman Phone : +968 24509800 Fax : +968 24509820

Mail : [email protected]

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