HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH - Oklahoma State University-Stillwater

HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH - Oklahoma State University-Stillwater

Speak Up for HISPANIC HERITAGE Hispanic Heritage Month

is a national holiday in the USA. It is celebrated from September 15th to October 15th. It is a time for all of us

to remember the contributions of Hispanic-Americans. Hispanic-Americans are Spanish-speaking people

who have come to make the United States their home. The word Hispanic describes

people who come from Spanishspeaking countries... Many Hispanics in the United States came from

nearby places, like Mexico, Cuba, Central America, or South America. But dont forget that Spanish-speaking

people settled in the USA long before the English settled along the eastern coast... Missionaries from Spain

traveled among Native Americans in present-day California and New Mexico...

Spanish explorers traveled throughout present-day Florida almost 400 years ago! In fact, the oldest city in the United States is

St. Augustine, Florida, built by Spanish-speaking settlers... And the rest of our history is full of famous leaders

who were Hispanic! One important Hispanic was Cesar Chavez, a migrant farm worker who

worked for fair treatment of Mexican workers on American farms. Hispanic people

continue to serve as leaders in all fields today... All Americans, regardless of national origin,

celebrate the vibrant Hispanic-American spirit that influences our Nation. President of the United States


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