History - Duke Computer Science

History - Duke Computer Science

Google 2000-2004 Zero to $3 Billion in Five Years If you want the position of God, than accept the responsibility. Christopher Eccleston as the Son of God, Via Orbital Jeffrey Cowart

March 8, 2007 Brief History Needed a business model that worked Google did not want to host banner advertising on their pages Market Changes Fall Back Plan

Dealing With Growth Growth Yahoo Marketing Infrastructure Rules: Distributive Computing

Google was liked because it worked, it was fast and the PageRank produces quality results Brin and Page did not use main frame artillery made by IBM or Fujitsu The Infrastructure: Distributive Computing

If anything broke down they could just swap it out and keep going The system could not fail it had to many individual parts none of which depended on each other New Technology in Industry Who Should Run Google? Eric

Schmidt In 2000 the hiring process was slow but it picked up as the year progressed Google created a hiring committees to review every candidate and this was to make sure that they were hiring the right people

The board committee was not making any process in hiring a CEO to replace Page Eric Schmidt Dont be Evil With all the new employees that Google was hiring, how could they ensure that the company maintained its original DNA and

the founders visions, values, and principles? Company values and business issues open up for discussion Google Gets Big Companys mission was To organize the worlds information and make it universally

accessible and useful Unsure of how to manage all this growth Brin and Page decided that they would be in charge In 2001Google introduced AdWords and was on pace to hit 85 million querys a day Google News

On September 11, 2001 the world changes and it needed a media outlet to go to A Lava Lamp in Every Alcove Google got a deal with AOL to be its main search engine and use its paid listings By mid-2002 it seemed as if Google could

do nothing wrong and it had the most loyal search base of all the search engines Googles employees felt good!! Just Who Do These Kids Think They Are? Growing Arrogance Layoffs and hiring woes

Google Bashing Well look into that Google Marches On AdSense

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