Hitchhiker's Guide Technical Leadership

Hitchhiker's Guide Technical Leadership

SESSION CODE: ARC205 Norm Judah Microsoft Services CTO HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TECHNICAL LEADERSHIP We are in an era of architectural discontinuities Architecture is The definition of a constrained set

of degrees of freedom to drive predictable, repeatable, mitigated solutions Today 5 If You InvestThen Tomorrow 6 10 Years Later - What actually happened?

7 Architecture Is .. Part Science, Part Art & The Balance The Science of Identifying Durable Architectural Artifacts The Art of Simplicity Determining the Right Balance

between the two 8 Architect Designer TT T Design Depth Technology

Business Literacy Expertise Breadth Many careers and fortunes have been made in developing, evangelizing, specifying or using one architectural model or another. No matter where you sit in the taxonomy, there is always a discussion about which model or methodology is appropriate.

Who Cares ? Architecture is a language used to describe a system and a tool to help make decisions and tradeoffs Architecture is the wisdom of experience predicting uncertainty Architecture is

visual simplicity as a reflection of a complex problem Whats The Point What is the real business value of architecture? How durable are the artifacts of an architectural model? Why does technology innovation cause architectural discontinuities and the consequential investment? We forget - It is the underlying financial models that drive the real investment returns Its A Journey

TECHNICAL LEADERSHIP IS NOT But Customers Deploy Solutions Datacenter Services Client Services Identity and Security Services IT Process and Compliance

Unified Communications Collaboration Enterprise Content Management Enterprise Search Self-Service BI1

Authoring and Ideation1 Custom Development Line of Business Platform Web Integration Reporting and

Analysis Data Warehousing Sales and Service Governance, Risk and Compliance Innovation Business Insight

Digital Marketing Industry or Vertical Specific Capability View in the Core Infrastructure Infrastructure Data Center Services Workload Mapping Data Center Security Data Center Data Center Virtualization

Security Deployment IPv6 Virtualization BUT WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR GOVERNANCE Privacy Operations Identity Mgmt Cloud Operations

Cloud Identity Cloud Security Cloud Infra A Simple Four Stage Career Model Journeyman Apprentice Success Through Others

Success Through Strategy What is Technical Leadership ? What is the Core Axiom of Our Business ? Is it repeatable, predictable delivery? Is it innovating with the customer? Is it creating long term supportable solutions? Are we capable of delivering? Know your Job & Be the Very Best

Know what the business objectives are A simple sanity check goes a long way. If you are not waking up thinking about it, do something else Understand what areas do you

have personal responsibility accountability for. Dont be a victim Know Your Customer

Understand their industry Their business Their key strategies Their suppliers Their customers Their customers customer Their products Their competition Your competition Know And Speak their Language Sourcing strategy, Bottom line impact,

Business value, Trusted advisor, TCO, ROI, Top line impact, Gartner says, Strategic thinking, Partnership, Relationship, Why Microsoft? Think Strategically

Balance delivery against value Help the CxO to understand where he/she might head Be a partner in the discussion Honesty/Integrity: the value discussion is very relevant Trust Alternatives/approaches focused on their business Drive for Impact - Execution, Focus, Quality

Connect with your customer deeply and passionately Understand the world from their point of view and try to bring about

change that is relevant to them not to you Quality first and all the time Be Measureable Never over commit Sometimes, the right thing to do is to stop a project. Dont be overinvested Little bangs vs. big bangs Learning - Key to Future Relevance

Take on projects that grow your skills Be very hands on doing real design, specification, coding, testing, and shipping Capture every opportunity that provides growth and to create new paths with those experiences

Seek out people you can learn from Understand why Detect Patterns Listen & Digest

Listen to everything Listen to everyone Listen all the time Synthesize Evaluate Discard Synthesize Keep Current And Hands On

Go deep and/or go wide Its all about credibility Build a body of work Consume information Listen Ask Synthesize Collaborate, Share, Network

Success comes to those who can accomplish things through others, even without being credited. Inspire others to their achieve their vision Understand what other people do

and need Build good will Help and you will be helped Your network is another set of capabilities Seek out upcoming talent Never burn a bridge Be A Creator

Inactive: They may sign up, but they are quickly out of the community Spectator: They reap the benefits of the community as lurkers, dont really participate and only visit the community when necessary. Joiner: They sign up and spend a lot of time on the community, but they treat the community as read-only Collector: They truly value the community, but

they prefer to stay in the background and watch Critic: The vocal contingent that might not have the time or ability to change the IP, but certainly can spot good content from bad content. Creator: The jewels of the community, they create the most valuable content thanks to the passionate spirit. INACTIVE SPECTATOR JOINER COLLECTOR CRITIC

CREATOR Adapted from Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff Mentor & Grow Future Technical Leaders Seek out mentees Diversify Their success is also yours

You will be amazed what you can learn Be An Optimist Optimism breeds optimism Impact those around you There is always a possibility Give the other guy a

chance (Craig Newburg) Be Visible Speak, write, publish, suggest, solve, communicate Make visibility an essential part of your personal

marketing plan What makes you stand out from the crowd? Be Creative - Innovate Customers dont know what they want, they know what they dont want Always look for opportunities Synthesize The obvious is not always obvious

Be Conscious Absorb the situation Be less conscious: Will they think Im stupid? Will I fail? Will I disappoint them? Be more conscious: What is the objective? How can I add value? What is my

unique genius in this situation? Work The Right Things In The Right Way Leadership: Affecting a positive change or outcome

that would otherwise not occur. Be a change agent in your team, community, practice, Be selective Be patient Pull others with you during times of change Be Self Aware, Be Self Critical

Always have a balanced perspective Know your surroundings Understand your weaknesses What would you do differently Seek out opinions Go outside and look inside

Learn To Influence Leadership is all about influence w/o authority The Value Exchange: Each interaction has a value exchange balance Connect the dots for others

Consciously build up your personal network Given credit when it is due Be A Solutions & Systems Thinker Are you part of the problem or the solution?

Would you like to do business with yourself as a customer? Look to the desired outcomes and the impediments Always look to aggregate components into a solution Demonstrate Balance In your work, balance across CAPABLE

SUSTAINABLE Predictable Innovative Sustainable Capable INNOVATIVE


Work the Problem Make suggestions Failure is acceptable Fail early Seek out help Some progress is better than none Own Your Own Success

Value, growth, relevance are your responsibility Ask for opportunity, not recognition Define your own unique selling proposition Seek it out Have an Opinion

Take a stand Be confident Be sure Understand the other opinions Listen to feedback Be passionate about something, anything Courage

Dont back off Stand up and speak up Test your conviction Do you believe i believe in i believe in the magic of

technology, the power of the customer and their right to be right, the power of teams as well as the individual, in family, diversity, learning and explaining, in transparency, and in the power of connection to our customers, to our community and to each other in who we are and what What is Technical Leadership ?

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Where do I Enrol? www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com Then tell us what you think. [email protected] 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

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