HAN vision deck

HAN vision deck

Connectivity Week 2010 How Can Standards Be Regulated? Thursday May 27 10:30AM-Noon Zahra Makoui 1 Session Abstract NISTs Smart Grid Interoperability Panel attempts to bring together the outputs of two dozen standards organizations and many advanced beta projects, and weave them into a unified path forward, for multiple stakeholders in the North American power grid. Can it be done? Can you regulate standards? How will competing systems be reconciled? Is anyone going to use all this stuff? 2 Technology Development Process Business Case ($) Use Cases Market Requirements Document (MRD) Are only use cases regulated? Or is it certification? Or is it just the Business Case? Technical Requirements Document (TRD) Technical

Specification Certification & Interoperability Testing 3 Key Principles of Standards Strategy 2. Separation of Duties 1. Openness User Groups Acquisition Adoption SDOs Industry Alliances Certification Participation Open Governance Process forces complianc e with standards 3. Generational Compliance 1st Generation Certification Process forces compliance with standards 4. Loose Coupling 2nd Generation

Certification Are these high level principles regulated? Process forces compliance with standards 4 Technology as the Enabler, Not the Gate Highlights the importance of: Open standards Consensus based process Good technical design Most importantly: A broad spectrum of use cases 5 Example 1: OpenHAN Major Changes Because of Additional Use Cases OpenHAN 1.0 to OpenHAN 2.0 2007: OpenHAN formed. Outreach but not enough interest. Main participation from Utilities, AMI Vendors, Device Vendors. 2008: OpenHAN 1.04 release 2009: NIST Smart Grid Activities Launched Q3 2009: Additional stakeholders and use cases identified through the NIST process

OpenHAN 2.0 launched to capture additional requirements Additional participation from : EMS vendors, Texas Retail Energy Providers, Google, Other Service Providers. 6 Example 2: SE 2.0 Dedication to Capturing All Use Cases May 2008: First SE 1.0 Certified Device Announced flexibility in use key;DLRC, Simple metering, EI use cases as basis (also OpenHAN) May 18 2009 : DOE press release announces SE2.0 as one of the initial 16 low hanging fruit standards identified through the NIST process March 2010 WiFi + ZigBee collaborations announced March 2009 : SE 2.0 MRD and Use cases release 2008 2009 October 2008 Addl stakeholders identified: HomePlug, SAE, IPSO, etc. New Use Cases indentified. SE 2.0 Launched 2010 August 2009 PAP 3,4,9,10 Harmonization meeting Conclusion: SE 2.0 consistent with group identified direction.

April 2010 Draft SE 2.0 Released for Public comment 7 7 Standards Development Takes Time Requirements Technology HAN Standards Certification ZigBee Any standards activity that touches the HAN in any way. ZB Qualification Group ZARC ZigBee Architecture Review committee Oversee ZigBee certification Acts as the technical oversight committee and authority Goal of integrating to a common application layer independent of the underlying physical platform ZigBee Security WG UCAIUG 1. NTS 2. TUV

OpenSG SG Conformity ZB + HP Joint Working Group Marketing Working Group ZigBee Labs Joint SC Joint steering committee Smart Energy Profile WG Comprehensive Certification chaired by PG&E Requirements OpenSG ZigBee IP TG Other Working Groups Marketing WG Market requirements and alignment Technical WG Answer the technical questions Defining ZigBees IP gateway functionality SG Systems Working Group

HomePlug SE HomePlug AV IEEE P1901 Low bandwidth PLC communications std Back office integrations requirements OpenADE Open HAN Third party access to Technology agnostic HAN requirements customer data IEC Harmonization Which piece of the process is regulated? Bluetooth HomePlug Labs 802.15.4 HAN 2.4 GHz Low power wireless mesh technology Wireless M-Bus HAN standard getting traction in Europe Define certification process

Higher bandwidth PLC communication std HomePlug SG enterprise Compliance WG ROLL 6lWPAN Routing over low power and lossy networks Skinny IP (UDP) over 802.15.4 802.15 Labs No specified labs. NTS and TUV execute their own conformance testing 802.11 IETF Other Standards IPSO IEEE 8 Who Should Set Standards? SDO vs. Consortium SE 2.0 (ZigBee Alliance)

Application Standards Development Tasking (e.g., IEC) Define Environmental Constraints Produce Architectural Context Define Architectural Objects (Definition, Object Decomposition and Inheritance) Define Data Attributes Define Standards Syntax Define Minimal Object Behavior (Encapsulate Functionality) Networking Standards Development Tasking (e.g., IETF) Sponsorship Define Routing Define Discovery Define Management Platform and Technology Development (802.15.4, 802.11, 802.15) Define Physical Layer and Media Define Data Link Layer (e.g., MAC and LLC) Commercial Entity Tasking (Wi-Fi, ZigBee, HomePlug) Define Common Network Standards Set Define Minimal Network Standards Set Define Interface and Service Interoperability Define Certification and Testing Standards Define Upgrade Paths Identify and Sponsor Additional Standards 9 System and Standards At which layers are standards regulated? HAN Meter Specific Networks Wide Area Networks Data Collection Systems MDM Systems Utility

Systems $ Data Exchange PSTN 00000 Third Parties BPL/ PLC Retailer Web Presentation Powerline Data Collection AMI Management BPL 00000 CSR Wireless Data Collection 00000 Private Wireless Mesh RF Regulator CIS Paging Data Collection Usage Data Internet

Customer Public Wireless 00000 OMS Point -to-Point GIS 72 Telephone Data Collection Application Presentation Session Transport Network Data Link Physical 1 0 Questions Needs To Be Addressed Standards Are Complicated And Take Time What Happens If You Accelerate The Timeline? Can You Regulate Standards? Technology? Use Cases? 1 1

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