Housing Justice Night Shelter Quality ... - Redbridge Faith Forum

Housing Justice Night Shelter Quality ... - Redbridge Faith Forum

Housing Justice the Shelter network and Quality Mark Housing Justice - What is it? Started as Catholic Housing Aid society ( CHAS) celebrated our 60 th anniversary in 2016 Now all denominational national voice of Christian action on homelessness campaigning for more affordable homes It

has a range of projects : London Hosting: matches asylum seekers with no recourse to funds to willing hosts Faith in Affordable Housing : To encourage use of unwanted church buildings for social housing Night Shelter network involves 500 churches nationwide Homelessness is on the rise! Homelessness has spiralled out of control with rough sleeping its most visible symptom. Redbridge

has 60 RS, the 8th highest in England peoples health and lives are blighted S/Army hosts an excellent 28 bed winter shelter, but afterwards many of those guests arrive back on the streets (42 of the 60 are NRPF) If we are to make a difference we need wider community engagement from faith groups & others homelessness is everyones responsibility. The Church & Community Night Shelter Network A

loose group of 77 projects governed & run differently but all operate a circuit of night shelter venues, with volunteers mainly in churches but some mosques and synagogues participate. HJ is not a formal governing body but we support projects to set up, offer a comprehensive toolkit of policies & procedures for adaption to local need. We then work alongside projects to advise, promote best practise though our shelter handbook ,training and award of our Quality Mark

The Church & Community Night Shelter Network Principals As much about community engagement as giving shelter integration not segregation A grassroots, ground up, community response Warm hospitality Tough Love?? Guest vs Client distinction Clinical vs Relational support Where Ground-Up and Top-Down meet and work together is where we get the best outcomes not just for rough sleepers but for everyone involved i.e. stronger more cohesive communities! HJQM Aims & Objectives Supports

the development of shelters so the extent and nature of homelessness can be understood by the wider community and everybody involved Promote effective joined-up working between volunteers faith groups and agencies to address the multiple, complex needs presented by some homeless people Encourage high standards by peer review between projects coordinators, involving guests and volunteers in shaping services

Support shelters to gather evidence to demonstrate need and their successes The Housing Justice Quality Mark About the network There are only two of Londons 32 boroughs that do not have a night shelter operating this winter (guesses anyone?)

Projects typically have between 100 and 700 volunteers across the circuit many of whom are not church-goers or even people of faith Some mosques, temples and synagogues have been getting involved more recently, either as shelter venues or in other supportive capacities Leicester is the most ethnically and religiously diverse project Some boroughs have more than one shelter operating e.g. Ealing & Islington and year-round shelters have been established as a result of this work e.g. Kingston, Havering, Islington, Waltham

Forest Some thoughts A rolling Shelter which is open when the winter shelter is closed will complement and extend existing services and meet a desperate need Open to all faiths and none Values guests and volunteers equally dispelling Us & Them idea

Seeing the whole person & their strengths, not just their problems Realistic expectations - we cant fix people but can accept them What can you do Go back to your places of worship or community and discuss if they want to be involved and be part of a steering group

We are happy to come and talk at meetings to discuss further Register your interest with Wendy today and indicate how you may wish to contribute either as an individual volunteer or as a group Thank You Links to shelter videos http://www.ecwns.org.uk/about/

http://thisisgrowth.org/ Any Questions? Contact: Mark Brennan - [email protected] Wendy Taylor [email protected]

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