Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau 1817-1862 Early Life Born in 1817 in Massachusetts Had a modest upbringing; his father was a pencil maker Studied at Harvard College Took courses in rhetoric, classics, philosophy, mathematics, and science Refused to pay the five dollars for his

diploma from Harvard Professions Thoreau wasnt interested in any of the classic professions of college graduates (law, doctors, church positions), so he began teaching school in Canton. He moved into a solid faculty position after he graduated, but resigned because of his refusal to employ corporal punishment. He and his brother John opened up their own grammar school, Concord Academy,

in 1838. It closed in 1842 after John died from tetanus due to cutting his face shaving. Thoreau held his brother as he died. Literary Influences After Thoreau came back to Concord, he met Ralph Waldo Emerson through a friend and the two became quick friends. Emerson convinced Thoreau to publish essays and poems through The Dial. He also urged Thoreau to keep a journal.

Thoreau eventually moved onto the Emerson estate to tutor the school children and be an editor. Then went back home and renovated the pencil-making process, but all the while kept in touch with Emerson. Civil Disobedience and Walden Thoreau was becoming more involved in his philosophies, In 1846 he was confronted about unpaid poll

taxes and refused to pay them because he did not support the Mexican-American War he was jailed for it. This affected Thoreau greatly and he wrote what is known as Civil Disobedience in response (1849). During this time Thoreau had begun an experiment of simple living by living in the small cabin near Walden pond to reflect on the human condition. His journals during the two years and two months spent here were called Walden.

End of Life He contracted tuberculosis in 1835 and survived, but his health was never the same. In 1860 he had bronchitis and realized he was dying. He seemed very calm about his own death and when asked if he had made peace with God he said, I did not know we had ever quarreled. He died May 6, 1862, aged 44.

Effects of Thoreaus works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elrTpoY6AYQ Now to Explore Thoreaus Experiment at Walden Pond https://www.flocabulary.com/unit/walden/ Chat with Thoreau Activity Read your directions and complete your activity. Ask if you need help!

When you are finished, turn it in to your blocks drawer. If not finished in class, this is homework! Exploring NowWalden that you know who Thoreau is and what Walden was about, we are going to read excerpts of it firsthand.

You will be working in groups and need a textbook, the Transcendentalism Notes, a piece of computer paper, and the one-pager directions. In your groups Your group will receive a section of Walden in the

textbook (p.378) to read (aloud!) together. Debrief with your group and then you will individually create a one-pager. You need to use three quotes from your section and label what Transcendentalism characteristic it represents.

Creating a one-pager We start with a blank sheet of computer paper. Write the title somewhere large on our page. Write three quotes theme statements, or just ones that stuck out to you anywhere on the page. (Include page numbers if from our book!)

Write a personal response, opinion, summary, question, prediction, or speculation. Draw a picture or symbols that support your feelings of the theme and meaning. The ENTIRE page should

be filled. No blank space. Color should be bountifully used. *And you need to add what Transcendental characteristic each quote you choose represents!* Examples

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