HazScan, USA - Rezonate

HazScan, USA - Rezonate

HazScan Inc. Protecting the global supply chain John Bannon Edward Beale HazScan, Inc. Dedicated to performance solutions for safe vessel hazmat shipping - 10% of containers ship hazmat - 4 billion tons of hazmat per year,

valued at $446 billion About Us Ed Beale, President - Coast Guard background - Aviation & ship operations - Instructional Designer John Bannon, CEO - Coast Guard background - Marine Safety Officer - Performance Technologist

The Opportunity M/V HYUNDAI FORTUNE Now more than ever 1998-2006: 10+ major Hazmat catastrophes Snap-shot: The regs. 1. Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) 2. International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) - Provide safe shipping

guidance - Data is complex(Packaging, labeling, stowage, segregation, classifying) Snap-shot: The Industry The Players: Shippers shipping lines Consolidators Enforcement agencies USCG International Maritime Org.

Commercial trainers & consultants Identifying the Sweet Spot Vessel shipping safety Training & Compliance Looking beyond the limits of training & data resources Current Hazmat Support

Costly Instructor led training & webinars Hazmat consultants 2006 survey: 1 in 10 hazmat containers had deficiencies Data Rich Information is tough to digest in one sitting

Existing Companies e i s r e r t a Cu i c o s s

A A T A I l a u n a o e i

r t u a B N o g r Ca k c e h c

z Ha Bridging the Gap Consolidated data Common language Accessible Our Vision: One stop shopping! Integration: Industry tips and best practices Access to ALL regulationstied to

engaging easy to use training modules Services: Affordable relevant online training Sell 24/7 access to HazScan resources Incorporate lead advice & top solutions Best practices CFRs IMDG

The System Hazscan database: - Integrated - Current E-learning Modules Tailored website Those who need to know

Prototype Market Research Enforcement Industry Coast Guard National Cargo Bureau California Highway Patrol Shipping Industry Matson Shipping Lines Having an online tool accessible in the field that

provides the regulations & solutions is invaluable --Supervisor Irvin Jacobs, CHP Ideas to Action Measure and Assess Complete content analysis Contract leading industry consultants Align and Design Contract/outsource design/development Develop to Deployment

Prototype with test market Advertise = Results: Show the tie to savings = Value Measure success safety & financial by growth Strategic to Tactical Investment start-up costs: $ 775k Hire consultants, developers &

designers Industry advertisement, initial free targeted trial service FY 07: Begin contracting & developing Online FY08 Profitable: 5th operating quarter Win through: Standardization, excellence, efficiency & training/bottom line savings Measure success, incorporate feedback Our Mission HazScan protects the global supply chain by equipping transportation

professionals with accurate and timely information through easy tools and tailored instruction Core Values Integrity and Customer Service Vision Provide integrated compliance support to maximize shipping safety worldwide Strategic Goal To be the Number One supplier of hazmat support The Future Expansion

Focus on technology delivery and content improvement Continue to move beyond information delivery to information integration HazScan Inc. Protecting the global supply chain www.hazscan.com

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